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  1. Repeating @CalS's point. Are you sure you're using the correct userid, or did you go "somewhere else"; as in a new account yes im using the correct userID...what i mean about "somewhere else" is that all files were all gone and nothing was left even a single note...
  2. @CalS yes.. there are no emails at all both on my mobile phone and web version after the syncing process... it's all gone nothing was left.. it's like it went to somewhere else..
  3. hi amanda_h, i'm not actually a subscriber of evernote but my boss is and his a premium user now as of 12/12/2017 but his using his account for couple of years already.. so i just want to ask if there is a possibility that his note from basic account will suddenly gone after he upgraded to premium, because what happen is that after he subscribe to premium account all of his notes were suddenly gone from his phone and i look on his trash in the web and his phone but the notes was not there at all.. so could you please help me with this problem of his.. I'am really hoping that you could help me with this.. 



    regards STEVEN



  4. my notes were all gone after upgrading my basic account to premium and syncing my evernote app in my iphone7 to evernote web, i already tried all the solutions that other users from the forum suggested.. kindly please help me recover on how to recover my notes.. THANKS..
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