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  1. Yes, my use of APIs is mostly in Google Sheets (via GAS). And you'll be shocked to know that sometimes the API's change, breaking the scripts that use them. Nothing is forever, not even green elephants and their APIs. "Glee" is the wrong term. We have differing views on the sanctity of EN's existing architecture. I merely look forward to having my view vindicated. Anyway, as I jumped back in to discuss the potential relationship between v6 and when we might see nested notebooks in v10, having done that, I'll jump back out. See you in April, unless something really interesting happens
  2. Since switching to another note app as my daily driver, I've been spending less time here. Popped in yesterday because it occurred to me that v6 might be a holdup to nested notebooks and wanted to have that discussion. That said, I still have *thousands* of notes in Evernote, so of course I want to be here. Plus, it's entertaining watching the slow motion wreck that is v10 - hard to look away actually! We are witnessing in real time what could be a business school case study. Fascinating stuff, IMHO. And of course we cannot rule out the possibility that EN management successfully navigate
  3. Indeed. It's as if he's only been here for a few months. EN has a long history of breaking workflows. What EN has shown repeatedly is if they believe they need to change something to stay relevant/competitive, they will do it no matter how much it disrupts things for their userbase. @ehrt74 I look forward to your sacred cow API being butchered. Exactly - and none of the naysayers has addressed the point that the CEO himself is essentially saying that tags are a niche feature for power users. And everyone who has been here for more than a couple of months should know how much priority EN p
  4. Do you think EN rewrote the entire codebase for v10 and NOT build in a pathway to add nested notebooks? If Libin was still the CEO, I would find that plausible. With Small, a CEO who claims that only a tiny minority of the userbase uses tags, I find it impossible to believe. The writing is on the wall. Evernote will get nested notebooks.
  5. Also Joplin, where you can have automatically displayed in every note the backlinks to other notes. Plus it's very easy to create links to other notes without switching notes and without your hands ever leaving the keyboard. And it has outline view as well. Evernote, by not having backlinks, very easy note linking or outline view, is miles behind the competition in this regard.
  6. I really shouldn't have to explain this. Resources are finite, are they not? If a company pours some of its finite resources (funds, CEO mindshare, etc.) into merchandising, that necessarily reduces resources available for other pursuits.
  7. LOL, you are living in fantasy land. There's a reason many note apps have nested notebooks. And even among EN users, this is a highly requested feature for as long as Evernote has been around. Telling me about tags is preaching to the (very tiny) choir. I have no desire for nested notebooks, and use very few notebooks, and do not use notebooks to categorize by subject matter, but I also recognize that I am in a tiny minority of users. No less an authority than the current CEO has said that only 2% or 5% (I think he's used both figures in different comments post v10 release) of users
  8. Given how much of the competition has nested notebooks, including apps built on Electron as v10 is, it seems to me this feature is quite feasible to add. And given the desire of the vast majority of EN users for this feature, providing it early on in v10 would have been a great win for a version that has been mired in controversy. That it hasn't been added in the initial release or the many subsequent updates makes me wonder if the holdup is v6/Legacy. Might it be that they need to stop syncing v6/Legacy before they can change the architecture to support nested notebooks?
  9. I just whitelisted the Clipper for all sites, and now it works. I'm also able to access Options. Strange because I previously whitelisted the site I was trying to clip from, but that didn't work. Thanks for helping me get it working. But it sucks that I have to give such broad access to the Clipper. Unnecessarily intrusive.
  10. 'tabClipper.checkBackgroundStatus' failed with error: Error: Tab must be specified ^ That's the error I'm seeing in the logs.
  11. Just installed Brave browser on Windows 10. EN Clipper has been fine for me in Chrome browser, but it's not working in Brave. I was able to log into the Clipper extension, but cannot access options (the wheel just spins indefinitely as seen in snapshot below). And when I click on the Clipper extension, I just see a briefly flashing popup indicating that login was successful, but it doesn't try to clip the page the Brave browser is on. Anyone experiencing something similar in Brave?
  12. Amazing. Months after the release, v10 is the disaster that keeps on giving. We have seen multiple users complaining about sluggishness in various aspects, but nothing is as maddening as when an app cannot keep up with your typing. Doesn't matter how good a note app is in other aspects, if I have to wait for it to catch up with my typing, that's a fatal flaw.
