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  1. Closing in on 5 years and we still cannot exclude a notebook from a search. Emojis are a lousy consolation prize. 😒 It's 2019 and I'm still using workarounds for this lack of basic functionality.
  2. I can reliably reproduce this in 6.15.4 GA as well. Great!
  3. I don't use that script anymore because I dropped the process I had around that "daily" note. I don't see the code in my script file, so I must have deleted it. It's fairly simple to create as it just sends keystrokes to access menu options, tab, etc. You will have to insert pauses because without them, the sequence of keystrokes you send can outrun EN's ability to execute them. Again, it's simple - just look at every action you'd have to take to manually accomplish these actions using the keyboard. Then write the script to send those keystrokes (build up the script one step at a time, and add pauses as necessary to ensure reliable execution). If you run into issues, just post them here, and someone here can probably figure out the problem.
  4. 6.15.3 GA The saved searches in the toolbar disappeared. The notes linked in the toolbar remained, but all the saved searches have disappeared. I've been using 6.15.3 GA for a few weeks and this is the first time this issue has popped up.
  5. Agreed. I find the new quick launch and system tray icons more difficult to locate at a glance than the old icons. This rebranding is a good reminder that design can work against function when the design is motivated by factors that have nothing to do with function.
  6. https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/Else.htm
  7. Exactly. ;make Evernote active ^e:: IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame WinActivate return The script is looking for windows of class ENMainFrame, which don't exist when the main app isn't running. As @jefitosuggests, you could modify the script so that it checks for two states; if ENMainFrame exists, make it active; if it doesn't exist, launch the app. By way of background, I created this because my use case is I always have EN running, but it often isn't the active window (which will be the case for anyone who uses other apps frequently), so the script is just a quick way to make EN the active window so I can do whatever (create new note, search for a note, etc.) without having to use the mouse to click on the EN icon or use ALT-TAB to find EN among the many apps I have running.
  8. For Windows, the only option is an external scripting tool such as AHK or PhraseExpress, and even then, you're not bulk updating reminders, just individually updating them faster because you can use the keyboard and avoid the mouse.
  9. What good is that tag hierarchy for heavy mobile users if they cannot see it on mobile devices? This isn't a concern for me, as I use mobile devices mostly to recall information along with a little bit of info entry, and never for organization. But for someone who primarily uses mobile devices, info organization using tags is a real challenge.
  10. Agreed. This seemed like a total waste of time, effort and expense. I don't know that any of the regular users of this forum were impressed. In fact, I'd guess most were let down, as most of the regular posters have a list of improvements they'd like to see in the product, and I'd venture to say that not a single person had "change the icon color" or "change the elephant trunk's curvature" in their top 10 or even top 100 list of desired changes. Similarly for emojis, this has been met with much scorn and derision by longtime forum members. In the Windows subforum, the emojis are now a running joke. So I guess I'm not sure why you think the longtime forum users are blind to the missteps and diversions at Evernote.
  11. Agreed. If I copy my "template" note, I get the title and tags. Why use ENEX instead of a regular note to store your template? I guess locating your enex is a bit quicker if you always have the area of your desktop where the enex sits visible. As you know, if you use a regular note, you could create a shortcut to it, and then use the built-in keyboard access to duplicate the note. For those that haven't seen anything other than the too-short-video on templates, these articles provide a little more color: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001929468 https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001929488
  12. The knights of the notebook can be a bit sensitive. I wonder if Google had to deal with this when they switched from folders to labels. Couldn't imagine going back to folders for email, the thought alone makes me shudder.
  13. This thread is finally living up to my aspirations for it! ?
  14. Updated to 6.15 GA and horizontal rule seems to be working fine! After so many months of this being buggy, this is a great relief.
  15. This built-in feature would be a lot more useful if it didn't require users to sign out.
  16. Great! I didn't see it in the list of fixes and figured it was still outstanding. I'll update this weekend and report back.
  17. Is disappearing horizontal rule scheduled to be fixed, maybe before the end of the year? Or are you guys still in the reproducibility/identification stage?
  18. Here it is: https://evernote.com/blog/2018-09-18-message-from-ceo/ Any scaling business is going to expand into functions that later prove to be inefficient or unnecessary as well as hire people that are unproductive. Trimming inefficiencies and poor performers is necessary for any organization in a competitive environment - only governments and monopolies can afford not to take these actions periodically. "We will continue to invest in our product, design and engineering teams. Long-requested new features like templates and tasks will ship very soon, and we are accelerating investment in our technical infrastructure to enable us to ship more of what you want, faster." By "tasks", if he means integrating task mgmt into EN, I'll be very excited. A number of the users on this forum, myself included, and who knows how many EN users overall, use EN for task management in addition to its use as an information archive. I used to use a dedicated task mgr, but it always seemed inefficient to use a task mgr that is separate from the app where the info resides. Hacking EN to use as a task mgr requires additional overhead and complexity that a lot of people won't bother with (but worth it to some of us). If they integrate task mgmt into EN, that would be awesome! Far from being concerned, like the 1-post user who started this thread, I'm excited.
  19. Still works for me. Running AHK v1.1.26.01 It's such a simple script that if you're running into an issue, I would be looking for a hotkey/shortcut conflict. Don't just check AHK, check other programs as well. Or switch to a hotkey you are certain no other programs are using.
  20. Pretty sure it wasn't working for me in 6.7 on Win 7.
  21. Seems to be some inconsistency in this feature. I can't remember the last time ESC took me back to the note list; certainly not in the past year. And I was recently using 6.9GA for a few months, where this feature was not available. And it's not in 6.14GA either. It would be convenient, though a AutoHotKey hotkey that replicates F2 (go from note body to note title), SHIFT+TAB (go from note title to note list) is an OK substitute.
  22. Did you ever resolve this? I powered on my computer this morning and the note list font is smaller than it used to be. It looks like 8pt font compared to the 10pt font I have in the note body. Edit: At least in my case, this seems to be a Windows issue. After another restart of the computer, the note list font is back to normal.
  23. Because it's probably not fixed. There are multiple threads on this, and in most, if not all, of them, some people think it's been fixed with an update only to realize it's not been fixed.
  24. Did this happen during intitle: searches? See this:
  25. Seems something changed with respect to the EN Windows team several months ago - new management, loss of personnel, new marching orders, etc. - I have no idea what, but we can see the deterioration of the product and the process over the past several months. And they've been burning up a lot of goodwill, as evidenced by long-time EN Windows users who can no longer recommend EN to others (I'm in the same camp - I used to tell everyone about EN, but no way I could do that in good faith now). Can an employee that is reading this thread PLEASE pass this feedback to the head of EN Windows? Either this hasn't happened yet, despite similar sentiments being expressed in the beta and GA threads going back several months, or EN Windows management has a different agenda (in which case, good luck without your users). I appreciate the users on the frontlines of beta testing. I dropped back a few releases ago - the incoming bug fire was too much for me. I'm hanging back on 6.11 GA until things change.
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