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  1. EdH

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    Yeah, it is. Burying features to add more clicks to the workflow is a big deal.
  2. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Yay. Bold note titles and missing PDF views in note windows fixed!
  3. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Be sure to kill all Evernote processes. They are on the Details tab.
  4. EdH

    New Computer - Recent Sync Gone!

    Are they in the Evernote service if you log in to your browser? If not, you'll need that old machine to reconnect to the internet and figure out why they weren't syncing. If there as a problem, there would have been a big red error icon on the sync button. If they were in a notebook created specifically to be offline (you have to do this intentionally, cannot be done accidentally) they will never sync and you need to export them to move to a new PC.
  5. The problem is this solves two issues: People with huge databases that don't necessarily want all of their note content downloaded on a machine, either because it isn't their main machine, or they are tight on hard drive space. Devices like the Surface Go start with 64GB of space. Downloading 8-10GB of notes for that kind of machine makes no sense, but it equally makes no sense you shouldn't have access to your notes on that machine beyond a browser. Performance is way better if you have lots of notes, because the SQLLite database they are using is horrible when you get over 10K notes with a lot of data - file attachments, pics, etc. Sadly it has been a half-baked feature for nearly 2 years now. I still love it and use it, and personally think the shortcomings are less than the performance shortcoming of downloading my entire database, which makes EN largely unusable on my Windows PC. (Mac has no issue as it has a much better db structure apparently). But I do know the issues to look out for. I shouldn't have to, but I do.
  6. Yes, but that isn't the point for me. I don't merge so often it is an issue, but I merge often enough to watch out for it. But I feel bad for the average user that doesn't know this and sometime in Feb 2019 when they are working on their taxes, they will realize a bunch of notes they merged didn't have the bodies downloaded first and the trash has long since been emptied. They will be able to take solace that they can use the 😠, 😡, and 🤬 emoji though.
  7. Same thing happens in a merge. Grab 10 notes, none of which are sync'd. The first and last will be downloaded if you click on the first, then shift click on the last. The middle 8 will not. When you merge, you get note 1, headers for notes 2-9, and note 10. All 10 are in the trash. If you don't catch it, you'll lose note contents for 2-9 forever. You have to undelete them, download manually, and re-merge. This is a known bug and on their list, but there are more important things to be done right now. Emoticons, rebranding, a new notebook view, and bold fonts for note subjects take precedent over losing note content. What is the emoticon for "I can't even" or "I can't right now?"
  8. Moving notes not downloaded should not cause a crash. I do it all the time. I just moved a dozen or so and worked fine. In fact, and I think this is new, when you move them, it forces the download. It didn't used to do that that I can recall. If you have a crash, maybe select smaller batches until you find the note(s) that are causing the crash. You may have an unrelated corruption issue.
  9. Why not just share all of the notebooks on your old account with your new account, then copy/move them to your own folders in your new account? That bypasses the entire export process. Otherwise, you'll have to crack open the ENEX file you are exporting, find that note, remove it, and not destroy the rest of the ENEX structure in the process.
  10. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Either it isn't here, or it is taking a looooong time. I've had a window open 5min and still nothing but a gray line. But I see that some Evernote coders have this on their list to fix before the GA.
  11. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Anyone having a problem opening notes in their own window and the PDF doesn't show up? I have a lot of notes that are just a PDF file - documents I've scanned in or PDF pay stubs that I shared with Evernote on my phone. I use List View and the PDFs are not shown as attachments (View as Attachment is unchecked.) In List view, I can see the contents of the PDF just fine in the bottom window, but when I open it the note as its own window, I just get the below image. If I right-click on the PDF when in List View, then View as Attachment, then open the note in a new window, the attachment is there. Uncheck view as Attachment, then close and reopen the note, and back to the gray bar. It opens just fine on my phone too. Clearly the PDF is there, it just isn't rendering. This happens with any PDF that is supposed to be inline. I just opened a 4 year old note that was a merge of about 5 documents. The headers are all there, but where there are supposed to be inline PDFs, just gray lines. EDIT: I see others are seeing this too as I read back in the thread. @Nick Nassiri - is anyone from Evernote following this thread and working on these bugs? Or will this be published again as a regular release and then scramble to fix later when the masses start complaining, much like the sync bug a few builds ago that was reported in beta and got published anyway because no one from Evernote was actually following the thread on bug reports?
  12. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Sigh.... Agreed. Put them back the way they were. If you want to play with formatting, how about fixing the already reported issue when the left panel theme is in Light Mode when you hover over it the hover color is the same as the note count, so it gets hidden?
  13. EdH

    sync error

    It could also be that Windows Vista is no longer supported by Evernote and thus won't work.
  14. Well, nothing good ever came from that. 😐 Evernote is based on a SQLLite database. You can read about that form of corruption here. Unless you know how to manipulate SQLLite databases, that is just an FYI, not directions for you to get started. I'd say you have two choices here: Contact Evernote Support. I suspect they will tell you to rebuild your database though. They may walk you through some of little/undocumented features from the CONTROL-Help menu though. Just rebuild it and skip step 1. See this post. That posts is about someone with a note that won't sync, but the logic will apply to you, especially the part about logging off and renaming your Evernote.exb file. For grins, I'd physically check your hard drive with a detailed chkdsk in case the corruption was created by your HD and not random sunspots that caused the database to bork itself.
  15. EdH

    Why so many background processes?

    Something has to render all of those emoticons. 🙄