  13. That site is a good starting point, but be aware that the site is updated by one person, and he's not spending his days checking for updates on all these note apps. So essentially the site is only as current as the messages he gets from people pointing out changes in particular apps. For example, Joplin has features that are incorrectly reported as being absent - daily notes/templates, pdf viewed within note, E2EE, export note links, Linux app, backlinks, intra-note links, notebook hierarchy, shortcuts, etc. Another example is Evernote, which is listed as having E2EE, which it absolu
  14. Outline mode is a game changer. Once you use it, there is no going back to a note app that doesn't have this feature (or similar feature that lets you quickly and easily navigate a note). You better not try it, because then you'd be compelled to abandon your post as Evernote Forum's unpaid defender. I hope they're at least sending you some of those Evernote socks that never sold. 😉
  15. I'm on Windows, v6, so yeah, I'm not seeing what you are. Yeah, try them - support is part of what you pay for. Let us know how it goes. What menu options do you see when you try this on a notebook instead of a stack? If you see export option, then you can create a notebook, move it into the stack, then move the notes in the stack into that notebook, and then export that notebook.
  16. I think the problem is you are trying to export the stack. A stack is not a notebook (Evernote does not have hierarchical notebooks). Go into the stack and try to export one of the notebooks.
  17. Paging @PinkElephantor someone else using v10. Or like you said, since you're a Premium sub, you should be able to get support from EN directly.
  18. Yes, do it by notebook. You could do it by selecting all notes in v6/Legacy, but the enex export file you create does not contain any notebook data for the notes. Whatever app you import into cannot recreate the notebook structure because it's not in the enex. So might as well skip installing v6/Legacy and just export by notebook in v10 - then whatever apps you import to will drop all those notes in one notebook, so you can preserve your notebook structure as you move across. If you have too many notebooks to make this feasible, you could use the notebook name to tag all the notes in that
  19. This feature request, like a number of others, will either be met or the green elephant will keel over and die. There was a time when EN, as undisputed king of the hill, could hold off indefinitely on these very sensible feature requests, but now that competitors, including open source competitors, have features like outline view, intra-note links, etc., EN will either catch up or be left for dead.
  20. Yes, that is how I remember it the couple of times I hit the monthly upload limit on Basic - I could keep going about my business as usual, just couldn't sync (can't remember if it was couldn't sync at all or just not the new notes) until subsequent monthly cycle. I think I would have remembered being locked out of editing notes or creating new notes. So yes, I do believe this is a new behavior with v10, which may not be all that surprising given the increasing emphasis on cloud storage and deemphasis on local storage. The times I hit the upload limit were before there was even an option
  21. Whether it's Notion or any other app, the best thing to do is try and see. If it works to your satisfaction, great. If not, no problem, all your data is still in Evernote. And even if you do move to another note app, you can still leave your existing notes in Evernote (just don't edit them there if you will be editing them in the new app). That way if you find certain notes didn't import well, you can always go back to see the originals in Evernote. Moving between note apps isn't like moving from one house to another, so don't stress. It doesn't have to be in one shot, you can always
  22. I think we are talking about two different things. I've hit the 60mb upload limit in the past, and that did not prevent me from editing notes. I read @ArjenC's post as saying that hitting the upload limit in v10 does lock you out from editing your notes.
  23. I see. You're using note tabs a bit differently than I am. I use the Favorites panel to store shortcuts to frequently accessed notes and saved searches (note overview notes). That frees up note tabs for current working notes.
  24. Or, if you want security from Evernote employees along with anyone who might hack Evernote and use the decryption keys to access your data, consider an app with zero knowledge encryption (which has been requested here, but EN will never provide because they insist on the ability to scan your notes). Where I would agree with @PinkElephantis that encrypting text inside a note is quite suboptimal. Better to encrypt your content in an attachment to a note. Obviously if this is a frequent occurrence, you might be better served with a different solution. For those not familiar, zero knowle
  25. So once you hit the 60mb limit, you cannot edit any of your notes until you upgrade or the next month starts? I don't recall this from v6, but given how many negative surprises there are in v10, I guess I shouldn't be shocked.
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