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  1. Ran into a problem with the web clipper in v6.9 Some pages are clipped, but others are not. Example page: https://swappa.com/listing/BTI246/view When I clip in Article mode, the clipping process proceeds normally and returns a "Clipped to [notebook]" confirmation. But the note that is created is empty, apart from the title and URL field. Edit: The same note (clipped in Windows) DOES render properly in Android and iOS apps. But in Windows, it's just an empty note. Edit2: I think this may not be a clipping issue (though that's where I first noticed it). I have another note that is not a web clip that shows up empty in EN Windows, but shows normally in Android and iOS apps. I have not noticed this behavior prior to EN Win v6.9.
  2. The note title was left intact both times I experienced this. That's part of why I started this thread - I figured some people experiencing this wouldn't say anything for any number of reasons. 6.9 has not fixed it, as I experienced this on 6.9.
  3. Agreed. Having a hierarchy of tags makes it easier to locate tags I haven't used, or run searches on, in a long time.
  4. There are many use cases that Evernote makes sense for, but password storage is not one of them. There are many dedicated password apps that have desktop and mobile clients. I think you will be much happier using a dedicated app for this.
  5. I created a tag hierarchy when @JMichaelTX first posted about pseudo-notebooks, but as the # of notes in my EN database has grown (approaching 4k), this hierarchical organization has become less and less relevant, and I increasingly rely on tags and search. That said, I appreciate having some sort of hierarchical organization - but this is less about practical use and more about psychological comfort of having thousands of notes roughly organized even if the organization is rarely used to locate information. Does anyone remember when Yahoo was the most popular way to find things? Info was organized in hierarchies. Along came Google with great search and the rest is history.
  6. I backed off moving to beta versions for this reason. It's one thing for a beta to have new features that don't work quite right and beta users can help provide feedback and examples to help devs isolate and resolve the issue, but Evernote betas ROUTINELY break existing functionality. Too frustrating to hang out on the bleeding edge of EN betas for me. I agree; I too would expect that EN would have testing processes that test existing functionality before releasing a beta, but we have seen plenty of evidence that this is not the case. I love Evernote, use it daily, am a paying user, and extol the virtues of Evernote to friends, but the EN development team has got to do a much better job of testing betas and general releases before rolling them out. This shouldn't be this difficult for a software company worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
  7. Twice I've experienced a situation where note content from note A is replicated in note B, and the original contents of note B are gone. First time was with either v6.7 or 6.8 (general release, not beta), and the second time was with v 6.9 (general release version). This was not a result of me copying/pasting from note A to note B. I only noticed that it happened because I sort my notes by most recently updated and while I was working with the most recent notes, I noticed that note B was altered. In both situations, I was able to recover the original contents of note B from other devices that hadn't yet synced. I reported the first instance, but since the note content was not something I wanted to turn over to EN support, this didn't go anywhere. I've been using EN daily for the past 4 years, and these two instances (both of which have occurred very recently) are the first time I've seen unintentional data loss. Figured I'd raise the issue here and see if anyone else has noticed this. I do run a fair number of macros via hotkeys, so it's possible that it's a result of a macro gone wrong (though I don't see the EN window and note manipulation I'd expect if one of my macros was performing this copy/overwrite).
  8. Just to confirm, this note toolbar reset only occurs during the install, correct? I.e., after the install, you can move the reminder icon to the toolbar and it will stay there?
  9. +1 To take a recent example, when a new general release broke Paste and Match Style, it was very annoying to see subsequent betas and general releases roll out new features (some of which were cosmetic and/or fringe) while the more core Paste and Match Style remained broken. I get that improved functionality and cosmetics are important, but the existing user base relies on the existing feature set, so when those things break, that should be a priority. It's a bit like Excel releasing a new version that contains calculation errors. And in the subsequent version, the calc error remains, but nevermind that, check out all these new fonts!
  10. I'm on 6.8.7 and have gone back to using dashes --------------------------------------------------- to create horizontal lines. Very retro. Hoping this is fixed soon.
  11. Bump so more people can see and upvote this excellent suggestion. Evernote currently has the ability to change some attributes on multiple notes at once, e.g., notebook, tag, sharing. Adding reminders/reminder dates to this would be great.
  12. I recently updated to this beta (, and the font size issue that was introduced in 6.6GA (and stuck around in subsequent beta and GA releases*) has finally been resolved (I don't think a lot of people were experiencing this, but it was driving me nuts). The issue is described here: I didn't see it mentioned in the list of fixes @Chantal Leonard's first post, but hopefully the devs are aware of which changes resulted in this fix (and that it wasn't merely accidental), so that the bug doesn't get reintroduced in future versions. * I'm not sure that is where the fix was made, but if it was an earlier beta, it wouldn't be far removed. As I mentioned, the bug popped up in 6.6GA and I installed most of the betas from then to 6.7GA and at least a couple of betas after 6.7GA, before I gave up on this bug being fixed anytime soon.
  13. I've never looked into it, but I'd guess that AHK can be used to detect monitor resolution and choose the offset you've coded for that particular resolution. AHK forum is a very helpful resource.
  14. @Jay-Bob I take it that you are able to reproduce the behavior demonstrated in my screencast?
  15. The font size issues I've been pointing out since 6.6GA and the subsequent betas are still in effect in 6.7GA.
  16. Thanks. I've been using ScreencastOMatic, and the free version is good enough to record bugs, and it doesn't require installing the app. Snagit looks pretty cool, nice to be able to record and save as animated gif in one app.
  17. What app(s) are you using to capture the screen and convert it to an animated gif?
  18. At first I was very excited about EN's new tables. And they are pretty useful . . . for small tables. I've got a large table (note size is 556 kb) and it is very slow to respond when opening the note, changing column widths, selecting text to copy, etc. Sometimes it is so unresponsive that I get the "not responding" error message. This spreadsheet size is trivially small for a spreadsheet app, but apparently too much for EN. Until things improve, I'll have to take this data back to spreadsheet. Bummer that I spent a fair bit of time copying the data from spreadsheet into text editor into EN.
  19. I've seen this too. I was busy the two times I experienced this (both times I was highlighting text using CTRL+SHIFT+arrow key), so I couldn't stop what I was doing, and when I went back to reproduce it, I could not. If you can reliably reproduce it, please explain the steps in detail so the moderators can reproduce it and then create a bug ticket (devs can't fix an error they cannot reproduce and thus identify the root cause). Better yet, take a screencast demonstrating the bug in action.
  20. Never noticed this capability until this thread. When I create an ink note, it seems there is no ability to add (typed) text. So I created a regular note, then merged it with the ink note. The result is a regular note with an attachment, "attachment.bin". The attachment cannot be opened with Paint or Notepad. Sketches would be much more useful if they could be tied to text, which I suppose they can via linked notes, but would be nice to incorporate sketch + text in the same note.
  21. Ideally, the reminders could be accessed by keyboard shortcut. Failing that, access via right-click menu is certainly better than the current situation. At least right click access would make the reminder shortcuts some of us created using third party scripting software more robust (for example, I used AutoHotKey to create keyboard shortcuts to create, clear and change reminders; @csihilling has done the same using PhraseExpress). I made a request/suggestion thread on this topic here:
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