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  1. @Pink Elephant occasionally I too fell foul of the "no content but perfect preview " note syndrome (Windows 10, Google Chrome, Evernote Legacy Build). FYI - Evernote never bothered to address this issue which certainly is not cured by restarting the application. What didn't get stored in the proper Windows app format simply can't be retrieved!
  2. @DTLow I can only suppose that you had no inkling of what was to come. But don't you, on reflection regret brushing aside the umpteen issues users complained about over time? Unless Evernote literally scrap what they proudly call the new Evernote here and now there is no hope. Whoever decided on revamping Evernote based on Electron had no idea. You just got to look around what kind of known applications are Electron based to appreciate the situation. Speak up now and make them come to their senses whilst there is still a chance.
  3. OT, just for the record, Lightroom does not lock in, ever heard of xmp sidecars? Ever heard of the free Adobe DNG converter? Could it be that the Lightroom learning curve was just a little too steep for you?
  4. Yes, half the year is over and who in her/his mind would want to work for a company that cannot make up its mind what the only product in the portfolio is really meant for. Is is digital asset management for long-term storage or just another notetaking app or indeed the early garage release of an all-purpose tool which in 10 years or so of its existence has not gone far enough to inspire much hope with normal users. Evernote failed to meet business requirements. The stupid arrogance from the character who got kicked out by Google certainly made sure of that. I lost a few notes in my Elephant empire. Proof was deletion in the syncronised backup on Dropbox. Dropbox sent to waste bin. That's how I became aware of and after much complaining decided to become another non-paying user.
  5. @TheMagicWombat quite frankly my albeit limited insight into the world of advertising and branding fails to associate computer software with anything beyond logos in terms of keeping to original concepts. Perhaps things are somewhat different over your side of the Big Pond but over here Coke is just not the drink any more. However The Coca-Cola Company sells other drinks, some orientated towards health-conscious consumers thus retaining its market share. How does all that relate to Evernote with that one and only product? Going by my experience with Evernote and software in general I'd predict Evernote demise within 4 - 5 yrs unless Evernote either becomes the note-taking editor for all operating systems or the database software for notes. Evernote may have 200+ million users world-wide but in real terms its current usability is flawed in so many ways that no business I know of could use it. Original data embedded in the database is the road to hell in terms of PC capability (secure data storage!) in conjunction with web synchronisation. I am not speaking of 100,000 notes with trifling content such as single pdf docs scanned or generated for web usage but notes that border on the single file limit. Creating notes linking to external storage? API limited to Google Drive. Dropbox, OneDrive and a whole of lot of others? Fail. In fact, for synchronised document storage on any of the reliable cloud servers nobody needs Evernote. These cloud servers index content at speeds which Evernote just cannot match. Though a group of <100 prominent forum helpers swear by their storage/editing systems within Evernote, in the real world, Evernote is no more than a pricey piece of software offered by a company unfortunately led by a number of incompetents of the first order for too long. Apple's days are over as far as general office usage is concerned. Their latest machine, the new Mac Pro will ship for a mere $ 10,000. Macbooks are poor relations in terms of hardware and software against Windows notebooks for the same money. Therefore Evernote has to focus on Windows and Linux. Just my few cents, so to speak.
  6. Luckily Evernote never ventured beyond that one single piece of software. However, the new kid on the block (no insult intended @Ian Small ☺️) rekindled hope for Evernote's future. Who is to say that the universally accepted system of \ root \ folders \ subfolders \ etc. will not make its way into Evernote? In fact, Evernote has no other option, technically speaking.
  7. @PinkElephant are you really well versed with the Windows OS? To kill a memory hog (I have known Evernote to behave like that) you do not need to reboot. Killing the task in task manager should do. Network attached systems do not speed up Windows, also have no impact on Windows updates/upgrades. Your Win PC configuration seems sound for most tasks, but an office kind of application such as Evernote should display an existing 20 odd page document page smoothly even on a lesser grade machine. Regardless of configuration, Evernote on Windows can use RAM in excess, with little load on CPU. Evernote as software is very lightweight on diskspace but the sqlite database, though enormously popular, is a major drawback as it increases in size. My own Evernote notes are down to 6,000 notes with few pdf and image files embedded and yet the database is just short of 3 GB. The Adobe Lightroom Classic equivalent works well because all data is stored locally and other than settings made to image plus reference to storage place of image plus thumb view of image basically nothing more is contained in the actual database. For a Lightroom catalogue (database) to reach 3 GB it needs minimum an extra 100,000 pics not just a meagre 6,000. I think the one person at Evernote who has finally understood where things have gone wrong with Evernote is Mr. Small, the new CEO. However, he will need able and dedicated staff and no doubt, Evernote lost valuable time in the past 3 - 4 years.
