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  1. Thanks. So either the default setting changed or something else changed with 6.10 to create the issue. 6.11 does have the hover text explaining the option. The Options window has to be the active window and mouse has to hover over the time entry box.
  2. Thanks, that resolves the problem. Was that option introduced with 6.10? 6.10 was when this issue first popped up. @CalS experienced this as well, though it went away for him with 6.11. If the option has been around for longer (and the default setting hasn't changed), it seems something else happened in 6.10 to create the issue. I like search-as-I-type, so I just set the delay to 1000 ms (from 50 ms). Will try working it down until I start experiencing this issue again.
  3. This started with EN Win 6.10. For some users, EN Win 6.11 seems to have corrected the problem. I continue to experience the issue in 6.11 on Win 7. In "All Notes" context, when performing an intitle: search, the characters appear in the search bar (as normal) and then suddenly the 'focus' moves away from the search bar and any additional characters typed do not appear in the search bar. Rather, those characters end up as the title of a new note.
  4. What's happening is "Start a numbered list with "1. " or a bulleted list with "* " is an inaccurate description of the function as using "- " will also start a bulleted list. Unchecking this option stops the creation of bulleted list with "- " (and of course stops the option's described functionality as well). So EN should remove dashes from the script used to convert asterisks and dashes into bulleted lists. Or they should change the description of the function to accurately describe what it does. Personally, I'd prefer removing dashes from this functionality since we already have it with asterisks. Having automated bulleted lists with "* " as well as having the ability to use "- " for situations where you don't want a bulleted list provides more freedom than locking both characters into bulleted list functionality.
  5. Thanks for the info, Nick. It's nice to hear directly from the Windows team. Hopefully we'll hear more from you than just one post. Perhaps the most significant source of frustration for many long-time users is how existing functionality is broken by betas and GA releases. We understand that new features require a cycle or two of user testing to get right, but it's hard to understand the frequency with which existing functionality gets broken. It makes some of us shy away from beta testing - I'm happy to test a beta if I have a reasonable degree of confidence that my current workflow won't be disrupted. The existing featureset is a known quantity. You should have a QA process that proposed beta and GA releases get run through to test that existing features continue to work. And if underlying architecture changes temporarily break existing features, let us know in advance so we can make an informed decision to install the beta depending on whether or not the break affects our workflow or can be worked around relatively easily. I used to have a love relationship with Evernote. Now it's love-hate because of the new bugs in existing features that every new release seems to have. Help me love Evernote again!
  6. Bug report: This continues into 6.11GA. Clicking the triple-down arrow shows an empty pane. Selecting "Show as Separate Toolbar", then moving it back by selecting "Show in Toolbar" temporarily fixes it, but the issue does come back.
  7. No, I haven't noticed any decrease in frequency of the issue, but I've only been using 6.11b for one day. If I perform a regular search, the cursor stays in the search box throughout the search and is there after the search. When I perform an intitle: search, the focus/cursor moves away from the search box after several characters are typed in. This is the root issue and the new notes being created with titles consisting of fragments of my search term(s) is downstream of that.
  8. I moved to 6.11b for this fix, but turns out it's not fixed as far as I can tell. Setup: Win 7, EN 6.11b Issue: Intitle: searches pause while typing and create new note with note title consisting of characters typed after the pause. Are any EN employees here able to reproduce this? Separately, I am seeing the issue where the reminder icon, if already on the note toolbar, is removed after upgrading.
  9. Win 7, EN 6.10GA In the toolbar where you can place shortcuts to saved searches and notes, the triple-down arrow on the right edge no longer works - i.e., clicking it doesn't present the saved searches/notes that don't fit onto the toolbar.
  10. I watched @CalS' videos. That blinking black note panel is even more distracting/annoying than the longer note panel load time in 6.10. You mentioned Evernote is still tweaking the note loading - hopefully you will get rid of the black? As long as the panel is white (or whatever the panel's "normal" color is) while loading the note, it will be less distracting because there won't be that "flash" of color change that draws the eyes.
