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  1. app will not update

    Have you tried rebooting your iPhone? I've see that clear up weird icon issues on failed installs
  2. Any plans to fix the utter random jibberish percentages that CTRL++ and CTRL+- select in the annotate tool? There is no logic to what it is doing. And CTRL++ (rightly) will cycle through, even though it isn't a smooth upward progression of numbers. CTRL+- will not. When it goes down to 25%, it stops. Should go to 400% after that to be consistent and cycle back through.
  3. The "sync" settings aren't sticking. I have mine set to 5min. When I change to to one hour, it changes back to 5 min. See also this thread where even when it is set, it isn't honoring it. For instance, the user is getting a sync when clipped via the browser, even though it shouldn't be based on the sync settings. He, I think, has it unchecked so it never automatically syncs.
  4. Tools|Options|Synchronization Then uncheck the Synchronize Automatically box. I personally recommend you don't do that though. Maybe set it to every hour?
  5. It brings it up in the foreground for me. Puts the cursor in the subject field ready for typing.
  6. All notes disappeared

    I would check the website. www.evernote.com and log in on your mobile browser. All notes should be there. Probably a glitch on the upgrade on your phone/tablet. An uninstall/reinstall should fix it. If the website shows no notes, save the 27, then you should open the support ticket. Ping them on Twitter too. Their twitter help is pretty good.
  7. There isn't a way to do this in the UI. They do it in the registry, and weirdly too IMHO. It isn't a confirm that is 0 or 1 for on or off. If you are comfortable editing the registry: Make sure Evernote is closed. Confirm that evernote.exe is NOT running in the task manager. Open the Registry Editor - type regedit.exe at the Start|Run menu Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENTUSER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoResponse Right-click on the "ConfirmDeleteTag" entry. Delete. Close the Registry Editor Restart Evernote. Deleting tags will ask for the confirmation again.
  8. Evernote for Mac 6.13 GA

    Oddly enough I saw this yesterday with the Windows client 6.8 b4. My solution was to close the note, reopen it, then paste. That fixed the issue. I haven't noticed it on my Mac, but it indicates there is probably some common code that is buggy here.
  9. No. the only way to delete the tags is to close the note window. I can then delete the tag in the Note View window (bottom right when in List View), or open it in a separate window again and then delete tags.
  10. Thanks for testing this. Since 99% of the tags I consistently use in saved searches begin with @ or #, I figured this was happening to everyone. Clearly not, but you helped narrow it down for the EN team.
  11. It doesn't seem to me that search filters should affect new notes, but it does. I have a saved search and I've clicked on it, which is basically: So I am paying bills, and when I go to download bills/statments as PDF files, I am saving them from Chrome into my Evernote Import Folder. The problem is they are all imported with @home and #bills tags. This is not correct. If I click on NEW NOTE while in this search, the note is created with @home and #bills tags, and I. CANNOT. DELETE. THE. TAGS. from the note. Clicking the little x does nothing. This has been broken for a few builds. Can someone look at the logic that is going on? I can understand New Note working the way it does, except I should be able to delete the tags. I cannot understand how importing files, which can be 100% unrelated to my current project, gets tagged based on a search that is set.
  12. I included the enex in this thread, so they have it for the beta cycle.
  13. Left Panel, Note List, and Note Panel are checked in view, so upper right is note list, and lower right is the note body. There is no "File Exit" - either the app crashes on its own, or hangs indefinitely until I kill it via Task Manager. It never recovers in that session. ANd the note is in a notebook that is in a stack. Finding the note in the notebook doesn't crash. Seems to only crash when I am in the "Notebook" icon showing all 22,000+ notes. EDIT: Also crashes when in the stack and not the notebook. If I search for: tag:excel refresh date it doesn't crash. It is like it requires all 3 tags to be used.
  14. The underline for search terms is broken. (same note as above) - the search term was: refresh date this is what the UI shows
  15. I am consistently getting crashes when searching for a note then opening it. Go to the Notebooks icon so all notes are visible. Type in 3 tags and two key words 3 notes are found. OPen the one I want. Header is fine, but body is blank. The body is there in body window of LIst View, but empty when I open the note in its own window. Close the window. (as if to try again) Evernote vanishes. There is nothing in the CRASHES folder, but the app log has this kind of thing in it. You can see where it crashed and started over on a new launch. I can go directly to the notebook it is in, search there with no tags, and open the note fine. Even after opening the note this way, then going back and repeating steps above, it locks up, but in step 4 it shows the body. When I close it, Evernote freezes with "not responding" and never comes back. Oh, wait. It just crashed and vanished on its own. Didn't have to kill it. I am attaching the enex for the note too in case you think that has something to do with it. BTW, I use this note all of the time, and generally search the same way. Worked fine before this beta. Evernote.enex