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  1. Evernote for iOS 8.10 Released

    @David56 Would you be able to open a support ticket so we can look further into this? If you still have a note that is affected, I'd like to get a copy of it (via support ticket) so we can do some testing on our end, as well as a log. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, we just released Evernote 8.10 to the App Store! Download link here. Release Notes: New: Now you can see the word count and size of your note by tapping the (i) at the top right of your note. Writers rejoice! Lots of updates to the 'Manage Tags' (Account > Settings) section! It now includes total tag count, number of notes associated with tags, and the ability to rename tags. Fixed: Simplify formatting is once again removing font, color, and size formats. Web clips will now always appear in a note when viewed—as you’d expect. We’ve addressed the top issues causing the app to crash. Fixes an issue where the widget wouldn't load recent notes Thanks!
  3. Hey all, 8.9 is now available in the App Store! Download link here. Release Notes: Misc bug fixes and performance improvements: – Fixes for top crash and sync issues – Fixes for deep linking issues – Fixes for share count issues As always, feedback is most welcome. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, 8.8.1 should now be live in the App Store with the fix for this. Let me know if there are any issues!
  5. Hey folks, thanks for the feedback - we're aware of the issue with sketches and are working on a fix ASAP. Definitely not an intended change. @notemas If your app is crashing on launch, please open a support ticket so we can get you back up and running. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, we released Evernote for iOS version 8.8 to the App Store last night. Update: We released 8.8.1 to the App Store to address the issue with not being able to edit existing sketches. 8.8.1 Release Notes: Hotfix for issue where existing sketches/handwritten notes could not be edited in 8.8. 8.8 Release Notes: Advanced auto-formatting options (including code block and tables!). Go to Account > Settings > Notes Misc bug fixes and performance improvements: Fixes for top crash and sync issues Fixed an issue where lines made with Apple Pencil appear jagged Fixed an issue with quoted searches not returning exact results Fixed an issue with the note list briefly showing before PIN lock activates Fixed an issue where PDF thumbnails would appear greyed out in the note list on iOS 10 devices Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  7. Hi folks, Evernote for iOS 8.7.1 is now available to download in the App Store. Download link here. 8.7.1 Release Notes: This version fixes a couple crashing issues, as well as an issue in where sync would appear to fully complete, but didn't. 8.7 Release Notes: - Fixes an issue where PDF thumbnails would appear blurry in the note list - Fixes an issue where some business card contacts would not save to the 'Contacts' app - Fixes a couple of our top sync errors - Fixes an issue where dragging an image from web to Evernote would generate a link instead of the image file Thanks! All feedback is welcome!
  8. @AntoineG This issue should be fixed, yes. Let me know if this link works: Submit a Support Request
  9. The original issue regarding searching in offline notebooks should have been fixed in our 8.2 update. If anyone is still experiencing that issue, please submit a support ticket (let me know if you have any trouble doing this). If the issue is related to slow downloading of offline notebooks, that should be fixed in our next release which is currently in beta (8.2.2). @enki, if you're running into the searching issue, feel free to pick back up on the email thread we recently communicated on. If it's the slow downloading issue, we're looking to get 8.2.2 out soon. If anyone else is experiencing the searching issue on 8.2.1 and you've verified that the notebooks are fully downloaded to your device, please submit a support ticket from the link in my signature (let me know if you have issues doing this). Thanks!
  10. @bettim1993 We're working on getting this issue addressed as soon as we can (we corrected part of it in 8.2.1, but it appears there are multiple root causes, so an additional fix will be needed). In the meantime, I'll reach out via email to see if we can help you get that content back.
  11. Hi folks, wanted to drop in to let everyone know that we believe this issue will be fixed in the next release (currently in beta). Until then, if anyone needs further assistance with this, feel free to submit a support ticket or reply here. Thanks!
  12. Always asking for iTunes password

    @KinoAV8R Apologies for the delay, I was having some issues with my forums account. I'll reach out to you via email. Thanks!
  13. Hey y'all, just wanted to drop in to confirm that this is a known issue on our end, and we're working on getting it resolved ASAP.
  14. Note to Kara Hodecker

    @Analyst444 If this can be at all helpful, while there isn't a direct in-app button to insert date and time, there is a keyboard shortcut to achieve this on iOS - of course meaning that you would need an external keyboard hooked up to your iPad or iPhone. See attached screenshot.
  15. Always asking for iTunes password

    Hi again, if anyone is still experiencing this, please submit a support ticket from the link in my signature. I will mention again that there are some cases where we will display that prompt for a legitimate reason, but we can better determine if that's the case via email. If anyone is still running into issues submitting a support ticket, reply here and I can open one for you. Thanks!