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  1. hoping there is a beta 3 before GA...
  2. That is the database. Your HD is going mad when this happens. I fixed it by enabling "on demand sync" in the current Windows beta. It only stores notes on your HD that you have recently accessed. Everything else stays in the cloud. My database went from 8GB to 500MB and is MUCH more responsive. Rarely locks up like that anymore.
  3. if you have a premium account, you can use Note Hiistory to get a prev version of the note. See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858 You could just buy one month of premium to get the note back if you wanted to.
  4. Those super annoying sticky bars on websites that scroll with you really trash clipped notes because the HTML is kept in there and you get that stupid bar in your note! Thought about using this javascript before you clip to kill the bar? Came from this site, but thought it would make a good addition. I try to remember to do it before clipping, but don't always remember.
  5. did you grab the ENEX file I attached a few posts ago on a similar issue?
  6. This looks like a pretty big bug. See this video. I copied text from a text based app (Excel's Power Query advanced editor - pure ASCII - no formatting) and pasted into a note. Out of habit I always use Paste and Apply Formatting, but it does the same thing even with a regular paste. It massively deleted text in my note. Seems random as what it removed, but it was a lot. Thankfully it was on screen and I saw it and I wasn't down at the bottom of the note. THere is nothing confidential in this note, besides my Power Pivot secret sauce that I stole from another website. So the enex file is attached to see if you can replicate. There is something hinkey (technical term) with the bullet list as it shows up on the iOS versions (both the beta and the App store version) as a narrow column about 15-20 chars across - lots of wrapping. But I never used a table in this note. Displaying “Last Updated” Date And Time In PowerPivot.enex
  7. Make sure you understand how OneNote does links. It is such a train wreck I don't even use links in OneNote. I use hash tags. I use OneNote daily at work. Your july 6 post was a complaint that you cannot move Evernote notes to another account without breaking the link. Wait until you find you cannot move OneNote notes to another notebook without doing the same. I've seen section renaming break OneNote notes. Totally a half thought through train wreck. And I really like using OneNote at work. Not more then evernote, and never for linking.
  8. That is an evernote link in OneNote. Not a OneNote link. But I can see you are on shard 21.
  9. I still see stuff messed up in Office 2016 on an HDPI system.
  10. Given I've gone back 3 times to see the diff, you probably made an acceptable decision as I suspect most of us will never notice. But for the small percentage that can tell the diff, yeah, probably a pain point.
  11. Are there plans to fix the right-click menu when in a table? I agree it is important to ahve the add/remove row and other table functions, but don't agree that removing everything else makes sense. I just had to copy some text from a web page and put in a table, but the "paste and match style" was missing. As was Paste, and everything else in the normal menu. I ahd to go below the table, paste and match style there, then copy and paste again. It would haven worse if I had had some custom format in a cell. Then I would have had to: Copy custom formatted text in cell paste below table or in another note copy text from outside source get in custom formatted text area paste and match style copy all text paste back into cell Other than the "insert table" command on the normal right-click menu, pretty much everything else should be on the rightclick menu when in a table along with the custom table command, like insert/delete row.
  12. I have to admit, I don't see the difference. I can tell one is smaller than the other due to the 125% vs 150%, but I cannot tell that they are disproportionate in any way compared to each other. Must be my lack of design sense.
  13. Works fine on my Surface pro 4 which is High DPI. What issue specifically are you seeing?
  14. Aren't the links tied to your account? My links look like this: (URL modified) https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/nl/12345/e6d25e8d-5352-aa44-1234-abcf123562 s1 says my data is on shard 1. THere are multiple shards, so at a minimum, notes are shard specific. A new account opened on s25 couldn't possibly have same link. Not sure what "nl" is. 12345 (fake) is my account. Every note I have has that in the URL, and a different account would have a different link. It is possible two notes have the same last part of the URL above in two different accounts I suspect, but the user account (and shard) would make it unique. OneNote is similar, but worse, If you move notes in OneNote from one notebook to another, the internal links are broken, even if it is all within your account. EN, IMHO, does it correctly here.