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  1. I switched for a while to the new editor and got tired of it's behavior around fonts and moved back to the classic editor about a month ago. I'm still seeing lots of duplicate notes being created. I had four created today. The behavior really seems to have dramatically increased in the last week. I'm on the latest chrome (auto updating) so that may be related but it's not an uncommon pattern. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  2. Looks like the UI has changed again and this Tampermonkey script no longer works. I disabled my user scripts to make sure nothing else was causing an issue and I'm using the new web interface. It feels a little like a transitional interface. In chrome, links to other docs and sites are green links and there are no hoverlinks until you click in the doc and then they pop up and block the text view. Switching back to the classic editor (which seems to be what was called the new editor the last two years) and the userscript works again and fonts are rendered more seamlessly.
  3. I don't get what this bike-shedding is about. Both experiences are delivered via the browser.
  4. No, I'm talking about just the web experience. There's a rich interface that resembles the app. It has the left hand side chrome for menuing, shortcuts, etc. The basic interface is the stripped down green themed interface with all the whitespace on the sides and no navigation. I'm getting the feeling that your primary Evernote experience is in the app. This thread is a defect report on the web experience.
  5. Sorry about that. I'm referring to the branching hierarchy which tends to be the most common type and each record would only have one parent. Your use case sounds like an overlapping hierarchy. There are many types of hierarchies and I should have been more specific. Tags can express many different models and are not strongly opinionated so what you are talking about is a great use of tags. I love Applescript as well but that would not apply in this thread about the new web experience.
  6. The change I'm calling out is that internal links and private links used to take you to the rich interface if you were logged in. Now they don't. All three types of links will take you to the basic interface. This problem exists in both old and new interfaces. It seems like this is a feature that needs to be added to the automated testing.
  7. No doubt we can get into the weeds on how this might be done. My point is that I like to organize with hierarchies and tags and they represent different ways of curating information. Evernote has a couple of different methods for organizing notes (notebooks, shortcuts, tags, and search) but nothing for hierarchical methods. It's been a while since I've written a data function like this but I recall it's as simple as storing the parent of a record in the record and writing a function that can be called to generate top-line chrome (for navigating up), child TOC (showing anything that calls this record a parent), and full page TOC. I will take your suggestion and compose a feature request. What is the best place to make that request these days? Regards, Alan
  8. Hi, I split my time 50/50 between ios devices and web browsers (app not allowed on locked down work devices). I've been happy in the past by keeping a bookmark to my work and personal landing pages but in the last couple days, something has changed on the inbound link handling that breaks this. Typically, i will click on my bookmark for my personal page and will get the same page I would get if I was logged in and clicked on the shortcut. Recently, this behavior has changed and now that bookmark takes me to the external version of that page. This is similar to what I would see if I shared the page to a friend and then they clicked on the link. Thanks, Alan
  9. I enjoy hierarchical notes and tags. I will frequently have something like my vw maintenance page nested like this: 'cars / blue van / blue van maint' where each of those is a notelink. On the blue van note, I would have at the top 'cars / blue van' and a list of notelinks to pages below. I estimate that for information I curate, I am 75% hierarchical and for random notes, I'm 75% tagged. I would love to see a table of contents tool that automatically maintained this kind of parent / child linkage and the top-line navigation links.
  10. Two things I'd like to see: 1. I use notelinks all the time when creating a child document, I will place a parent link at the top of the note. The new interface still provides this but it's a couple steps deeper in menuing and transitions mode styles in the process. For something I use all the time, it's not my favorite UI change. 2. Tags are missing in shortcuts. I use tags to do things like 'action required' or 'incoming' and really miss the convenience of having tags in the shortcuts view.
  11. Hi Scott, Thanks! That's a lot cleaner than the hover links. It's interesting to hear how the hover has moved to a different part of the CSS. I'd love to have this be an adjustable part of the UI but this userscript takes care of me nicely. Thanks! Alan
  12. This worked great until moving to the new format. I've been inspecting the source for about 30 minutes and it's way beyond me. Any suggestions on what I would need to change to support the new format? Thanks! Alan
  13. Evernote web bumped forward to the new look and it broke my userscript that hides the hoverlink. (function() { 'use strict'; GM_addStyle(` #gwt-debug-FloatingLinkBar-root { visibility: hidden !important; } `); })(); So that's a drag. I bumped back to the older version and discovered a bunch of bonus whitespace on the left hand side. Really odd. I wouldn't mind moving forward to the new version but that darn hoverlink drives me nuts.
  14. @rezecib - your script works perfectly. Thank You!!
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