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  1. hi amanda_h, i'm not actually a subscriber of evernote but my boss is and his a premium user now as of 12/12/2017 but his using his account for couple of years already.. so i just want to ask if there is a possibility that his note from basic account will suddenly gone after he upgraded to premium, because what happen is that after he subscribe to premium account all of his notes were suddenly gone from his phone and i look on his trash in the web and his phone but the notes was not there at all.. so could you please help me with this problem of his.. I'am really hoping that you could help me with this.. 



    regards STEVEN



  2. Hi Amanda, my yearly subcription for premium is expiring soon. Just like to know if there is anyway that I can enjoy any discount or promotion? Thanks.

  3. Hello Amanda, I was charged on Sept 16 2017 for a Premium subscription. I don't get any inform about that, so I didn't realize that I should subscription. I think the Evernote App is fine. However after one year's use, I think an basic version is enough for me. I don't need the Premium version. Could I cancel the Premium subscription and get a refund? Thanks a lot and best regards.

  4. Good evening Amanda,

    I got a pop up in my evernote desktop application offering me a discount to upgrade.

    I've been toying around with One Note but I think i'm going to re-commit to Evernote.

    I want to upgrade on the 19th, but the link on the top of the app is gone, can you please email me a promo code or something I can use so I can get that offer again? Looking for the yearly Plus package.


    All the best,




  5. Hello, I do not know how to write English well. But I need your help. Buy a subcription plus one year per debit card, I was already charged for the year. But I want to upgrade to premium. If I cancel my subscription in itunes I do not think they will give me the money back.

    When I upgrade on the evernote website or app, do they charge me the difference?

    Grace for your help

  6. i have a query regarding Premium subscription. Help me

  7. Hi Amanda, Just began using Evernote and am loving it!  Where has it been all my life? Looks like I may need to upgrade from Basic, but just wondering if there will ever be a promo or discount available? Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi, 

    I do also have a problem with syncing on my EN app on iOS. The note is accessible on web or Mac, but not on iPhone or iPad. It is also accessible and normally seen when sent by email.

    On iPad the pictures and text is seen in the preview on the left side, but on the right side (where the body of the text you anticipate) there is only the name of the note and then start writing in the window.

    I deleted the app, cleared the cache, the note was not changed recently and this is the only note with this problem.

    Thank you for helping. If you need additional information, please let me know.


  9. Good day can please tell me what up with the 75% a membership and how can i get it

  10. Regarding Subscription discrepancy in Evernote.

    Ticket# 2060588


    I am using Plus subscription of evernote and my renewal is due on 9th april,2017. however evernote is not allowing me to add any further notes and it is forcing me to upgrade my subscription to premium which i dont want. i want to retain my plus subscription only. as the data limit of plus subscription is 1 GB per month but i have not uploaded that much data in evernote. so why it is not allowing me to add any further data or delete the old data?

    It should be my choice which subscription i want to use rather than forcing me to choose the premium version. kindly look into the matter as soon as possible otherwise i will be forced to use another platforms.



  11. hi amanda i was just reading through some threads about half price evernote premium subscriptions. can you please check if i'm entitled to half price also? i used to be a premium member previously. thank you

  12. Hi Amanda_h!

    on March 14th I reported to Evernote that I paid my subscription of a yearly plan for Premium package, but it reported me back that the subscription expired. 

    I sent the screenshot of the confirmation of the payment.

    I use EN for business and now it's been blocked for more than 3 days. Please, can you address this ASAP?

    ticket# 2045175

    Thank you!

  13. I purchased my subscription to Evernote through iTunes (which I know takes some of the money from Evernote).  I want to purchase a year with the half off discount I saw when the pop-up came up to allow evernote on more than two devices.  Is there a way for me to cancel through iTunes, and get that year subscription for half off?

  14. Hi Amanda-


    I found you through an internet search.  I am having difficulty activating a promo code for multiple device use on my account.  The code expires 3/16.  Please help.  thanks.

  15. Hey @amanda_h, I need a refund for the premium subscription that Evernote just charged me. I haven't used it in like 3 years and I had definitely cancelled my subscription... so I don't know why I'm being charged! I have a screenshot of the charge to my bank account (it was possibly on a different account that I don't know the email/password to). Do you think you could help me out here?


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