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  1. I understand that, but I am trying to see if your search index is totally messed up, or if it is just on your phone.
  2. Does your search work ok if you log into Evernote on your PC/Mac via the web?
  3. Agreed. It is similarly difficult to get to on the Mac. In fact, there is no button anywhere. You have to use Shift+CMD+ALT+Hold-your-finger-to-your-nose+Turn-counter-clockwise-twice+[] keys or something like that. I gave up even trying to find this hidden feature in iOS yesterday at a meeting and took notes in OneNote, which as the indent/outdent button right on the toolbar on my iPhone.
  4. I wouldn't hold anyone/thing up to Facebook for comparisons of security. That is like your teenaged son after being in a fender bender telling you it is ok because the town drunk was in a much worse accident last weekend and killed a bus load of children.
  5. Hmmm... that is a lot riding on weekly maint. Seems this and the 2FA issue would be hot fixes, not “we’ll get to it next week.”
  6. You’ll have to contact support (link in my sig) if you cannot do it through the web portal.
  7. Opened ticket #2801981. Let's see what they say, besides rebooting my PC and the usual.
  8. No, because then I would be getting them randomly as people tried to break into my account. I only get the SMS when I am logging in and need a code.
  9. @John in Michigan USA The exact same 6 digit code! Yes, there seems to be a problem. I use Authy, but same calculation as Google Authenticator. And same 6 digit code. @Jim Finn I wonder if you got a different code because it was on the verge of changing so the text went out before it changed and Authy showed you a new one? (or vice versa)
  10. I use two factor authentication and use a Google Authenticator device. I just logged into the website on a new browser instance and when it asked me for my 2FA code, before I could get my app launched on my phone, Evernote texted me my code. I just checked my account security and Text is not checked, but the app is. Why would Evernote text me this? I had not failed to authenticate, nor had I asked it to use a backup method, which for me would be my backup codes I have saved, not text. Seems to be a security issue with Evernote's servers. @Rich Tener
  11. Log into Evernote on the web. Click on your Account picture, then click on Devices. Delete/revoke your old iPad there. It should work then.
  12. Most PCs today have a TPM. Besides, this is a red herring. The OP was about installing Evernote on a work pc and not wanting the company to have access. That isn’t Home, it is probably encrypted anyway, and anything you install on your work PC is available to your company. Period.
  13. Or, encrypt the hard drive via Bitlocker (Windows) or FileVault (macOS). Free Very fast often handled at hardware level vs software encryption
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