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  1. Or at least make it an option so users can decide: aesthetically pleasing excessive whitespace design for Apple fanboys and minimalist wannabes functional design for people who actually take and review notes rather than stare approvingly at empty whitespace on their monitors
  2. Experiencing an issue with default font size I never noticed in earlier versions. Under Tools > Options > Note, my default note font is Tahoma 10pt. When I create a new note, it defaults to Tahoma 9pt. Also, I could have sworn that prior to 6.6, my older notes were all created using Tahoma 10pt, but when I move the cursor over the text, EN 6.6 informs me these are Tahoma 9pt. But my old notes font size is visibly different from the new notes font size (9pt), even though EN 6.6 indicates they are all 9pt. Here's an example. This note was created prior to updating to v6.6. T
  3. I suppose it depends on what greater number of users want. My preference is strip out the formatting, but keep the information, and hyperlinks are information (an information preserving alternative would be plain text followed by a url, but I think we can all agree that would be inferior to a hyperlink). Also, removing a hyperlink is quicker than creating one.
  4. I've noticed odd/inconsistent CTRL+Z behavior in Evernote for years. But 6.6 does seem to behave correctly (at least as far I've noticed thus far). Using your example, it behaved as expected.
  5. As I recall v6.5 (and all prior versions) stripped out hyperlinks when using CTRL+SHIFT+V. So retaining hyperlinks is a nice feature improvement in v6.6, provided they can fix it so that CTRL+SHIFT+V works as intended.
  6. As an example, I was copy/pasting text from this page: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3283409-court-refuses-drop-facetime-class-action-lawsuit-apple All results are from pasting via CTRL+SHIFT+V: Text shows both my default in EN (Tahoma) and Verdana; font size also changes. Again showing both Tahoma and Verdana; also varied spacing; but at least all the same font size. This came out correct. It uses EN default font and font size and strips out the spacing from the source.
  7. I can confirm that CTRL+SHIFT+V (Paste and Match Style) does not work as it did in v6.5. In v6.6, CTRL+SHIFT+V does not reliably strip out the source formatting. This is a deal breaker for me on 6.6. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, otherwise I'll have to roll back to 6.5.
  8. Is it just me, or did the margins in the notes increase in 6.6? Seems like a lot of wasted space in the left edge of the notes field, which means I can see less of a note's content at a glance without opening up the note into its own window.
  9. Right. I'm just trying to figure out the way to accomplish this with the least amount of bother and complexity. I think @DTLow 's suggestion might be the way to go, as I anticipate only rarely having to edit the notes in the local NB.
  10. If I was willing to have the notes be in a synchronized notebook, then I wouldn't need a local notebook at all. And if I was willing to only temporarily have the notes in a synced notebook, then I'd do what you suggest, but make it even simpler by not bothering with a local notebook on my laptop.
  11. +1 The desktop versions have this feature. Would be great to have on iOS and Android as well.
  12. Thanks for elucidating the process. I fear this is too many steps and I'm bound to mess this up at some point. I was thinking maybe I could run both EN desktop and EN laptop off the same databases folder. To elaborate, at home, I'd use EN on desktop and when I'm ready to travel, exit EN on desktop, run sync that mirrors desktop database folder to laptop, then launch EN on laptop. When I return home, exit EN on laptop, run sync, then launch EN on desktop. Any flaws in that process?
  13. As I noted in my first post, the loss of internal note links makes this option a non-starter. Other ideas?
  14. I have a local notebook on my desktop pc. I'd like to have access to this notebook on my laptop when I'm traveling. Any suggestions for an elegant solution to this that does not run the risk of data corruption or loss? One approach is to use a sync utility like FreeFileSync to sync the entire 'Databases' folder between desktop and laptop before the trip, then repeat at the end of the trip. I suppose any changes made on mobile devices after the database folder sync but before I run EN on the laptop will be detected by EN's servers as changes and properly synced. Any potential problems with
  15. Your doc file is encrypted only if you choose to encrypt it using your word processing app, or some third party app. As far as I know, EN does not encrypt attachments by default.
  16. Someone with a Mac can confirm, but I think you can move the reminder icon out of the dropdown and onto the note header area. In Windows, I dragged the reminder icon out of the dropdown and now it sits next to a few other icons, all of which sit to the left of the dropdown icon. Clearly, keyboard access is still needed, but at least you won't have to make so many mouse clicks to set/adjust reminders.
  17. More signs that Microsoft is giving up on Windows phone: Windows Phone dies today
  18. This statement is quite laughable. I could rephrase it as "Windows phone is the most popular mobile platform that hardly anybody uses." The mobile market is Android and iOS. You knew that when you got your Windows phone. Years ago, much software development was done on one platform - Windows. With the popularity of MacOS and the explosion of mobile - essentially iOS and Android - lots of software has to be written for multiple platforms. But every software team has to decide where to cut things off. Otherwise, they'll spend all their time on development for marginal platforms and neglect
  19. This has been requested many times. Instead of diluting your vote by starting a new thread, please enter your vote in the following thread:
  20. Mystery solved. There were multiple attachments, and I only noticed the first one, which was 9MB. In total, the attachments exceeded 25MB.
  21. I asked about storage, but the person has 2GB free on the iPhone.
  22. I have a large note (~9MB) in a shared notebook. One of the people with access to this shared notebook receives the following message repeatedly in the EN iOS app. "Note cannot be synced" "The note [note title] in [shared notebook name] is too large to sync. Edit the note to reduce its size." I created the shared notebook and added the note to the shared notebook via my account, and I do not receive this message in the EN apps I use - Windows and Android. Is there any way to resolve this issue apart from shrinking the note or removing it from the shared notebook?
  23. I also used AHK for a solution, though instead of a hotkey, I used a simple phrase expansion: :*:;in::intitle: So when I type ";in" AHK expands that to "intitle:".
  24. +1 on the request. In the meantime, here's how you can do this in AHK:
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