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  1. Thank you, DTLow. That solves my problem. I had ALWAYS used the sidebar for everything. I didn't even know about the notebook page. Thanks again. I learned something new.
  2. I am using Evernote 7.0.3 on a Mac. I can't figure out how to move a notebook from one stack to another. Right-clicking on a notebook does not have a move option. Dragging a notebook also does nothing. In the menubar I can find "Move Note" but not "Move Notebook". Help!
  3. I had put in a bug report on my above-mentioned synching issue, which was solved by Evernote tech support. I don't believe that I ever put in a bug report on this printing issue. I opened this thread instead. I thought that some tech support reps were reading this thread, but maybe not. Happy Chap, it might be a nice idea for you to report this as a bug and reference this thread.
  4. Canela, I just reread my last post, and I was confused. My synching problem has been solved, but not the pdf printing problem that is the content of this thread. Like you, I am still hoping that someone can come up with a solution. Sorry about my previous reply. That probably stopped anyone who might have an idea from responding.
  5. Canela, As I mentioned in my 28 Oct posting, my problem is now solved. I didn't do anything at my end so I assume that Evernote made some change to the website. I checked again just now, and it is still working for me. Does it not work for you?
  6. gazumped (and JMichael), I went ahead and reinstalled, but it didn't help. As I ponder this, I believe my problem started immediately after I rebuilt the Evernote database as part of an Evernote fix I performed under the direction of Evernote Tech Support a few weeks ago. The problem was that my Mac app suddenly stopped synching with the Evernote web site. Several other users reported the same problem. Apparently Tech Support fixed the web site after a week or two because they emailed me to check again whether synching was working, and it was. They then told me to rebuild my database , which I did. After that, I don't recall needing to print anything for a week or so, so I didn't associate this printing problem with the rebuild. After the rebuild I did notice that my notes looked a little differently; namely, they then had an additional pdf icon not previously there. But since the notes all looked good it didn't occur to me at that time to check for a printing problem.
  7. gazumped, thanks for the suggestions. I can't find any option for "view as attachment" or "view PDF files as attachments". To be clear, the attachments are visiible. The viewer shows an attachment icon, and below that it shows the entire pdf content. But, even though I can view the note, that is not what prints out. Strangely, when I click on Info for a note, under "Attachment Status" it says "No attachment to index". In my web browser there also has been a change. I used to be able to view the contents of each file there. Now I only see the name of the pdf file and I have to double click it to view it in an external viewer. Since I normally do all my Evernote work in the Mac app, this doesn't affect me much.
  8. JMichael -- Yes, I had previously read that article. To all: Tech Support did something to the web app because they emailed me to check whether synching is now working, and suddenly it is! They told me that if it is now working that I should rebuild my Evernote database using the following instructions, which I did. ---------------------------------------------------- Save your local content: Export any Local Notebooks; select View > Notebooks; right-click on your Local Notebooks and select Export Notes from… Choose Evernote XML Format (.enex) and save the file to your computer Export any unsynchronized notes Move your existing Evernote database: Open Evernote for Mac Select Evernote > About Evernote Press and hold the Option key and select Open database folder (keep this folder open) Select Evernote > Quit Evernote from the Menu Bar Move the “www.evernote.com" folder (this will contain one or more numerical folders that contain all Evernote accounts you've used on your Mac) from the database folder to another location, such as your desktop Open your desktop application and login to your Evernote account. Evernote will download all of your synced notes from Evernote's servers and create a new database on your computer. Once the new database has been created, import any Local Notebooks you previously exported by selecting File > Import Notes. ----------------------------------------------------
  9. Hmmm... Let me try to explain better. My notes are all pdf file imports to Evernote. When I veiw them in Evernote, I am able to read the entire pdf contents; i.e., I can view the notes. But, when I print, I get an almost blank page that simply reads "pdf file". In order to print out the note itself, I now have to export the note to a pdf reader and print from there, a lot of work. My Evernote files have always been pdf imports for the most part. And, until a few weeks ago, they viewed like notes and printed like notes. Now, printing no longer works.
  10. I am using Evernote 5.6.2, but this behavior actually started a few weeks ago. "Print Note" used to print my pdf's, but no longer -- just the words "pdf file"
  11. JMichael, Thank you. As it turns out, Evernote Tech Support read my posted message and is now working with me to resolve this. I consider this to be rather excellent support. I hope they can resolve it. I'll report back here how it pans out. As far as I can tell, synching for me stopped only 3 days ago, not two week like I had guessed earlier. However, synching has stopped for me in both directions, computer to server, and server to computer. Bud
  12. JMichael, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I'm not Premium or Business. Hopefully some other Mac user who is having this same problem will submit a support ticket. Etronreve, thanks for confirming that this is an Evernote bug and not something that I have done. Your situation is definitely worse than mine.
  13. Sometime in the past 2 weeks or so, my Evernote Mac app has ceased to sync with the web app. I see several files in my web browser that are not in my Mac's Evernote app. I checked the online "can't sync" help file, and none of that applies. I have made no recent changes to Evernote. It has simply stopped synching. No error messages. The Activity Log has this entry: ****************** Version: Evernote Mac 5.6.1 (450845) Locale: en-US OS: 10.9.5 WebKit: 537.78.2 WebCore: 537.78.1 Mac Model: iMac12,2 CPU Type: Intel CPU Count: 8 CPU Speed: 3.400000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Date: 2014-10-13 15:53:40 +0000 Sync complete. No errors. ********************* Can anybody help?
  14. None of these suggestions quite work for me. The service that exports to my Evernote account creates various notebooks corresponding to different accounts. One new note gets imported to each account every month. I have no control over the chosen notebook names nor the dates of creation. Reviewing them one-by-one and changing the create or modify date defeats my purpose. My desire is to know at a glance when a new note is posted to any of the notebooks. As I say, I had hoped that Recent Notes would include newly imported notes, but it doesn't for reasons discussed in this thread. My feature request is for the Recent Notes notebook or for some other capability to list new notes over which I have no control.
  15. Thank you for the replies. I have many notebooks, and I sort each one by date. But, I still have to examine each notebook for newly imported files. When new notes are imported into Evernote, it seems to me that Recent Notes ought to list them, and it doesn't. That is my request. For the record, my client is Mac OS X 10.8.3, but I don't think that matters. I don't see an option to list all notes, independent of notebook, by date.
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