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  1. I found this comparison helpful. There are bits and pieces all over the forums. Many people in Evernote currently feel overwhelmed. I have found Notion to be very good. I will not be updating the table here but somebody else might like to put it on Google Drive or such. One correction to the table should be made - Notion costs $5 per month for unlimited file uploads (PDF, etc) and that will be needed. I hope you find it helpful. This forum is the best place for people looking for solutions. Forums are often monitored by product development too. This table could benefit many. Notion shows th
  2. Here are a few alternatives to Evernot 10. The information has been compiled from the discussions in this forum. Notion, OneNote, Keep It, Nimbus, Roam, Standard Notes Please update the table with what you know. I would request the Forum moderator to make this post editable. Thank you. I have made my decision. I wish you all the best with yours. OneNote Notion Keep It Nimbus Roam Stan
  3. I am reluctant to comment but I was surprised that limiting a search to a notebook is so clunky. First choose the notebook. Then back to search. Click on "add filter". This is the last chances as the add filter pop-up menu does not include notebooks (why?). Then add more filters with the filter pop-up menu to narrow it down with a boolean AND function. This cannot be changed to OR (which some do use). Never make the mistake of clicking on the tag at the bottom of the note and adding that as a filter because, unlike 6.25, this resets the search that you have so laboriously gone to construct.
  4. This is a good point. If we are quoting % usage it depends on the denominator. 2% of what? Any free software has an enormous number of dead or dormant accounts - people forget their password or simply move on. The % of paying customers might be another good measure as this would relate the impact to revenues. If they stop paying there is less revenue. Another is to weight the users depending on how long they have been a paying customer, or the number of notes a user has, or the changes per day (which is an indication of activity). The percentage depends on how it is measured. There is little t
  5. Here is my experience of Evernote 10 after 5 days. 40 years ago, as a young student, I work on a dumb terminal in batch mode on a PDP11. The jobs ran overnight and were ready the next day. In batch mode, nothing happens immediately. You work through what you need to do carefully and double-check everything is right because much time is lost if it must be done again. Evernote 6.25 and earlier versions were very fast with a good PC as the data was local and the changes instantaneous. I got into the habit of just typing away and if there were any problems I would fix it up later. Speed is
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