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  1. @Jeshi - the Apple Watch does not count as an additional device. it is considered 1 with your iPhone. I do think your iPhone has to be active as a device. You cannot, for example, set up your iphone, connect your watch, then deactivate your iphone in favor of an iPad. The watch would stop working at that point. All kind of moot right now given that unless, like me, you are still on 8.x, there is no watch app right now.
  2. I am still holding fast with 8.x on my phone. If you got to the App Store for iOS and sort reviews by "Most Recent" it is overwhelmingly 1/2 star ratings. I would definitely install it if, like Windows/Mac versions, Evernote put an "Evernote Classic" app back in the app store that was the latest 8.x build and test and offer feedback on issues, but I cannot rely on it as is as my main app.
  3. I've seen this as well. It happened to me when I allowed Evernote access to selected photos vs all photos. It is a new iOS 14 feature. But it keeps asking. In fairness, I have seen this with other apps too though, so not sure if this is an ios 14 bug or the devs aren't 100% sure how to use the new feature. For me the fix was to go into iphone privacy settings and give evernote access to ALL photos, then go back in and deny access. But if you try to import photos again and give it selected access this loop will happen again, so if you do it frequently, give evernote access to all photos. T
  4. This sadly doesn't seem to be a new version of Evernote. It is an entirely different product that has access to our Evernote data in the cloud, but bears little resemblance in functionality to the Windows version of Evernote. So many features missing. This is worse than the iOS version, which, after being in the beta for a few weeks, opted out, installed Evernote 8.x from the App Store, then turned off automatic updates. So much is broken. No import folders? No global note shortcut keys? This is unusable to anyone that has used Evernote for over a decade. ☹️
  5. I would recommend anyone that has not updated, don't. I turned off my Automatic App updates from the App Store when I saw 10 was released. So much is broken. I would love it if they would make everyone's live easier and release Evernote Classic on the App store giving people the option to use 8.x until they fix 10. It was released way too soon.
  6. EdH

    Manual Sync Button

    Change your sort to be on the updated column so it is always at the top/bottom, whichever. You may have it sorting on title and it alphabetically just vanishes on you going to where it needs to be.
  7. EdH

    Manual Sync Button

    What version is this? I have 7.14 on my mac, and it is the latest and the sync button is there. If it is gone from a future version, I wholeheartedly agree, it needs to be there. I am careful on my machines (Windows and Mac) to do a final manual refresh and wait until it stops spinning until I suspend either laptop. I cannot afford to have notes orphaned on one machine because it didn't sync.
  8. We have voted for it. The frustration is the Windows client does this. What is the point of merging notes of they merge in a seemingly random order, or any order that is not what the user wants? I'm thankful I have a Windows machine. This is so back on macOS that when I need to merge there, I just move those notes into a tempMerge folder and merge them later on my Windows PC. The vote feature here is kinda lame. Not many Evernote users are even on this forum, much less understand how the voting works. But this idea has been around going on 5 years and it never happens. We just get more stuf
  9. Evernote was busy removing all useful buttons from the Note window in Mac and replacing them with a big green SHARE button. Note merging is just not important.
  10. Note that if you ever email notes to yourself, you need to change that setting in the web.
  11. @frenchfilm - Awesome Notes seems to be syncing via the Evernote API, but are storing the notes in their own format. You'd need to contact them for support, or see if there was a way to import it back into AN and then sync to get whatever wasn't sync'd into Evernote.
  12. Yes, you should enable the "purge rarely viewed content." To @CalS's point though, unlike iOS, you cannot tell the Windows client to always keep certain data on your PC. You could set a higher number of days to keep data. 60, 90, whatever, but then your database will grow. I've found I don't care. My laptop is pretty much always connected so I have mine set for 15 days. Searching still works as the search is done via the cloud. But if it is critical that certain notes are always on your machine, this is not a good feature to use. But if you turn it on and let it work, it will mak
  13. To really boost performance on Windows. enable the Sync on Demand feature. It will remove the note contents from your local database until you click on it. You can still search, and everything remains in the cloud. I keep the last 30 days of notes I've used on my PC, but other than that, I have over 20,000 notes most of which I do not use regularly, so my 8-9GB of data is using less than 500MB right now, and that is a huge performance boost because the SQL Lite or MYSql or whatever database EN uses is not efficient at all, especially when it does a cleaning operation, which you notic
  14. Premium users have 10GB , not 10MB. Have you really uploaded 9.9GB in one month?
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