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  1. Because it isn't the same platform, and the latter has under 1% share and continues to drop. MS has dropped the platform, and I am surprised Evernote waited this long. Even MS does little to support it on the app side. Skype was dropped recently for example.
  2. That is on purpose. Excel knows the order because with the cells selected release the command key and hold down the enter key excel will toggle the cells in the order selected I'm not going to argue with you on this. Go to evernote. Select a note. Command-select another. You see evernote swipe that thumbnail in? Cmd-select another. Another thumbnail. It knows. Keep them in a stack then merge in the order of the stack. The OS has nothing to do with it.
  3. Excel for one. I can ctrl-select random cells and excel maintains the order. The app knows what you've selected. You must make a list in a stack somewhere of what order was selected, then merge in that order.
  4. For the love of all things holy, are there any plans ever, at any time, to allow Mac users to merge notes in the order selected like you can on the PC? If not, can you just add to your help pages a page that says "No Mac users, we are never ever at any time going to allow you to merge notes in the order selected like we allow on the PC platform, so stop asking. It is never going to happen."
  5. Yes, but the developers are idiots I gather from the OP, so, you know....
  6. Well, that's the problem with random numbers. You can throw out whatever you want, and someone won't like it.
  7. You have a problem. Do you see all of your notes online? Can you install another copy of Evernote on another PC and let it sync down your data and try the search there? I think your PC's database is corrupt somehow. My EXB file is over 8GB with over 20,000 notes and search takes less than a minute, usually less than a 5 seconds. I don't understand how your EXB file is so huge and your export is only 200MB short of some corruption in the local database. If it works find on another PC, log out of Evernote on this PC, delete the EXB file (or rename it), and log back in. and it should repull all data from the cloud.
  8. You sweet talker you...
  9. Chantal, when I used the business version, having access to personal and business was critical. Mostly because I use an Inbox notebook for all notes, so clippings, emailed notes, or notes created by third party apps, like Drafts on iOS or FoxitPDF share/create notes only in personal notebooks. I then would 2-3 times a day curate that notebook and move business items to my business notebook. Sometimes notes were related so I would edit one while looking at the other and one would be in business and the other still in personal until moved. Unless things have changed, Evernote forced business items into personal simply because other tools didn't understand "business" and would put everything in my default notebook, which was personal.
  10. Then don't use this beta, or don't use a beta at all. You agree to use a product with untested features when you use get the prerelease builds. I cannot believe how bluntly Evernote warnings about beta builds is ignored by some users.
  11. I would think that is a showstopper for beta testers in a business/personal environ.
  12. I think 250 was the original random number out of the blue. Any reason you cannot do some consolidation of notebooks and use tags? For instance, if you have 5 bank accounts and have 5 notebooks for statements, you could have one notebook with all the statements and the statements tagged with the bank name. This 250 issue has been requested before over the years, and I am sure it is on their radar, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'd do a local workaround with tags, or just use 250 notebooks and no more.
  13. This used to exist back in 2006 or so when the Tablet PC existed that no one owned. And the reality today is touch use even in devices like the Surface Pro is astonishingly low, like <10%. That is a big reason the new MS Surface devices don't come with a pen.
  14. I was at Starbucks over the weekend and I guess their wifi was slow. It took nearly 30 seconds for Evernote to finish the results. I actually had given up thinking the note wasn't there and I took to Google to find the info. There really needs to be a progress indicator that Search is working or done. At this point, I would grudgingly be ok with not having the Falcon gif as showing it is working. But we need SOMETHING to show it is not done - or cannot be done in the event you are offline (airplane) and just a message that messages on the server cannot be searched at this time.
  15. Stacks are just a visual thing, not like a folder in in a file system that is its own thing, and also controls everything in it. Stacks have no permissions or notes. Not saying they cannot do it, but right now the implementation would be to "set security" on a stack and it would recursively set identical permissions on notebooks in the stack. Then you have the issue of what happens if you add a notebook to the stack, or move a notebook out of the stack, or change permissions on a notebook in a stack? A file system has a way to handle all of those by default. A stack doesn't, so it would be a pretty big task to create the feature and then define how it works under various scenarios.