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  1. JohnLongney

    Community in german language wanted

    Evernote selbst unterhält in deutscher Sprache einen Blog https://evernote.com/blog/de/ (wird leider nicht ganz aktuell gehalten) Im übrigen empfehle ich dir https://www.deepl.com/translator Diese Seite https://evernote.com/intl/de/community kennst du sicher? Falls nicht, nütze die Chance und melde dich dort an. Letzten Endes bräuchte eine deutschsprachige (D-A-CH) Untergruppe einen kompetenten Helfer. Ansonsten - hope for the best, but take what comes.
  2. JohnLongney

    Community in german language wanted

    @Prinz Bernhard Actually I feel quite positive that the existing Google+ /.de community will find a place to settle soon. Not so sure that the few active members would really care to make the move across the pond.
  3. JohnLongney

    EverTool - an Evernote editor helper

    Just checked in Win 10 Microsoft Store. Same price, usual daft store practice of buy before you see what you get. As such, not one single review.
  4. @DTLow Somehow I cannot quite make out what made you start this thread. Not once can I recollect you being irratated or downright infuriated at bugs nor did you seem to accept the frequently made requests for improvement in the Evernote editor, amongst many other issues. Your assertations as to what you deem good or perfect in Evernote are no secret to regulars. Now Mr. Ian Smith does want to invent the future and has seen the necessity for giving Evernote the inevitable overhaul pdq. The new CEO grasped the situation in next to no time and very understandably cannot promise new features just like that. Nonetheless, complaints and whining did reach Evernote management. Would be nice and I'm sure very much appreciated if you'd adjust to the new consumer-orientated attitude. After all, millions of unpaid accounts don't really count.
  5. JohnLongney

    Why I Just Tolerate Evernote

    @DTLow yes, do so, by all means. It is just that an awful lot of users cannot accept data corruption in database applications. Evernote is nothing more than a notetaking application with unpredictable performance and reliability under Windows and Android, in spite of state-of-the-art hardware. All reputable software with widespread usage usually finds enough developers enhancing the original product. Evernote singularly failed to attract such people because the Evernote code is such a mess that nobody wants to meddle with it.
  6. JohnLongney

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    @DTLow I am experienced Windows PC user and I am beginning to feel sorry for you. If the internal engine of a note taking application is so poor that it cannot handle quality editing and output then it's time to replace it. Full stop. You can cite any old alternatives to Evernote's editor but unless you get the picture what users tend to expect by now you will be one of the coffin nails that seals Evernote's fate. What was novel and outstanding 10 plus years ago just is not good enough anymore. Evernote failed to meet European data protection legislation. As an experienced computer professional, you will no doubt be aware of the revenue Evernote is missing due to that. BTW, all I have seemingly failed to communicate to you is that your personal satisfaction with Evernote's Mac versions is simply not representative. The ratio of Mac to Win users (globally speaking) is approx. 1 :10. It is up to Mr. Ian Small to assess the situation and decide what service Evernote can offer next year and beyond. *I truly value the Evernote webclipper in conjunction with Chrome and Firefox on Windows. Evernote on Android is just pathetic because of inadequate stylus support.
  7. JohnLongney

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    @DTLow Did you ever consider that your assessment of what users should expect from Evernote's editor left a ripe proportion of users with a feeling of frustration, if not to say profound annoyance? The "Remember Everything" service is no longer unique to Evernote. Search engines made advances by leaps and bounds. Of course, there is always the factor "you get what you pay for". However, 3 years ago there was a substanstial increase in subscription fees. Revamping the site and the logo instead of tackling core functions must have turned scores of premium users right livid. No doubt, Evernote went into a downward spiral and retiring Mr. O'Neill was inevitable. His setting the target at achieving positive cash figures for the financial year was deplorable. Considering staff cuts at all levels it just meant "sorry, cash is so low, we are working with a tight budget, we are not credit-worthy any more. If we cannot consolidate our financial status now, we are either up for sale or gone with the wind". I too share the genuine hope that Ian Small is the right man who can sort out priorities. The policy of leaving customers in the dark failed beyond repair. Personally I feel If Evernote cannot consolidate MacOS and WinOS versions pretty darn quick it will be mission failed.
  8. JohnLongney

