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  1. Because it's probably not fixed. There are multiple threads on this, and in most, if not all, of them, some people think it's been fixed with an update only to realize it's not been fixed.
  2. Did this happen during intitle: searches? See this:
  3. Seems something changed with respect to the EN Windows team several months ago - new management, loss of personnel, new marching orders, etc. - I have no idea what, but we can see the deterioration of the product and the process over the past several months. And they've been burning up a lot of goodwill, as evidenced by long-time EN Windows users who can no longer recommend EN to others (I'm in the same camp - I used to tell everyone about EN, but no way I could do that in good faith now). Can an employee that is reading this thread PLEASE pass this feedback to the head of EN Windows? Either this hasn't happened yet, despite similar sentiments being expressed in the beta and GA threads going back several months, or EN Windows management has a different agenda (in which case, good luck without your users). I appreciate the users on the frontlines of beta testing. I dropped back a few releases ago - the incoming bug fire was too much for me. I'm hanging back on 6.11 GA until things change.
  4. Awesome. And thanks for providing the well-commented script that others can use or incorporate into their own scripts.
  5. Try selecting the text, then sending the EN shortcut. As a simple proof of concept, have a hotkey that only sends {Ctrl}{Shift}{Down}. Then, in EN, write some text or datestamp, select it, then try the hotkey. If that works, incorporate the text selection into your script.
  6. It's not just on Win 10. A number of Win 7 users have been experiencing the disappearing and reappearing horizontal rules. I tried disabling display scaling on high DPI settings, but the bugs remain, including the horizontal rule disappearing when you insert a bullet point about the horizontal rule. And you are correct, this issue has been around for several GA releases now. Which tells me either this is a particularly difficult to squash bug or the hundreds of EN employees don't actually use EN extensively or they don't use horizontal rule. Most likely they are mostly Mac users and this isn't an issue on Mac EN.
  7. That's correct. Paste and Match Style was broken starting with 6.6. If memory serves, I think it was partially fixed in 6.7, but not fully fixed until later. If anyone wants to know, just go back to the beta and GA release threads around that time. Paste and Match Style is a big deal for me, so I was actively commenting and pointing out when a release still had that issue. Unfortunately, 6.6 was also when we got a lot of table improvements, so if someone rolls back to 6.5 they won't get those.
  8. +1000! It would be very helpful to at least let us know in the release notes which bugs have been fixed rather than "Miscellaneous fixes". Indeed, what is quite clear to anyone using EN Windows and updating to the recent betas or even the recent GA releases is that the QC process at Evenote is broken. How would MS Excel fare if every version created bugs in calculations? Would Dropbox have been able to IPO if there version releases routinely created sync problems for users? This QA issue is destroying the tremendous goodwill EN generated with its userbase. I would bet a lot of money that the % of heavy EN Windows users that evangelize for EN has dropped because we can't recommend to friends and family a piece of software that we have come to know will break existing features with nearly every new release.
  9. +1 It would be useful to be notified when a note in a shared notebook is edited, or if someone you've shared with added a note to or removed a note from a shared notebook.
  10. I'm on 6.11GA, Win 7. Can confirm horizontal rule has been buggy for at least a few GA's. Multiple threads on this at this point, so this is clearly not an isolated incident.
  11. I haven't experienced the issue of trashed notes replicating with each sync, but I have run into "hard to delete" notes, where the note shows in trash, does not sync, and cannot be erased in the normal manner. In those cases, I will restore the note, then create a new note, give it a title and merge the "hard to delete" note into the newly created note (new note selected first). Deleting the merged note usually works and everything syncs. So if you haven't already tried this, restore one of the replicating notes, merge it into a newly created note, then see if that note properly deletes. If that works, maybe a similar process with a mega-merged note of the other replicating notes will work.
  12. That remains to be seen. The only people in this thread so far are taggers! And here I was, in "shields up, prepare for incoming!" mode. Maybe we've beaten the notebook diehards into submission over the years. Or maybe they are gathering their forces . . .
  13. http://www.harmonenterprises.com/blog/organize-evernote-notebooks Thought I'd throw some chum in the water for the relentless notebook sharks. I'm one of those taggers who uses very few notebooks, based on access (local, synchronized, shared, offline), not content, but I have to admit that Harmon makes a compelling argument, especially since tag organization cannot currently be viewed on all platforms.
  14. I hope you don't need Paste and Match Style - this feature developed a bug infestation with 6.6 GA.
  15. You might consider 6.5 GA - it's a fairly popular version among EN Windows users who have decided to roll back from newer versions.
  16. I found some of the tables improvements in 6.6 via a 6.6 beta thread: Quickly add rows and columns – via the plus button Easily select cells – by clicking-and-dragging, or by clicking the column/row headers Efficiently drag and drop rows & columns – by clicking on the row/column headers, and then dragging and dropping the row/column elsewhere Better copy/paste – copy multiple cells, then place your cursor anywhere in the table to paste into multiple cells New fixed width columns – so that as you increase/decrease one column’s width, it does not affect the next column’s width New horizontally scrollable tables – so that you won’t need to expand your window wide to view a table that has many columns Access advanced table functions – via the new menu which provides options such as Resizing the table width to match the current window size Distributing selected columns evenly Adjusting alignment of content in cells Changing cell background color Additional info: The new tables do not support "table-in-table" or "merged cell" functionality. If you paste incompatible tables into a note, then the tables in the note will not have the updated table features or controls (including resizing). In a future update, we plan to support pasted-in tables that have merged cells. Would hate to give this up to go to 6.5.
  17. The only thing holding me back from downgrading to 6.5 GA is that there were some tables improvements in 6.6 GA (unfortunately this release came with some breaks in existing features as has every subsequent release). Does anyone happen to know what the specific changes to tables were in 6.6 GA? I've been using the tables feature quite a bit and wouldn't want to lose significant parts of that functionality.
  18. I'm on 6.11 and ESC does not move focus from note pane to note list. So I guess this feature was intentionally or inadvertently removed at some point after 6.7.
  19. I also use F2 (takes you back to note title), then Shift+Tab (takes you to note list). A one-key option to take you from the note pane to the note list would be useful. Did Esc ever perform this function? I vaguely recall I used something other than F2, Shift-Tab, but it's been a long time.
  20. I'm on a Plus subscription. If the only choices available to me were Basic (free) and Premium, I would have stayed with Basic and adjusted my workflow accordingly. Even on Plus, I am paying for features I don't use, so jumping up to Premium is not appealing to me.
  21. Any chance we can get more detail on this? Lots of users are hanging back on some of the newer releases because of all the bugs created in recent months. Knowing that some of these have been fixed would give some of us enough confidence to take the leap to this release.
  22. I thought that (escape does NOT move focus from note pane to note list) was the case for a long time. Did 6.10 introduce this, or was it an earlier version? For quite some time I've been using F2 to go from note pane to note title and then SHIFT+TAB to go from note title to note list. One keystroke to jump from note pane to note list would be handy.
  23. I usually disable the option to create a new note in a new window and don't have this issue. I tried enabling this option and did not experience the issue you described - the focus did not switch back to the title. That said, I am running 6.11 GA. Is this something you are first experiencing with 6.12 beta 1? I seem to recall a similar issue in the past, where the focus was jumping around relative to the note title; can't remember if it was the same as what you describe.
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