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  1. I have a notebook set in settings, but sometimes webclipper put the note in a totally different place. I checked settings for webclipper and that was the problem, there it said to use smart filing. I believe the wording should be changed in Evernote settings, as it says "Evernote’s Web Clipper will also use this as its default notebook" and it's clearly not doing that.
  2. Hi Dave, To be honest I am not sure how it happens and I'm not sure how to re-create it (other than youtube videos which are always consistent). I always cntl-C cntl-V, and most of the time the clip comes in as formatted text, or I change I do a "paste and match style". But sometimes it comes in with a border around it and says "web clip" and is a preview. The only way to read the whole thing is to expand that preview. I see now on the youtube ones how to change it back to a link. So next time this happens with text I'll play with your suggestions and see what is different about the ones that come in that way, and see if they have that same ability to take away that "web clip" format.
  3. Wasn't using the web clipper, and yes I do paste as plain text without formatting often. The problem was when these previews came in, or what they call "web clips" even though I do a cut and paste. (i'm not sure how ever to recreate that, it just happens now and then.) The gray bar at the top is the key for the previews; I see now I can convert those to plain links. I'd still rather be able to set my preferences and not do another step each time but it's better. And FYI, I first posted under "feature requests" and I got blasted for doing that, even though it seems like a feature request to have a setting. Then I posted under Evernote support and it was moved to general conversations. I don't get it. I can't seem to find how to contact support (they say to go to the forums), or any way to post without offending someone..
  4. When I cut and paste something into Evernote, I just want text, not a "web clip" which is hard to edit and tends to bring me back to the page, and not a "youtube clip" image which takes up a lot of screen real estate. Please let us turn this off so we can have just basic formatting.
  5. The category I posted under is "feature request". That is wrong? And I have no idea why the word feature is replaced with ***** in my original post. I did not swear in my original post.
  6. I hate when I paste something into a note and it turns it into a "web link." Or I paste a youtube URL, and you waste a bunch of my screen real estate pasting it as a graphic of the video. Why don't you allow us to turn this ***** off if we don't like it? There apparently used to be an options to do so, but no more.
  7. Exactly. Personal is what evernote was created to do. MAKE NOTES! I don't care about anything else except finding those notes. All the other stuff is WORKFLOW and I have no interest in a workflow product. And if I did I'm not sure I'd want them combined anyway. If I had work I was doing in EN I think I'd want my own personal account anyway for my own personal notes that aren't attached to the company.
  8. Yes, I agree. If people don't agree why do they need to say anything? We're just giving complaints so EN can see them, so what's the harm to the people who don't care about these things? I suspect the people who are discounting the complaints either haven't used EN for long and don't have tens of thousands of notes to try to sort through, and maybe have companies or professional careers to pay for their professional plans. I am fine with charging people more for advanced features, but I don't have a team and to-do's, and I don't care about 99% of evernote features. I just want a place to store notes and be able to find them. So to me there is no higher priority than trying to make it easy for us to find our info. Regardless how much you pay. Make everything else a higher tier but not search.
  9. Mine is super slow too. I have tens of thousands of notes so maybe that is why. But it's getting unruly.
  10. Yep, someone just said that they just fixed that. I've still mostly been using Legacy so didn't have that update. At least they listen to feedback.
  11. It's also disingenuous to say they're not taking anything away when they JUST took some away a few months ago when they moved to the new version from the legacy version. For example, we could pin notes before, they took that away recently. But now, surprise! You can have it back with professional.
  12. Nope, look at the chart of features by plan. Only the professional has boolean searching.
  13. Disagree with that. Searching got way worse when they got rid of the control F from legacy, and now they want you to upgrade to professional to do boolean search.
  14. I've telling everyone who will listen about Evernote for years, but I'm pretty much done. I'll find something else when my subscription ends. If there is one single thing that is most important in a sea of information it's being able to find it. First they took away the control-F to find within a note, which makes me crazy daily. And now you will have to be at a "professional" level to use boolean search? It's an insult. You want to give higher features to higher plans, make it actual features like calendaring, tasks, etc. But searchability of your product is sacred and should be in the most basic of plans, or there is no value to having Evernote.
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