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  1. I'm really sorry, meant to reply sooner, but I got busy and it dropped until now. The reason I've been saving these documents to the camera roll is I need them for a scanning app I use to send these d documents to my employer. When I save to Evernote directly from Scanable the documents are in order, but when it's saved to the camera roll it's always out of order. I just tried again with real paper using the save as PDF option (probably doesn't change how Scanable saves to the camera roll, but I want to be thorough) and it still is out of order. This, of course, doesn't affect if I can use the documents in the camera roll, it's just really inconvenient. And it just seems that this wasn't an issue before the update that sped up the saving to the camera roll. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s34/sh/e9ce8d50-747b-44f2-9919-cb05fcc1163f/c0866c4b8a9fd585dc331a5c3705f31d Ahhh... I see. We did completely change the method we were using to save to the camera roll in that release, so you're likely right that the problem was introduced there. Sorry about that! P.J.
  2. Confirmed! I"m able to Scannable a single page doc with PDF selected and I get PDF. Thanks! Great - thanks for being patient!
  3. I saw another post that said this would be fixed in Scannable 2.1, which I have. I just scanned a single page document with my file type for 1 page documents set to PDF and I got a PDF document. Looks fixed, FINALLY. Maybe i wasn't clear enough. But i like to have an option for multiple pages or single pages PDF output. @Nielschvk - I understand you're request... you would like 20 pages = 20 PDFs... not a 20 page PDF. This didn't make it into Scannable 2.1, but we'll keep it on our list. Thanks! P.J.
  4. Thanks, Eric. That's an interesting suggestion. Right now, the table shortcut is specifically looking for multiple [][] in a row so they don't collide with the checkbox shortcut... but now that you mention it, your examples are a logical extension of the syntax and not currently supported. I'll send this over to our devs to look at. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. This issue should be resolved in Scannable 2.1
  6. Thanks for the feedback and super clear explanation of what you're seeing... I can confirm that Scannable does not alter the timestamps of the images, and that's what iOS uses to sort that list. In the cases where page order matters to you, I would suggest one of the following if it's possible... 1. Save as a PDF instead of images 2. Save the images to a note in Evernote where we can explicitly set an order independent of timestamp Both options save the pages in the right order. I hope this helps! P.J.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! This is actually possible (although not obvious) today. When you scan a document, tap the name (usually "Scannable Document" by default but sometimes "Receipts" or "Photos" or a host of other detected document types). I hope this helps! P.J.
  8. Hello everyone, We've just released Scannable 2.1 where all of your completed scans are saved for 30 days in the new "Recents" section. After 30 days, the scans are automatically deleted to keep from taking up too much space on your phone. If, for some reason, you don't want this behavior, you can turn it off in the Advanced settings. I hope this helps! P.J.
  9. Hello everyone, The Scannable team is proud to announce Scannable 2.1. It's available in the app store as a free download. This version has lots of improvements, but I wanted to highlight just a few. Reordering Pages In the past, if you scanned your pages out of order, you needed to delete and scan again. Now, you can tap the "reorder" button and simply tap and drag to change the page order. Recents We've received lots of feedback on this forum and elsewhere that there are times when you thought you were done with a given document, but then realize you might need to rescan a page or send it somewhere else. In the prior versions of Scannable, the done button deleted the scan from the app. Now, the scan is saved for 30 days in the new "Recents" section. After 30 days, the scans are automatically deleted to keep from taking up too much space on your phone. If, for some reason, you don't want this behavior, you can turn it off in the Advanced settings. Per Scan File Type Since Scannable 1.1, you've been able to choose between PDF and Images as the default file type, and that would apply to all scans. In this version, we've added a quick way to switch between the choices on a per scan basis. Improved Whiteboard Scanning We've done some optimization to the image processing of whiteboards to make them a little more clear. Better Image Cropping It's now easier to crop an scan in the case where Scannable accidentally cuts off some important information. As always, thanks for using Scannable and we love to hear your feedback! P.J. from the Scannable Team
  10. There currently isn't a way to disable the auto-format of numbered and bulleted lists... how is it breaking your formatting?
  11. Thanks for the feedback. A couple of quick notes: 1. If you press Shift + Enter while in a numbered list, you can get whitespace between numbers 2. Sub-categories - you're absolutely right here - this is something we'd like to add in the future
  12. Wow - this one is tough to read. As some of you may be aware, we've recently made some changes at Evernote - one of the biggest is a re-investment in our core experiences like note editing, searching and syncing. Here's a blog post with a little more detail: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/22/the-future-of-writing-in-evernote/ TLDR; We're completely overhauling the editor in all of our Evernote clients. The baseline for Mac and Windows has been released, and Android is hopefully going to be in beta in the next 3 weeks. This includes the "tap to edit" behavior described in this thread. It also focuses on some long standing inconsistencies in the way notes are displayed - especially with images, tables, and lists. There will be a broader announcement when we're ready, but I wanted to reply here because, frankly, it's a little embarrassing to have let this go so long without a response. We really our sorry and are working to make it better. P.J.
  13. So this is what is left from your Markdown feature. Honestly, I don't like it. I use numbers for headings quite often and now I guess this will always turn into a numbered list which is not what I want. I will probably need to fool the editor by starting a line with some dummy letter followed by a number and remove the dummy. Not nice. Please rethink this and wait until you have a fully fetched Markdown feature ready if this still is what you are planning. I know this isn't exactly what you want, but you can always revert the auto formatting by pressing undo. i.e. If you type "1. " it becomes a numbered list. However, if you press "CMD+Z" it removes the list formatting and gives you back "1. "
  14. Thanks - agreed. Tables in Evernote are an area that we know needs some work.
  15. I had a similar issue with a note that had a long table in it. The formatting toolbar started floating above my note text!! See screenshot. I have subsequently had further issues where the toolbar disappeared altogether. It is quickly resolved by exiting the note and going back into it - though of course you'll agree it still shouldn't happen Thanks for reporting this. This bug has been logged and should be resolved in the next beta.
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