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  1. Thanks, Eric. That's an interesting suggestion. Right now, the table shortcut is specifically looking for multiple [][] in a row so they don't collide with the checkbox shortcut... but now that you mention it, your examples are a logical extension of the syntax and not currently supported. I'll send this over to our devs to look at. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Wow - this one is tough to read. As some of you may be aware, we've recently made some changes at Evernote - one of the biggest is a re-investment in our core experiences like note editing, searching and syncing. Here's a blog post with a little more detail: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/22/the-future-of-writing-in-evernote/ TLDR; We're completely overhauling the editor in all of our Evernote clients. The baseline for Mac and Windows has been released, and Android is hopefully going to be in beta in the next 3 weeks. This includes the "tap to edit" behavior described in this thr
  3. Thanks - this is absolutely on the roadmap, but not in this release. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned. Hi guys. If it's not planned for next beta of the evernote editor, are you going to support just some of markdown? Why this question was ignored? I have the same interest. Will you support markdown? Sorry for missing this one... we had originally planned to support some "markdown-inspired" shortcuts in this version. For example, typing **Some Stuff** would result in Some Stuff. This was introduced in an early Mac beta last week, and it was clear that there are some shor
  4. Thanks - this is absolutely on the roadmap, but not in this release. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.
  5. Sorry for missing this one... the answer is not super easy to give. The UI will change gradually over time. I wouldn't stop your videos for this release - it's not going to look or feel fundamentally different at all - almost no UI changes. Lots of the changes in the next few versions will be to how the editor feels when you type and cleaning up some of the inconsistencies and quirks. If you have a lesson on "stuff that's weird and unexpected in Evernote", then I might hold off That said, progress and change go hand in hand, and we're promising to make meaningful progress so that nece
  6. Thanks for the suggestions and kind words, everyone. As we're rolling out to all of the clients, our focus is going to be spent on making some smaller improvements to the experience along the way. In the coming months, be looking for improvements to lists, tables, and copy/paste specifically. More/larger improvements are coming, but these areas are the ones that touch the most people and need the most help. We add features to the betas first, and the best way to have your feedback heard is to try out the betas and let us know what you think. With millions and millions of people using Ever
  7. This is definitely on our radar - I don't believe that this is a limit of the technology, but rather, something we need to do differently.
  8. I'm glad it worked... Sorry again for the trouble.
  9. Oh, one thing I forgot... the visual progress. I'm happy to post some updates here, but I will warn you, most of the short term things are rather mundane (the way the return/delete keys works in lists, the copying and pasting of tables, basic formatting shortcuts)
  10. Wow. Thanks for all of the feedback. Regarding the technical details, I'll see if I can summarize here, but I think this might be better suited for a follow on blog post. Here are the particulars: In all of our clients, what you actually see, interact with, and edit is HTML. Originally, each of the clients consumed ENML and then translated that to HTML so that you can view and edit it. Those edits were translated back to ENML which was store locally and synced with the Evernote service. ENML is well defined, so there was no need to standardize the ENML -> HTML conversion. So long
  11. I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I can tell you that we hear you and we do care... this is precisely why we're making it a priority to be more responsive. Beyond that, we will just have to earn your trust by following through.
  12. Hey everyone, This is P.J. from the Product Team at Evernote. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a project that we've been working on for quite a while. As some of you may have noticed, the note editor changed in the Windows 5.9 release. Though it introduced a relatively small number of new features, it represents a larger body of work that will significantly improve note editing in Evernote. Years of writing the editors of our clients independently of one another has taken a toll on the the consistency and quality of Evernote’s editing experience. We recognize this and we’re fu
  13. Sorry for the problems - there is an issue in the latest version of Scannable that does make this process a little more cumbersome. Instead of choosing Send>>Share>>Gmail, try Send>>Share>>Open In...>>Gmail. That should send the file as a PDF. This is definitely NOT our intention, and we should have this issue resolved in the next version of Scannable. Thank you for your understanding! P.J.
  14. Thanks for the feedback - in the latest version of Scannable, if you choose Send>>Share>>Export, you should be able to save to Google drive.
  15. Ha. Sometimes, the truth is really boring
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