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  1. Thanks for all the informative replies... but unfortunately it doesn't (quite) work for me: Create temporary tag: would kinda work when I do my taxes but not when I'm looking up older tax declarations, tax returns etc. I usually start collecting all tax relevant stuff and start filling out forms (hey, this is Germany, so there's a *lot* of forms to fill out) in january. Tax-relevant documents arrive as late as March. So I would have a 3 month window in which I would have to think of adding the tax2013-temp tag... given my aging brain, this is bound to fail (after all, I use Evernote to work around my limited mental capacities...) Use wildcards: doesn't work (unless I'm just to blind to see the trick): searching for "tag:tax* tag:2013" still wouldn't give me e.g. a document tagged with "tag:2005 tag:tax tag:tax-longterm" Reply to jbensons 2nd comment: I *do* use a 2nd tag tax-longterm, see description of my tag scheme above Mac alternatives: Nope, not a Max user. I'm on Linux and run Evernote in Wine (works like a charm, only crashed once in 3 years...)Thanks again, folks. I guess I'll keep waiting until someone at Evernote realizes that some queries are more complex than "Give me all recipes"
  2. Hi all! Afaik, Evernote search supports either boolean AND (just concatenate search terms) or boolean OR (use "any: ..."). Is there any way available now or planned for future releases to support full boolean search, that is: combine both methods. Real life example: I use Evernote to keep track of my tax records and for my yearly tax declaration. For this I have tagged all relevant notes with tags "tax", "<year>" (e.g. "2013") and "tax-longterm". Tag combinations like "tax 2013" mean "this is a document relevant for 2013 tax declaration". But there are also older documents I need each year, like rental agreement contract from 2005. For this I use the additional tag "tax-longterm". Any document tagged with "tax-longterm" means: "this is relevant for this year's tax declaration, regardless of the year with which it is tagged". So my rental agreement is tagged with "2005 tax tax-longterm". When I want to create ONE Evernote search that gives me all relevant documents for 2013 tax declaration, I'd like to search for something like "any: (tag:tax tag:2013) tag:tax-longterm" meaning: "give me all documents that are tagged with 'tax 2013' OR 'tax-longterm'". But unfortunately, Evernote search doesn't support bracketed searches or any other kind of combining search terms with AND or OR as of now. Does anybody know a trick, hack to make this work? Hacks like combining tags "tax" and "2013" into one tag "tax2013" are no good since I use the year tag for lots of other purposes and don't want to end up with a gazillion combined tags like "house2013" and "income2013". The way I do it now is to use two separate searches "tax 2013" and "tax-longterm", but this becomes tiresome when you have to switch back and forth between both. Thanks for your help! Ax
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