  8. @PinkElephant what you refer to as sedimented data is what Windows 10 retains for a while in case of necessity to downgrade. If your computer is choked by these relatively few GB you have a serious Windows system problem, which is just not enough spare disk space. Cleaning out thse system leftovers in Win 10 has never made any of my PC's faster, it just freed space. System debris removed through system control never ever ends in the waste bin. No need to restart Windows either. Badly compiled software can make itself felt in two ways, one is choking RAM and the other is inefficient use of processor capabilities. No, it is not Microsoft's failure that Evernote with its sizeable database lingers on as 32bit application. The only other software I know of using an sqlite database is Adobe Lightroom Classic which some years ago went 64bit, apart from other speed improvements such as automatic database checks and tidying up. Evernote is essentially a piece of software cramped by its original concept.
  9. Classifying Evernote as filing cabinet when the max size for a single file is 200 MB is not what Evernote would want me belief. local German site by Evernote.com @DTLow are you not aware that your repeated efforts to distract user focus from note making to note storage as the primary task can be mistaken as your personal failure to accept reality? It is just so very plain to see that Evernote, understandably neglect video files as these file format types are not not consistent with the 200 MB limit.
  10. Well, I'm inclined to think that Evernote were involved at some time or other. At least one such occurrence took place in 2013 and what with all those management changes and other issues Evernote had to deal with maybe just a case of time bomb gone off?
  11. The first idea I thought of was trying out the Evernote mail clipper within Microsoft Outlook (I am sure it was still there recently but now it's gone. Maybe not yet compatible with Office 2019) Anybody still with Office 2016 or before could try clipping the original mail message. It might just be the answer for some.
  12. @PinkElephant the thing is that Google keeps track and notifies users whenever login to one of their services comes from a new device. Windows machines have unique fingerprints and so do Android devices. Microsoft logs and acts in the same fashion (OneDrive and OneNote) as Google. That's what data security is all about. So regardless from where and when an account is accessed Evernote should also fully monitor access by device (hardware print) and instanteously follow up with mail notifying a registered paid user about the unusual access to the account. One can very well assume that Evernote accounts were not searched by a single person or a group looking for passwords that might not have any real use to them or which could backfire if used. Bots searching for Crypto Mining seems a very plausible thing Too bad for the individuals affected and of course, they have the job of changing passwords and! depending on what other confidential data they stored. notifying banks, business partners, etc. *not-nice-at-all* says JohnL
  13. As far as I know Chromebooks would require the Android version of Evernote. Going by my experience on two Samsung Galaxies (S7 and S9) I can commiserate. These devices work very well as gps-supported car navigation systems but fail when it comes to Evernote. Opening an existing note may work but any alteration or addition is likely to fail, leaving a blank note. Contents wiped, gone! @gazumped no sane employer would lay off qualified staff for the sake of one year of consolidation and no company would ever admit to cash flow issues as the real cause for redundancies, In the case of Evernote last year financial analysts hinted at problems some time before it became known that Evernote had lost more than one or two executives. Evernote does have its place in my workflow but failing reliable accessability on the Androids and a long period of vagaries with its builds on Windows I changed sides. ,
  14. hello, Evernote got bigger and had more paid subscribers and yet in the autumn of last year had to get rid off staff because of lack of funds. The new CEO made no bones as far as immediate gaols are concerned. Maybe forum members such @DTLow know a lot more (pre-beta testing and such-like) but the ordinary user does not even get the identical product when it comes to operating systems. So, yes, indeed, the points raised by @Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy and many others can be dismissed ad infinitum or understood as urging Evernote to close the gap. *Are cosmetics such as icon change meaningful improvements?*
  15. Let me just say one thing - you do not understand how different Evernote staff seemingly work. Developers, programmers, call them what you will, do not need users to tell them about changes in the OS etc because they themselves are in the know. It is a normal part of their job life and vital to the smooth functioning of their own products. If Evernote had left their ivory tower habits long ago things would be a lot better. Or do you really expect page preview to be the equivalent to pdf export as it still is in the Win version of Evernote? As for myself I could not care less as to whether Outlook clipping to Evernote is responsive or not because of the usually less than pleasing output results and why report to Evernote something they should be able to experience on their own? If Mr Ian Small does his job well the overbearing excusing and definding mentality will no longer be needed. BTW, real doctors are not nearly so dumb or helpless when it comes to determining physical causes of pain. Doctors who rely solely on the patient's self-diagnosis, apart from stuff like simple colds and suchlike have no place in modern medicine.
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