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  1. Agreed here that the red squiggly lines are significant distractions with no way of turning off unwanted spell checking especially if you use Evernote in multilingual fashion.
  2. If my understanding is correct regarding Evernote Enterprise having feature parity with Evernote Premium, then note versioning is supported so that you can revert to previous versions of a note in case of accidental edits. It still would be much better to prevent accidentals in the first place by having an explicit 'edit button' to change to edit mode and 'finish button' to change back to read-only mode for a note. A feature that seems to be easy to implement, but without any knowledge of what the technical backlog looks like, source code, or in-depth understanding of Evernote architecture, it
  3. Definitely a very nice thing to have. Nothing is more frustrating than to find out you have mangled an important note due to fumbling when you were in a hurry. I doubt it is difficult to implement since we already have such thing for Android Evernote, why not for iOS version too? Why not across the board?
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