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    Indeed, a note taking app deserves a quality editor. Users kept begging for improvements and quite a number of users got fed up by the apparent indifference and left. The 220 million plus/minus eager subscribers were doing what? Leading you astrey in believing that they were all happy lovers, eager to part with hard cash? Evernote is so low down in ranking that nobody bothers to report the change in leadership.
  9. JohnLongney

    EN Going Out of Business?

    @DTLow Try and understand the implications of the 15 % staff redundancy right now. If projects had to be postponed or simply given up then some high-ranking manager(s) had failed miserably. Because one needs to have a substantial amount of spare money in the piggy bank to balance out that sort of cash gone down the drain. One of those totally useless, money-wasting projects, was the logo redesign. Looking at the quick launch bar right now I cannot but say that the new Evernote icon is a graphic designer's disaster. You keep repeating cash flow and the number of user accounts. Net cash proceeds in excess of running costs including investments plus accruals as allowed by the Tax Office make a financially sound company. The number of payers count and their revenue. The next 12 - 15 months will decide on Evernote's financial viability because an awful lot of users are now tired of not seeing genuine advancements. Evernote may satisfy your personal workflow, but please do not expect other users to have the same degree of satisfaction . Just on example: on Android I had to upscale to 150 % view to be able to read. Trouble was however that 2/3 of the notes took an age to open. Deinstalled.
  10. JohnLongney

    Dark Theme/Dark Mode

    @RavBoy In my time here I have seen numerous requests for optional? dark mode. Because I am too lazy to 'bake' yet another specific monitor profile for the few apps that ship without optional themes I simply change the monitor setting (Windows 10) to night mode. Might be worth your try?
  11. JohnLongney

    EN Going Out of Business?

    Good to hear from somebody who apparently joined the company just a few months ago. Yes, four executives did leave inside a very short time, which in an establishment of say 100,00 employees would not necessarily make the media. Perhaps they knew there wasn't that much of a Christmas bonus coming, despite 200 million plus eager contributors. Who knows? The mad thing is that DottoTech and Keep Productive boy (sorry, no insult intended) Francesco d'Alessio are doing their best to dig up some alternatives to good old Evernote. Evernote's problem is one of inadequate data protection (for professional, business applications hardly an incentive) , and for any other note-taking more of a hindrance. Storage is another thing. Got myself one of those Surface machines but guess which app has not made it into the digital pen era yet? Students all over the world are using such devices and yet Evernote, instead of supporting that sort of technology does what? A new elephant, ever so nice and dainty, that little button. Would look quite good on one those pens. Too bad Evernote decided to drop merchandising. What has Evernote got up the sleeve to keep the business going? The actual notetaking is more of a SABENA kind of experience. Storage limits with Evernote are meagre, if not to say, inacceptable. I moved short of 20 GB into the cloud today with just thumb files left on my own harddrive. If a file fails to upload properly I am made aware which one it is because the system monitors all the time. Costs? Less than Evernote Premium, 5 TB space included, no limit in file numbers, I think 10 GB max per file. Device limits? yes, but I don't have 25 or so devices. I still use Evernote, but strictly on the principle of first in, first out. I feel sorry for those who feel stuck .
  12. JohnLongney

    Update to Evernote Subscription Plans

    Once I found the settings I too made the downgrade to Plus though at one time I really intended to go to Basic.
  13. JohnLongney

    Evernote for Windows 6.12 Beta 1

    @jbenson2 wild guess = best rated hangs?
  14. JohnLongney

    Unclippable pages...

    Certainly, if all fails, one looks for a way to overcome. Tried Firefox and Chrome, managed to clip 8.6 MB notes which still show no content, subsequent to repeated synchro and at least two reboots. Clipping by OneNote no issues whatever, full page or article mode.