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  1. Hello all, we restored the print functionality in our 10.2 release that went out yesterday. Let us know how that version looks for you. Thanks!
  2. @chinarut Sorry to hear about this. Can you confirm whether or not you use an external keyboard with your iPad?
  3. Hi @Stacey - this is a known issue with offline notebooks. It should be sorted alphabetically! We hope to get this resolved soon.
  4. Hello all, thanks so much for taking the time to report this. It's immensely helpful. @Alvin C, thanks for the detailed list. We'll look into these. The issue with a blank space in the left sidebar is a known issue - we are actively investigating and hope to find a fix soon.
  5. Hi @Wilburguy and @gustavgi, thanks for reporting this. This is definitely not expected behavior. If you're willing, I'd like to gather a few details from each of you, to see if we can better understand what is causing a degradation in performance on your iPads. @Wilburguy What iPad model do you have? You mention offline notebooks - are those still in the process of downloading? (Indicated by the progress bar underneath the notebook titles.) Performance could potentially slow down a bit if all notebooks are still downloading - but that should resolve itself once they are done.
  6. Hello all, thanks for this feedback. This is definitely in our plans - we are working on implementing more powerful filtering capabilities (for tags and more). This will come in a future update.
  7. Hello all! We know this has been a longstanding thread and issue with the current version of the app. We've been hard at work on our new app, which is now in beta. While it's still a work in progress, we think that this behavior (restoring the note and position in the note when leaving the app and coming back) is much better in the new version. If any of y'all in this thread aren't already beta testers and are willing to try it out, we'd love your feedback, especially around this area. To do that, first sign up for the beta program here: https://evernote.com/betaprogram
  8. Hello, thanks for reporting this and apologies for the trouble. We are investigating reports of this behavior on certain iPads and hope to have a fix soon. However in the meantime, force quitting the application and relaunching should fix this. Let me know if that does not work for you.
  9. We definitely hear you! I know this has been a long-requested feature, for good reason. While I don't have any firm details to offer at the moment, I wanted to drop in to to confirm that we are reading these comments, and that implementing a merge notes option is on our radar. The team is looking into how to make this happen.
  10. Hi all, we released our 8.18 update to the App Store last week. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Improved: Tired of waiting to load and search your offline notebooks? We hear you. That’ll all happen much quicker now. Dark Mode is seriously awesome, and it’s getting better every day. For example, your handwritten notes might have been a little hard to see, but not anymore. Fixed: You might have been asked to sign into your Apple ID whenever you launched Evernote. We’ll admit that was a bit of an overreaction. Sometimes there was a screen glitch when you reop
  11. Hi again, just dropping in to update y'all on a couple things: 8.17.1 is now out with a fix for the Apple ID issue We're aware of and have been working hard to get the performance issues addressed
  12. Hey all, sorry for the slight delay - 8.17 is available in the App Store. We are aware of an issue with the app sometimes prompting for Apple ID credentials on launch, and we are already working on a fix. Feedback always welcome! New! You asked for a dark mode in Evernote, and it’s finally here! Welcome to the dark side—lightsabers not included. Small optimizations in registration experience Fixed We fixed some specific issues that might have been getting in your way, like printing weirdness, images that didn’t attach properly, and misbehaving cursors. We agree t
  13. Hey y'all, 8.16 is now available in the App Store! New: We’ve added support for Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 to make Evernote even more flexible! You can now create custom voice commands to: view a note, notebook, space, or saved search; create a new camera note or audio note; copy a note link to the clipboard; or print the current note. Whew! Fixed: If you were using split view on iPad, dragging an image into a note would make it scroll to the top, which was super annoying. Now the cursor will stay right where you left it. Somewhere alo
  14. Hi all, we just released 8.14 to the App Store. As always, let us know of any issues or feedback you may have. Thanks! Release Notes: New: • Now you can use Siri to set reminders in Evernote. Try “Hey Siri, remind me to leave work at 5PM in Evernote.” Yep, our integration just got even more awesome. • We’ve polished things up with a few design tweaks, so it’s easier to focus on your notes. Fixed: • When you scrolled through your list of tags, the keyboard would stop you from seeing all the way to the bottom. Bad keyboard! Very bad! • If you had a lot of notes on your iP
  15. Hi folks, sorry for the delayed post on this one - 8.13 is officially available in the App Store (as of 06/08/18)! As always, we welcome any feedback or concerns. Release Notes: Experiments: • We’re trying out some suggestions when you’re setting reminders to make them faster and easier to use for all of those tasks, to-dos, and projects. • We’re shaking things up by placing the icons for tags and reminders on top of the note editing toolbar, so organizing your notes and setting reminders is always top of mind. New: • We’ve made some improvements to search and y
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