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  1. This is horrible. Is it possible to downgrade back to the old version? Damn I'm kicking myself. I've just saved my first article and 7 minutes in and still no sync. Mine never syncs until I hit the button, which I do every time to make sure the formatting is readable and not screwed up. Without a sync button this is simply unusable for me.
  2. OK well maybe I just didn't have the latest client version then. Although normally pops up and tells me so I'm not sure why that would be.
  3. There were notes on their twitter feed saying they've been having problems and rolled back some changes, so I downloaded the latest version which included rolling back those changes.
  4. I upgraded to the new "rolled back" EN and it's been better. (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) Some notes still open slowly so I don't think that's related though.
  5. I'm having so many issues with evernote on windows 10. It's been happening for weeks; way before this recent problem they're mentioning. But maybe since the last release? I don't know when that was in comparison. Basically some notes I click on take forever to open. Now admittedly, I think my internet has been having issues, but I don't see how the internet should be an issue if I'm not syncing. All the notes should be stored locally on my drive. So that shouldn't cause evernote to hang, right? Should I turn off auto-sync? (I have it set to every 15 minutes) Is there a way t
  6. Yes, I did that right. Did them all the same but some imported partially, some entirely, and some not at all. I have a support ticket going.
  7. I'm having the same problems. Trying to import several folders. Some partially imported and others not at all. Deleted and readded one and that worked, but tried that with another and it didn't work. According to my account summary I have 8 hours left in this month's downloads with 7.6GB remaining.
  8. It's frustrating that we can't count on feature sticking around. I was just trying to decide if I could commit to using Evernote for all my document storage, but I would need this tile feature. And now it may disappear...
  9. Thanks, my computer crashed, so for the time being I only have Evernote Android and Web. Which is why I want to turn the encryption off...
  10. How do I remove encryption? I don't want to have to enter my password each time. I read to right click and that would be an option, but when I right click I'm just getting browser commands.
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