  11. Thanks. I may have to move from 6.10 to 6.11b for this. My recent notes list is littered with empty notes with titles consisting of fragments of "intitle:" searches. It's been driving me nuts. Does anyone recall if this bug was introduced in 6.10 or 6.9?
  12. Scratch this. Restarting the computer resolved it.
  13. Indeed, this is very common with Evernote updates, and anyone who has been here awhile, or anyone who has been using EN for several years, will be familiar with this phenomenon. That it keeps happening makes me wonder if the employees who are aware of this - forum mods and developers - are effectively communicating this to the executive level. And if top execs are aware of the issue, then it seems to be a calculation that growth via new features trumps all. The problem is that many longtime EN users, including myself, can no longer 'evangelize' the product to friends and family. I used to recommend EN to friends. I no longer do so because even though I still use EN everyday and pay for a subscription, I cannot in good faith recommend a product that breaks existing features with every new release to people who are used to an entirely different level of product quality and consistency. I've used this example in the past - imagine if every update of MS Excel included random basic calculation errors. Could Excel have become the spreadsheet standard with such poor quality control and consistency? It doesn't need to be this way. EN has a lot of functions to be sure, but these are known. Develop a test suite that incorporates all the existing functionality and run betas and general releases through this test suite.
  14. Thanks. Your experience sounds very much like mine. Hopefully EN can get to the bottom of this. Data loss, or the fear of data loss (since EN does have History feature), and the hassle involved in retrieving data (including having to request access to History for Basic or Plus users), is a huge issue that ranks above new features and fixing minor bugs. What's the point of having an external brain if said brain has dementia?
  15. I upgraded from 6.9GA to 6.10GA ( on Windows 7 and the note toolbar was not affected. The reminder icon remained visible and the share icon remained hidden. I am seeing the note panel lag others have mentioned. Another issue I'm seeing (on Win 7) is the Evernote app icon does not appear in the taskbar when EN is running. Exiting and relaunching does not resolve the issue. This is definitely a new issue. What is up with all the EvernoteSubprocess.exe processes (I see 3 of these)? I don't recall seeing these before. Used to be Evernote.exe, EvernoteClipper.exe and EvernoteTray.exe. Now it's these 3 plus the 3 x EvernoteSubprocess.exe instances.
  16. Got it. This was a different situation; as described in the OP, content from one note overwrote content from another note. It wasn't a display issue. I duplicated the original/unmodified note on an ipad that hadn't yet synced. As soon as it synced, the original note on the ipad was modified, but since I had the duplicate, I used that for recovery. Separately, I've experienced the display issue, where a note appears empty (apart from note title and url field) in the Windows app, but I can see the note in Android and iOS apps.
  17. I'm confused. If the various clients have the changes (i.e., they've synced), that means the EN server has the changes. So how could the web version not have the changes?
  18. AHK is free. It shouldn't conflict with your text expander so long as you aren't assigning the same hotkeys to both. But I'd try to use one hotkey app just to limit the overhead (I assume you'd have the app running in the background whenever your computer is on). If Breevy can do what @CalS is doing with PhraseExpress, then maybe stick with that. Otherwise, consider moving your text expansions into AHK.
  19. Another option, as @CalS mentioned, is AutoHotkey. Here's how you could use AHK to create shortcuts to add, change and clear Reminders: For sure though, EN providing native shortcuts to Reminders is optimal. Failing that, providing keyboard access to Reminders is sufficient - it would allow users to use keystrokes instead of the mouse, and also allow those so inclined to create more robust hotkeys using PE or AHK that don't rely on locating an icon on a screen (or on one of multiple screens).
  20. This was a problem that was introduced in v6.6(?) and I made several posts about it including a video demonstrating the problem; it seems to not have affected everyone. Eventually it got resolved - I think it was v6.8.
  21. The problem with your world wide web analogy is that we've already had a market experiment as it relates to hierarchy vs search on the web. Back in Yahoo's prime, it used hierarchies to categorize information on the internet. Then Google came along with a great search product and obliterated Yahoo.
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