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  1. I am experiencing this too. EN is seeming to mark it as read only, so the Preview PDF viewer in the Mac cannot save back to EN.
  2. No. I am closely monitoring the Fujitsu pages Evernote directed me to and will follow those instructions as they release updated information. I have the S1300 scanner so my steps will differ from yours.
  3. Did you read the directions on that page? It doesn't say anything about loading the Fujitsu Scansnap regular drivers to the Evernote Edition Scanner, so no, you should not do that.
  4. The official status of the Fijitsu ScanSnap drivers for all products is here as it relates to macOS Sierra, including links to the downloads for updated drivers.
  5. So? My EN database is 8GB and growing. I can upload 2GB a month if I want. No one here said they were including their photo library, just specific photos, in a research project in this case. To me, it makes WAY more sense to keep photos related to the research project with the research notes. An app like Evernote is a great place to keep things like this together. For you it might make more sense to stick your photos related to a project in a separate service. Go for it. I prefer to keep my stuff together. Flickr/Google Photos cannot store text and other items (PDFs, office files, etc) in one place, but Evernote can. No one said otherwise. Evernote can do it too, except for the file name issue, which I've provided one workaround, and there are others. Evernote was hacked AND IMMEDIATELY DISCLOSED IT. People were able to change passwords immediately. To this day, Yahoo still has not fully disclosed what happened so you don't know if it was just your password or if your data got stolen. The company cannot be trusted. Store photos how you like @jbenson2 and share those ideas as they may benefit others. But don't start with a "How do I" question with "you don't" if the product does, in fact, support what the OP wanted. And Evernote does. In spades IMHO.
  6. Just unselect the checklist box. You realize my question was from over 2 years ago, right?
  7. This is a major oversight and has been an issue not just for images but all files. You cannot search for file name, which really seems silly. @jbenson2, there are lots of valid reasons to store images in Evernote. Maybe they want to. The files are online, private, and readily accessible from your various EN clients. Not all images are photographs. I store a lot of screenshots in Evernote with documentation. That makes no sense in Flickr (and I wouldn't use Flickr if my life depended on it given they are owned by Yahoo and the 2 year old security breach they had and told NO ONE about it. If you put pics there, you get what you deserve in terms of privacy.) Some prefer a local copy of images but with more robust tagging than the OS file system can do. Evernote is great for this, as long as you don't rely on finding the image with the file name. @PunterMuniya, my workaround is to type the filename in the text of the note somewhere. If you rename the file, just remember to retype the text.
  8. Strange. I'll try closing and reopening EN when I get home. Those other tools just would. not. work.
  9. Uhg. Waze is the worst at this, but I find it funny. Their polls and ads that pop up are often in a light blue box with white text, which is impossible to read, so, I never respond to them. Hoping EN just didn't think through all of the ramifications with the dark gray theme and needs to add both lighter color fonts and then be able to handle how those notebooks how up on a white menu, and ideally, switch to the "negative" color if you change themes.
  10. Is anyone having an issue with annotation tools? I can use the arrow, but cannot add text or boxes/lines. On macOS Sierra
  11. The ability to disable annotation summary is a premium feature?
  12. I agree there should be white and other light colors, but they need to fix it so it shows up on notebook dropdowns in notes. Otherwise it would be white on white and unreadable. Even the light orange is hard to see on the white menu dropdown.
  13. More screenshot goodness of how a light color for a notebook in the Dark Theme is close to unreadable in the notebook dropdown for a note. en20161021bug3
  14. Yeah, that is another workaround. At least with reminders I don't have to remember to do it but it would be nice if it just did it itself. Right now, no matter what, it is a manual effort.
  15. It would be nice if when creating a link in a note if you could set it to expire in, say, two weeks. I often will share a note with someone and it is meant to be temporary. My current workflow is to set a reminder out a few weeks, then when it goes off, go into the note and disable sharing. Same for note links I post to this forum with pics. I just don't like those kind of links lasting forever. Obviously some links should last forever, so this is just a request to, when creating a link, to make it a temporary share.