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  1. I've felt the same way since 6.6, which is when Paste and Match Style broke. It was fixed later, but other items were broken, so I felt I had to keep updating. As for rolling back to a prior version, I'm trying to catalog the changes and breaks:
  2. Since there's been quite a lot of complaints re: things breaking in recent EN Windows releases and some discussion in a few different threads about rolling back to a prior version, I thought it might be useful to catalog recent releases, which I have done in the linked note. It's got the GA release, the corresponding version #, a link to the release thread (where you can download that version), new features and improvements and fixes. These are mostly copied/pasted from the release threads. I've also added a "What Broke" column. This is where I could use everyone's help. I populated it with things I noticed breaking for the first time; I focused on what I noticed and bothered me the most. Since we all use EN a bit differently, you all will have noticed other things breaking, so please update the table, and try to make the notation in the version where you first noticed the breakage. The horizontal rule (CTRL+SHIFT+-) broke at some point in the last few months (the break might be limited to those who scale text up in size in Windows, e.g., 125% scaling), but I can't remember which version. If anyone knows, please update the table. I'm not too familiar with how note sharing works, but if you can edit the note, please go ahead and do so as described above. If you cannot, is there a setting I can change to enable others to edit the note? http://www.evernote.com/l/AXpDOjf7IiNGap2mXYiYqtIgZx8oZEGFylI/ If you view the note in EN, the table should render better than if viewed in a web browser window. If you wish to view in a browser window, it will render better if you switch to presentation mode.
  3. Seems like using two different organizational structures to organize your notes could get frustrating. But if you can make it work, more power to you. You're probably already aware of this, but just in case, tags can be organized hierarchically as "pseudo-notebooks".
  4. Something to consider - think of notebooks not as traditional subject matter folders, but as access categories: synchronized notebook local notebook offline notebook shared notebooks as necessary if consolidating task mgmt in EN as opposed to using a separate task mgmt app, maybe a ToDo sync'ed notebook And then use tags for subject matter categorizations. In this type of system, which notebook a note goes to is determined by how (or who) it's going to be accessed. And you no longer have to decide between exclusive 'subject' categories for a note.
  5. +1 People conflate how their brain works with limitations that exist in paper and older digital filing systems.
  6. Can anyone confirm whether horizontal lines work properly in 6.12b1? Especially someone running Windows 7. This bug was introduced ~6.8 and persists through 6.11. It's a time-waster, requiring lots of trial and error to get a horizontal line inserted where you want it, and then preventing said line from disappearing when you edit another part of the note. Very frustrating. I'm sure the notes I've created or edited since this bug was introduced are littered with horizontal lines I cannot see.
  7. Upvoted. I'd love to see basic calculation capability - addition, multiplication, exponents.
  8. A "big number" version - I don't know about the rest of you guys, but given all the bugs in the recent "dot" versions, I'd be slightly terrified of 7.0. But y'all go first, and give the rest of us reports from the front.
  9. I've regretted installing most of the versions after tables were introduced. If tables were introduced before Paste and Match Style was broken, I'd stick with that version! Paste and Match Style was fixed ~2 'dot' versions later, but it came with new bugs as has every 'dot' version since. I'm trying to think of features introduced after tables (tables is very useful feature, IMHO) that more than offset the new bugs, and I'm coming up empty . . .
  10. Yeah, I first posted about this in the 6.10 GA thread. It seems not everyone gets it, but this bug carried over into 6.11b1 and 6.11GA. So now we have confirmation that it carried over to 6.12b1.
  11. I moved this from Android Feature Requests to General Feature Requests, as this is not a platform-specific request. I think it's a good idea. While there is a third party option that gazumped linked to above, some may prefer native functionality. Could be a useful feature to add to a tiered level of EN subscription (e.g., Plus or Premium). Maybe EN can buy SureFocus. For those who like the suggestion, add your vote by clicking the up-arrow to the left of the thread title.
  12. Forum thread posts default to sorting by vote. I can choose to select by date, but this selection isn't permanent. Is it possible to make sorting by date the default?
  13. Similar experience. Sometimes upgrades reset the Note toolbar, and other times my Note toolbar configuration gets carried over.
  14. As far as I know, EN Win does not have note tabs as EN Mac appears to have (pretty cool!). I use the 2 features described below: In addition, if you have a mouse with forward and back buttons, you can configure those to activate the forward and back icons in EN. If you have note links connecting related notes, this makes it very quick and easy to navigate through the notes using the mouse's forward/back buttons.
  15. I assume you are using one keystroke to access the reminder function for one note, tab to date field or calendar, then typing in or arrow keying to the desired date, then hitting Enter. Then rinse and repeat for each note. If I'm wrong, and you've got a hotkey/script set up that automates things more than this, I'd love to hear about it. OP wants to manipulate the dates of multiple notes at once, which I agree would be a useful feature.
  16. Welcome! We saved a seat for you. Try bumping up the search delay. That's what papered over this bug for me.
  17. For multiple screen captures, I use CTRL when clipping to copy to Windows Clipboard and then paste into a note. Repeat as necessary for multiple screencaps. Works pretty well.
  18. This issue started with 6.10. Resolved for some with 6.11. I still experience it in 6.11 and am using a longer search delay as a workaround. Details here:
  19. This is why Evernote now has emojis. Liberally sprinkle your notes with smiley emojis and watch your stress and frustration melt away!
  20. Interesting. I noticed the Clipper has changed recently, but in my use, it's working better than before. There was a page where updating the displayed content and re-clipping required pressing the Clipper launch button multiple times. Now it requires only a single press. I don't doubt that if I used the clipper in more varied ways, I'd encounter the issues described in this thread.
  21. This might be the first time I've ever needed emojis in connection with Evernote: Like everyone else here, I am puzzled by the priority placed on emoji development in EN when there are so many outstanding bugs and frequently requested features. What's next, Snapchat-like filters for our notes? Apart from Ed's bug emoji, I'm curious to hear about practical uses for emojis. Maybe EN employees can chime in, as I assume there were internal discussions as to why emojis were an important feature to roll out and how users would take advantage of this feature?
  22. Thanks. So either the default setting changed or something else changed with 6.10 to create the issue. 6.11 does have the hover text explaining the option. The Options window has to be the active window and mouse has to hover over the time entry box.
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