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  1. Go to the OneNote UserVoice forum and ask they start supporting Evernote queries there. And tags. Always ask them to support tags.
  2. Please do not bring logic into this discussion. Thanks.
  3. Well, you are talking about Windows 10 Mobile, which is a dead market. MS isn't really working that hard on Windows 10 UWP Office apps for the desktop, but are instead focusing like crazy on the current Office 2016 "legacy" apps. New features are introduced every month.
  4. That is called the evernote business account. Two separate spaces that are in the same UI.
  5. Just curious - having two Premium accounts is more expensive than just doing your own single business account, and the latter has the chinese wall between the data sets and is, I think, more flexible. Consider cancelling your work premium account, upgrading your personal to business, then importing all of your work premium data into your work account.
  6. It is in the table that compare's Hitler's Germany to Evernote.
  7. Where do I complain about the lack of free lawyers to do my bidding?
  8. There is no hostility towards free users. Evernote has a free tier, and they chosen to make changes to the plan. It is free. Still is free, but different. What I find puzzling is why the people paying nothing feel they have a right to continue to have the old version/terms of service/features. It is free. You kind of get what you are offered. If you don't like it, you can vote with your wallet. Oh, no, wait. No money is involved. So vote with your feet. But stop complaining and enjoy the new free service, or stop complaining and use another free service. TANSTAAFL.
  9. Well, numbers mean something too, and Evernote has millions of users, 99.999% of which haven't posted, so your statistical conclusion based on this thread doesn't have a large enough sample size to be meaningful.
  10. I don't care if 98% of the human race calls it a bait and switch. They can call it Armageddon. It doesn't change the definition. Words mean things.
  11. Do you define everything that changes over time a bait and switch? Because, that isn't what it is. A bait and switch would be if Evernote advertised a plan that cost a certain amount, even $0, with specific features, and then when you signed up, you either didn't get those features and/or it wasn't at the advertised price. When a company changes their product by telling you "On this day, the price will become $X, or these features will change" that is a change in the product, not a bait and switch.
  12. I don't either. I have a number of services I use for free, like IFTTT, that if they started charging, I'd really have to think about. But I certainly won't spend hours in the IFTTT forums complaining that they are evil and are ruining my life because they have bills to pay.
  13. The people using EN free for a decade aren't about to start paying. If they are, they already have (or will soon) and aren't in here whining about how Evernote needs to tweak the BASIC plan just so in a way that will allow them to continue using Basic without changing their work flow. They are going to make it work the same way other companies with paying software make it work. Free trial period or a taste of features, then pay for the real features. They will live and die on the capabilities and quality of the software combined with filling a need in the marketplace for it.
  14. I do the same, but in a spreadsheet.
  15. I agree. These beta release notes are not super helpful this time around. I still don't know what that means.