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  1. I noted this issue in the v6.6GA thread:
  2. OK, so paste and match style looks to have been "fixed". But as I describe in the below thread, paste and match style should do what it says, not retain font and spacing from the source text if the source text happens to be a title or subtitle. If a user wants to retain the formatting, we already have a feature for that - Paste (CTRL+V). Example: copying title, subtitle and author sections of following article and pasting via Paste and Match Style: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/9/16114530/net-neutrality-crusade-against-verizon-alex-nguyen-fcc Not only would I have to spend time cleaning this up, but I don't even know how to fix the line spacing in the subtitle - EN seems to think it's some giant font as indicated by the size of the cursor, but the editor shows it to be font size 8, so I have no idea how I'd fix the line spacing since it's not really a line spacing issue (even though it looks like one at initial glance); it's single line spacing of giant font that's not actually giant font. Please, if you would like Paste and Match Style actually match the style of your existing note (for example, you're copy/pasting some reference article title into an existing note), make your voice heard:
  3. For those who aren't using EN v6.6 yet, you are in for a surprise if you use CTRL+SHIFT+V to Paste and Match Style. In v6.6, there are some bugs in Paste and Match Style, which EN is aware of and aiming to have fixed in v6.7. Here's the catch - in v6.7, they are going to have Paste and Match Style NOT match the style of the EN note when copying titles/headers ( @Jason Miller is an EN employee; this discussion is from the v6.6GA thread). Please let EN know if you are in favor of their plan or if you prefer Paste and Match Style do what the name implies and actually match the style of the EN note you are pasting into.
  4. ^^^ This. When I choose Paste and Match Style, it's because I want to use the formatting I have in my note. If I wanted the source formatting, I would simply Paste. At least in my use, copying titles/headings is a very large % of the copying/pasting I do in EN because I want the title and link in an EN note that covers a particular topic for which that source article is reference material. I may have multiple such articles linked within one EN note. So with the proposed Paste and Match Style, I am left with two options: 1. text of differing random sizes and a resulting sloppy looking note (which ironically counteracts Evernote's seeming constant push to prioritize aesthetics even at the expense of functionality/productivity) 2. manually edit the style of items I pasted using Paste and Match Style so that the items actually match the style of the note I think preserving hyperlinks is a great idea, and it certainly saves me time over my process prior to v6.6, which is to Paste and Match Style, then manually create the hyperlink. But I think Match Style should do just that. We already have simple Paste (CTRL+V) to preserve the formatting of source text. I think if you start a poll on this, the overwhelming response would favor Paste and Match Style do what it says and NOT make an exception for copied titles/headers. In fact, if EN insists on this route, I'll have to create a macro to replace Paste and Match Style with Paste and Match Style, then select the text and edit the formatting to match my EN default formatting. Edit: I started a thread on this particular issue here:
  5. So how would Paste and Match Style work as intended for titles or other text tagged as Headers? Assume the font, size, color, etc. of the source text?
  6. It's such a basic and I would imagine often-used feature that having this error in a GA release makes me wonder if EN employees use Evernote betas for their own work. Seems they wait for GA releases like most users, because there's no way this bug could have survived beta testing if most EN employees used betas for their own work.
  7. Another way to view it is that software merely copied the physical file and folder structure along with its limitations, rather than use the power of digital to overcome the weaknesses of physical files and folders. Tags does that. I'm not 17, but I've been using tags in Gmail for years. In fact, once Gmail introduced tags, it was obvious to me that this was superior to folders. As for 17 yr olds, think about all those Gen Z kids on Gmail. Folders are going to seem archaic to them, and tags will feel natural. The benefits of tags have been explained many times, but one thing that I don't often see mentioned in these tags vs folders discussions is scaling. Folders seem great when the total quantity or emails or notes is small. But when you scale up to thousands of saved emails or notes, folders get unwieldy. And when you get to a large number of saved emails or notes, you do much less browsing of your emails (does anyone browse their old emails???) or notes, and much more searching.
  8. Great! Were you guys able to reproduce the font size issue I described earlier in this thread?
  9. Much of the software business has moved to (or is moving toward) a subscription-based model, so it's not just Evernote (Microsoft, Adobe, etc). Subscription models offer significant benefits to software companies, and customers seem to be willing to go along, so I don't think software will be going back to the outright purchase model. What makes more sense in the context of where the software business is, is multiple subscription tiers to tailor subscription plans to customer desires. But with each tier, a company needs to figure how many customers will jump up from a lower (or free) tier to how many will drop down from a higher tier.
