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  1. HI @Al Padilla - You're unable to access the chat feature because your account is currently at the Plus level, and this feature is only available for Premium subscribers. I've grabbed the support tickets you submitted yesterday and will be replying by email.
  2. paypal

    Hi @AzDayton - It looks like your Evernote account was already upgraded to Premium when you were accessing the billing information section of your account settings. PayPal is only visible as a payment option when your account is at the Basic level subscription, so this is why you weren't seeing PayPal on the checkout page. It appears you were able to successfully renew your subscription through Google Play on March 10th, though. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. itunes

    Hi @Shinjan Shekhar - It looks like your annual Plus subscription was purchased via iTunes, and then you purchased a monthly Premium subscription directly through our website. In order to revert back to the Plus subscription, you'll need to cancel the monthly plan following these steps: Navigate to your Evernote Account Settings and view the Account Summary Next to Account Level select Manage Subscription From the options shown, select Free In the drop down menu, select I did not want PREMIUM/PLUS auto renewal Select Switch to Basic Your Premium subscription won't change until your current billing cycle ends on March 28th. Once your Premium subscription runs out your account will automatically revert back to the Plus level subscription. None of your data will be lost during this transition, and all of your content will still be accessible.
  4. website / credit card

    Hi @Andre S - It looks like one of my coworkers replied to your ticket on Thursday. Let me know if you didn't receive his email.
  5. Hi @Oussama - I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf so I can get a little more information. Keep an eye out for my email.
  6. Hi all, Our security team is actively investigating an issue where some users are receiving emails from Evernote indicating notes have failed to be emailed from their account. It looks like this may have happened to accounts that utilize the same password on multiple websites. If you believe your account has been accessed by someone else, we suggest you do the following: 1. Change your password immediately. Choose a unique password that you don’t use on another website. 2. Review the list of Authorized Applications for your account. Revoke access to any applications that you are suspicious of or that accessed your account from an IP address you don’t know. 3. Set up two-step verification on your account as an additional layer of security. Lastly, be sure to never share your account login with anyone else.
  7. Hey @dankin39 - Sorry about the delay in response. It looks like Ellen grabbed your ticket, let me know if you didn't receive her email.
  8. Hey @amanda_h, I need a refund for the premium subscription that Evernote just charged me. I haven't used it in like 3 years and I had definitely cancelled my subscription... so I don't know why I'm being charged! I have a screenshot of the charge to my bank account (it was possibly on a different account that I don't know the email/password to). Do you think you could help me out here?


  9. Hi @ranierus, This option is only available for Evernote Business users, however there is one workaround I can offer. If you need the information reflected on your current receipt, you can try the following: 1. Navigate to Evernote Account Settings and view the Profile option. 2. Next to Contact enter all of the business information you need. 3. Select Save Changes. Then go to the Purchase History section and view your receipt. The business information you added to your profile will be down on the right.
  10. Other

    Hi @jsmercier - It looks like you submitted a ticket with this question and I emailed you yesterday. Let me know if you didn't receive that email!
  11. Hi @Steve Cseh - I can confirm that email is legitimate and from Evernote. To help investigate why your credit card is being rejected I'm going to open a support ticket and email you for some additional information. @JohnLongney - I can't guarantee anything, but I'll definitely pass your idea on!
  12. Hey @PotsaeD - I just grabbed your ticket, keep an eye out for my email!
  13. Hey @rodoliver - I just grabbed your ticket, keep an eye out for my email!
  14. Hi @martinL - I just grabbed your ticket, keep an eye out for my email!
  15. Hi @drkempnh - I'm a bit surprised to see this, as I was the one who took your ticket and emailed you. You responded stating that you had already resolved the issue. You then requested to be escalated to management, which I did that same day. Because you told me you had resolved the issue, no further troubleshooting was done. Chat support is a feature available for Premium and Business subscribers. If you feel you would benefit from this type of support, you can upgrade your account from Plus to Premium at any time. If you'd prefer to remain at the Plus level, you have the option of submitting a support request via email.