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  1. Hmmm... I have the latest Mac and iOS versions, and they thankfully do not duplicate each other here.
  2. Speaking as a power user, please do not bring the iPhone UI to a desktop platform. The phone is mostly for looking things up, minor editing, and reference. The desktop is for getting work done and I don't want a "less cluttered" UI that requires more clicking. It is already so "uncluttered" on the Mac that I have to spend days scrolling the right side bar to find what I want because there aren't enough toolbars to house important items that are visible 100% of the time, like saved searches and shortcuts.
  3. Temporarily go to settings for notes, and uncheck the box about setting the focus to the title for a new note. Right now, it does it for every note multiple times a minute.
  4. Massive pain, I agree. The temp fix is to go into Options for Notes and uncheck "Set new note focus to title" because right now that is being proccessed as "Set current note focus to title every 30 seconds or so."
  5. Yeah, but then I have to click into the note header to put the new subject in, so that just changes teh place the problem occurs. still good you have pinpointed what seems to be the source of this issue. Hoping someone from Evernote is reading this.
  6. You have to be invited by Evernote so they can send you a certificate that allows you to run an app from them that doesn't come from the app store. I don't know what their criteria is for that happening.
  7. I'm curious. Does anyone at Evernote actually use the Windows client? I don't see how. This bug where the cursor jumps to the title has hit me about 20 times today. I quit using the beta and am using the web interface for the rest of the day. This has been in PUBLIC RELEASE now for 4 weeks. It renders Evernote unusable to anyone that actually types. It doesn't bother the clippers-only crowd, but it sure is getting in my way.
  8. It is silly you cannot escape any character and do a literal search in a product like Evernote. I've asked for this to be fixed here. Votes appreciated. As for the export @DTLow - that would be an 8GB extract for me which means I need 30min or so just to prep for such a search. Makes no sense that should be necessary.
  9. See the discussion here. There should be a syntax to search for words that contain the hash symbol. Preferably "#example" would find all instances of #example and not just example. For example, I use notes for Microsoft's M Language, which has several functions like #date(), #datetime(), #infinity, etc. I cannot search for those it seems. No matter what I do, I get date, datetime, infinity with or without the # symbol.
  10. That doesn't do any good. Messes up formulas and functions.
  11. I have some notes on M Language, and there are some functions like #date() and #duration() that I am having trouble searching for. Searching #date returns everything with "date" in it, and searching for "#date" still returns everything with "date" in it, with or without the # symbol.
  12. This happens in Windows too. Has been an issue since the background sync was added when trying to ensure no one else was in the same note. It tries to get a lock I believe and can cause the most recent note on the server to come down erasing what you changed. Drves me nuts.
  13. Why are you updating to beta builds if you aren't willing to test for bugs?
  14. Shouldn't this have been discovered in the betas? Why are changes being made between the betas and the final build that gets no outside testing? I didn't notice any table issues until now. Or is it a limited set of tables that are affected?
  15. Are there any plans on the horizon to fix the bug where when you type in a tag with a dash, it works correctly? I have a tag "2-Next" and if I type "2-" it fills in "2-Next-", which is a new tag. Used to work fine on the Mac (Yosemite perhaps?) but hasn't in a while. Works fine on Windows and iOS.