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  1. I've seen this too. I was busy the two times I experienced this (both times I was highlighting text using CTRL+SHIFT+arrow key), so I couldn't stop what I was doing, and when I went back to reproduce it, I could not. If you can reliably reproduce it, please explain the steps in detail so the moderators can reproduce it and then create a bug ticket (devs can't fix an error they cannot reproduce and thus identify the root cause). Better yet, take a screencast demonstrating the bug in action.
  2. Never noticed this capability until this thread. When I create an ink note, it seems there is no ability to add (typed) text. So I created a regular note, then merged it with the ink note. The result is a regular note with an attachment, "attachment.bin". The attachment cannot be opened with Paint or Notepad. Sketches would be much more useful if they could be tied to text, which I suppose they can via linked notes, but would be nice to incorporate sketch + text in the same note.
  3. Ideally, the reminders could be accessed by keyboard shortcut. Failing that, access via right-click menu is certainly better than the current situation. At least right click access would make the reminder shortcuts some of us created using third party scripting software more robust (for example, I used AutoHotKey to create keyboard shortcuts to create, clear and change reminders; @csihilling has done the same using PhraseExpress). I made a request/suggestion thread on this topic here:
  4. EN is aware as I have been pointing out this bug, since it was introduced with v6.6, with an example of how they can reproduce the error.
  5. This is a known issue confined to Windows 10? So the advice to use v6.5 applies only to Win 10 users?
  6. Missed the part about the Mac. It will probably work fine in the Windows app.
  7. Strange. I can definitely confirm columns are adjustable using the method I described. If I hover the cursor over the column lines/separators, the cursor morphs into icon of parallel lines with arrows pointing in either direction; then drag in either direction to adjust column width.
  8. That didn't work. What I did was copy/paste from Libre Calc into Libre Writer, then copy/paste and match style into EN. Then Upgrade table. The column widths are adjustable.
  9. I have a large table (10 columns x 1000 rows) in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. I was hoping to simply copy/paste into EN's new tables, but that doesn't work as all the data is pasted into one cell of the table. Is there a way to accomplish this without doing a cell by cell copy/paste? I'm not looking to merely link from EN to the spreadsheet; I wish to transfer the data from the spreadsheet into an EN table (and delete the spreadsheet once all the data is transferred into EN).
  10. I knew about F10 to toggle the side panel, but was unaware that F11 toggled the note list. Nice! That's a useful feature and will replace opening a note in its own window when I want to give the note more screen real estate.
  11. Yes, that as an option makes sense. Maybe something similar to the way we can, via shortcut key, collapse the side panel into a very narrow column of only icons (no words)*. Having a similar ability with respect to the note list would let the current note occupy most of the screen real estate. A one-key shortcut to toggle this could be useful for when is going to focus on one note for a while. *This is true of Windows app, not sure if it works the same in Mac app.
  12. I would definitely take the opposite side of that. I hate the web UI. For me, function trumps Apple/Google lots-of-wasted-whitespace aesthetics.
  13. Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion in my response to a one-post poster who apparently joined the forum to complain about something he's been using for free. Paying customers certainly have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining. But the Marxist-infused thought process the OP seems to be engaged in is a bit much. If you're (the general "you", not you in particular, as you noted you are paying) not going to pay, contribute in other ways, such as beta testing. If you're not contributing in any way, can't EN employees adopt the same logic of the OP and complain about you not offering them any free products or services? Freedom entails voluntarily exchanging value for value. Adopting the attitude that someone should provide you value in exchange for nothing, and should endure your whinging, is essentially demanding that others be your economic slaves.
  14. EN accidentally deleted the thread. They started a new one:
  15. This is a fair point. 6.6GA introduced some fairly significant bugs to preexisting features including (1) paste and match style, and (2) font size issues. For a lot of people, these create significant disruptions to workflow, so moving to betas to get a resolution starts to seem appealing.
  16. Those are the Mac beta threads. The thread for the latest Windows beta is what the elephant forgot and apparently didn't back up.
  17. I guess we'll re-post the issues. Font size has been an issue from v6.6GA and was still an issue in v6.7 beta 2: Paste and match style was partially fixed between 6.7 beta 1 and beta 2, but some errors remain. My understanding is that additional fixes have been made in beta 3, so we'll have to see how it looks once beta 3 is released.
  18. So this is your first post on this forum. Classy. Instead of complaining about something you use for free, why don't you participate in making it better? You could post any bugs you see in the threads announcing the particular version's release. Even better, you could explain to EN forum mods how to reproduce the bug, which allows the devs to track down the source quicker. I assume this job that EN's latest version has made 10000 times more difficult pays you? Do you think the people at EN deserve to get paid? Or should they not only work for you for free, but also have to listen to your whinging about something you have never paid for or otherwise contributed to?
  19. I noted this here: It has been partially corrected in v6.7 beta 2:
  20. Companies are always introducing new products and seeing what gains traction and what doesn't. And the latter gets scrapped. For example, Google has a long list of abandonware.
  21. I didn't experience this font size issue until v6.6. My earlier post has a screencast that demostrates the issue.
  22. Maybe this will help with reproducing the issue: To summarize, there are (at least) 3 issues: Font size settings (here, 10pt) are not correctly carried into notes (9pt is what EN reverts to despite settings) actual font size is neither 9pt or 10pt; let's call it 9.8pt when copying/pasting this 9.8pt font, it then becomes 9pt
  23. Please add your vote (up arrow next to thread title) and your voice here:
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