  10. Here is another example of CTRL+SHIFT+V issues: Here's a note created prior to EN v6.6. Then I copy a bit of text from this page: https://ipsw.me/#!/download (have to select a device and software version to get the page showing the bit of text I'm copying): And here's the note after I hit enter to create a new line, then CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in the copied text: So line spacing, indent, font and bold are all not stripped out. The only thing that does get stripped out is font size and the pasted text is font size 9, which is a separate issue which I described earlier in this thread (the default font size I have set in EN options is 10pt, but EN continues to use 9pt, and it also incorrectly reports 10pt font as 9pt, while correctly reporting 9pt font as 9pt - all described in this post: For the curious, here's what it looks like when the text is pasted in using CTRL+V:
  11. Or at least make it an option so users can decide: aesthetically pleasing excessive whitespace design for Apple fanboys and minimalist wannabes functional design for people who actually take and review notes rather than stare approvingly at empty whitespace on their monitors
  12. Experiencing an issue with default font size I never noticed in earlier versions. Under Tools > Options > Note, my default note font is Tahoma 10pt. When I create a new note, it defaults to Tahoma 9pt. Also, I could have sworn that prior to 6.6, my older notes were all created using Tahoma 10pt, but when I move the cursor over the text, EN 6.6 informs me these are Tahoma 9pt. But my old notes font size is visibly different from the new notes font size (9pt), even though EN 6.6 indicates they are all 9pt. Here's an example. This note was created prior to updating to v6.6. The font is Tahoma 10pt, but EN v6.6 tells me the font is 9pt. After updating to v6.6, when I add a new line as I did prior to taking the snapshot, the text is in 9pt font. Clearly the font sizes are different, so not only did EN fail to preserve the original font size when hitting Enter to create a new line, it incorrectly reports all the text in the note as Tahoma 9pt.
  13. I suppose it depends on what greater number of users want. My preference is strip out the formatting, but keep the information, and hyperlinks are information (an information preserving alternative would be plain text followed by a url, but I think we can all agree that would be inferior to a hyperlink). Also, removing a hyperlink is quicker than creating one.
  14. I've noticed odd/inconsistent CTRL+Z behavior in Evernote for years. But 6.6 does seem to behave correctly (at least as far I've noticed thus far). Using your example, it behaved as expected.
  15. As I recall v6.5 (and all prior versions) stripped out hyperlinks when using CTRL+SHIFT+V. So retaining hyperlinks is a nice feature improvement in v6.6, provided they can fix it so that CTRL+SHIFT+V works as intended.
  16. As an example, I was copy/pasting text from this page: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3283409-court-refuses-drop-facetime-class-action-lawsuit-apple All results are from pasting via CTRL+SHIFT+V: Text shows both my default in EN (Tahoma) and Verdana; font size also changes. Again showing both Tahoma and Verdana; also varied spacing; but at least all the same font size. This came out correct. It uses EN default font and font size and strips out the spacing from the source.
  17. I can confirm that CTRL+SHIFT+V (Paste and Match Style) does not work as it did in v6.5. In v6.6, CTRL+SHIFT+V does not reliably strip out the source formatting. This is a deal breaker for me on 6.6. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, otherwise I'll have to roll back to 6.5.
  18. Is it just me, or did the margins in the notes increase in 6.6? Seems like a lot of wasted space in the left edge of the notes field, which means I can see less of a note's content at a glance without opening up the note into its own window.
  19. Right. I'm just trying to figure out the way to accomplish this with the least amount of bother and complexity. I think @DTLow 's suggestion might be the way to go, as I anticipate only rarely having to edit the notes in the local NB.
  20. If I was willing to have the notes be in a synchronized notebook, then I wouldn't need a local notebook at all. And if I was willing to only temporarily have the notes in a synced notebook, then I'd do what you suggest, but make it even simpler by not bothering with a local notebook on my laptop.
  21. +1 The desktop versions have this feature. Would be great to have on iOS and Android as well.
  22. Thanks for elucidating the process. I fear this is too many steps and I'm bound to mess this up at some point. I was thinking maybe I could run both EN desktop and EN laptop off the same databases folder. To elaborate, at home, I'd use EN on desktop and when I'm ready to travel, exit EN on desktop, run sync that mirrors desktop database folder to laptop, then launch EN on laptop. When I return home, exit EN on laptop, run sync, then launch EN on desktop. Any flaws in that process?
  23. As I noted in my first post, the loss of internal note links makes this option a non-starter. Other ideas?
  24. I have a local notebook on my desktop pc. I'd like to have access to this notebook on my laptop when I'm traveling. Any suggestions for an elegant solution to this that does not run the risk of data corruption or loss? One approach is to use a sync utility like FreeFileSync to sync the entire 'Databases' folder between desktop and laptop before the trip, then repeat at the end of the trip. I suppose any changes made on mobile devices after the database folder sync but before I run EN on the laptop will be detected by EN's servers as changes and properly synced. Any potential problems with this option? The above is not particularly elegant as it syncs far more than is necessary. EN's servers already sync all the synchronized notebooks; all I need to sync is the local notebook. So maybe use a sync utility to sync the backed up enex file across to the laptop, and then import it into EN on the laptop. Then at the end of the trip, make a backup of the enex file, sync it to the desktop, delete the local notebook on the desktop, import the enex file. This requires many steps and is ripe for human error. Plus it would destroy internal note links, so that's a non-starter. Any other approaches (beyond simply moving notes from local notebook to synchronized notebook)?
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