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  1. That is a good point. I wasn't assuming this was on 2+ PCs though because if it was, the OP wouldn't have had a potential data problem. He could have just gotten it off of the 2nd PC.
  2. If your EXB file isn't that big, move it to a shared storage drive, like OneDrive or Dropbox. Then when you quit evernote it gets sync'd up. Works for a few hundred MB, maybe a gig or so depending on your speed, but not so much if larger than that. Even if that does work, that is a convenience. Still should back up separately.
  3. Might try running spinrite on the drive. Best recovery tool there is. Then, as suggested, always back up local notebooks.
  4. This was a co-branding exercise. You think Nike is going to service a Nike Edition Apple Watch? Think you can take a Harley Davidson edition Ford F150 to a Harley Davidson dealership for warranty work, or even an oil change?
  5. So, Fujitsu just posted a big Q&A and it seems to be as I indicated. Your only real risk of data loss is if you scan in B&W mode on A3/Tabloid paper at the Excellent/1200dpi setting. Otherwise, the only thing that seems to happen is if you otherwise scan in B&W, if you save changes your file will be converted to color mode and grow in size. Given this info, I think I am going to upgrade to Sierra this weekend as I only scan in letter and legal paper, and almost always in color mode anyway. NOTE: For those that prefer/expect/demand to hear this directly from Evernote, please ignore this post and the Fujitsu status update. Insert rants below. Thank you. That is all.
  6. Please note this is a community support forum, not an official support group. See the link in my sig for actual technical support.
  7. Can you delete it on your smartphone or tablet? In the web, can you select another note, then just hover over this note and hit the trash can? When I do that here, it never actually shows the note itself, it just deletes it. Your other solutoin may be to contact Evernote Support (link below) and they can try to walk you through some steps.
  8. See this for some good OCR solutions that don't involve converting to Word. I use PhantomPDF personally, but that is a $99 package. Those in the link are free.
  9. It is only destructive if they SAVE a PDF. So first of all, there is no indication that opening it up on a non-Mac OS Sierra platform has an issue. So Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac OS through El Capitan are ok. Second, it only appears to happen for scans made in B&W format, and according to this page, it converts the page to color but doesn't lose data, so the file is increased in size. Third, if you did a B&W scan to A3 paper using 1200 dip resolution, that can lose data. There are some other issues, but they appear to be with the ScanSnap software itself in merging pages or using the CardMinder feature. So I do understand the gravity of the sitution, but I also believe I understand the facts of the issue per the Fijitsu site. If you are in the US, there isn't, as far as I can see, a massive risk to data loss because we don't use A3 paper here, and I am not sure how many people use 1200dpi B&W mode scanning. I can see engineering firms or architects possibly affected by this. I am not even sure if the ScanSnap Evernote Edittion can scan A3 paper. My S1300 cannot. I am still not upgrading to Sierra out of caution until there is more of a resolution, but I am not paralyzed. If I have any of the facts wrong, someone please correct me because I don't want to minimize the situation, but don't want it blown out of proportion where some think upgrading to Sierra or having a PDF on Sierra will cause every PDF on that machine anywhere to self-corrupt.
  10. Why? Was El Capitan and your ScanSnap working for you last week? Is that not working now this week? I didn't upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan for 2-3 months due to a software issue I was waiting on resolution for. I wasn't paralyzed at all.
  11. Yes and no. You have to have a Premium account for that to work. The EN servers index the PDF files, not the local client, so at a minium it has to sync, and then the Premium account gets you processor time while they OCR the PDFs for you. You can OCR them yourself with your own software locally if desired I believe.
  12. Use the file menu. File|New Local Notebook.
  13. Yes. Just know that nothing will go to the web or any other devices. If it won't let you add to notebooks that are currently sync'd saying you are out of space this month, just add a new notebook that is "offline" and you can add whatever you want to it. But offline notebooks will never sync. If you want that data to eventually sync, just wait until next month, then move 60MB or less of notes from the offline notebook to a sync'd notebook.
  14. One of the benefits of this forum software. I also have to sometimes just submit a post then immediately delete it to get the post box cleaned up.
  15. Wow. This has been happening to me since Evernote 5.x. It just locks up, says "not responding" then comes back. I've gotten in the habit of using either my Mac or the web interface if I am going to be doing a lot of typing. The Windows client is trying to do too much in the background or something.