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  1. Problem: How to get select notes with reminder dates into Google Calendar (or similar calendar) without having to resort to kludges like typing the date/time into the note title. Cronofy will create a calendar entry for all notes that have reminder dates, which works for those who only use reminder dates on notes/tasks that correspond to an date specific event or deadline that they want to see on their calendar. For many who use EN as a task manager, lots of notes get reminder dates that we don't want cluttering up the calendar, so Cronofy, while super easy to set up, leaves a lot to be desired. The obvious solution to select a subset of notes with reminder dates for 'calendarization' is to use tags. As described in this thread, IFTTT can use tags as a trigger (great!), but it cannot pick up the remindertime field, so it uses the date created as the date to use in the calendar entry. So that's a faceplant. Zapier (like IFTTT but more powerful) does not support tags as a trigger (I provided contact info for Zapier to request that they add EN tags as a trigger in this post - they have gotten requests for this, but not enough, so if you're interested, add your voice to the request!), leaving suboptimal triggers such as new note added to a particular notebook - e.g., you add a note you want on the calendar to a notebook "Cal", and Zapier will create a calendar entry using the reminder date as the calendar date. You know how many of us HATE notebook clutter. So while a dedicated calendar notebook works (especially for the "I want 3-deep stacks of notebooks" crowd), I say "meh". I want to use tags, dagnabit! Turns out you can add a filter between the trigger and action in a Zap, and tags ARE supported as filters. So create a Zap: trigger = new note with a reminder date (seems it is limited to new notes, in which case, you might have to make a copy of existing notes you want calendar'ed) filter: only those notes w/ reminders that are tagged !!cal (or whatever dedicated tag you choose). I used "exactly matches" as the filter condition to prevent the filter from letting any other notes through. action = new calendar entry using note title and reminderTime as start and end time (another limitation given that EN's remindertime functionality is very limited, so no ability to pass a duration or actual end time since EN doesn't store that kind of info, though you could probably hack together a solution using text parsing of the note title or even note body) I just tested this with a couple of new notes, both with reminder dates, but only one with tag !!cal and only the !!cal tagged note made it into Google Calendar. So this might be a winner. Someone else who is interested test this out please (paging @DTLow) as it's late and I need to call it a night.
  2. Is there a shortcut that will move focus to the note's body? F2, then Tab will get it done, but wondering if there's a one-step shortcut.
  3. Received an email back from Zapier: "We develop features based on votes, and that request is around the middle right now. I've added your vote in so you'll be notified when it's available. No ETA yet though." So for those who would be interested in using Evernote tags as a trigger, whether it's to add items to a calendar, or pretty much any other connection to another app (Zapier is much like IFTTT, but more powerful), please email Zapier and request they add Evernote tags to their supported triggers for Evernote. Emailing them will also get your email on the list of people to be notified if/when this feature is available. Zapier's email: contact@zapier.com
  4. I emailed Zapier regarding adding tags to their list of supported Evernote triggers. If they can do this, that would be pretty ideal. Tag only those items you want on your calendar and it will pick up the date from the remindertime field.
  5. If I'm understanding your setup correctly, using Cronofy, you have lots of items that aren't "events" or "drop-dead deadlines" in your calendar?
  6. So only notes with deadlines get reminder dates in your task management system? I have some notes with reminder dates that aren't drop-dead deadlines and wouldn't want those cluttering up my calendar view.
  7. Event Noted seems like an ideal solution - tag a note and it ends up on your calendar. That way you get just the notes you want on calendar without having all the notes with reminder dates (for those who use EN as their task manager, there may be lots of items with reminder dates that we don't necessarily want showing up and cluttering the calendar). But it seems Event Noted may no longer be supported - one 4yr old video on the product. I suspect the product didn't have much of a future given how easy it would be for IFTTT or Zapier to provide this feature.
  8. I tried setting this up in IFTTT, but no luck. While IFTTT can use Evernote tags as the trigger, it cannot pick up the remindertime field, so it adds calendar events dated the date the note is created. Fail. Then I tried Zapier, which can pick up Evernote's remindertime field, but it does not support EN tags as triggers, so the workaround is to have the Zap trigger every time a note is added to a particular notebook. So if you move any events with a remindertime into a particular notebook, they'll all show up in Google Calendar. Not perfect, but the closest I'm finding to my ideal - i.e., tag notes, e.g., 'cal' and only those notes sync to GC using the note's remindertime date/time. Edit: list of Zapier supported EN triggers: New Note - Triggers when a new note is created in a notebook. New Notebook - Triggers when a new notebook is added to Evernote. New Reminder - Triggers when a new reminder with a date is added to a notebook. Seems like it shouldn't be too difficult for Zapier to add tags as a trigger.
  9. Google Calendar (GC) has multiple sub-calendars (layers is another way to think about it), one of which is Reminders. When using Cronofy to sync Evernote with GC (which puts all EN notes with a reminder date into GC), the only option I see is to sync to the main calendar. Since I use EN for task management, I have lots of EN notes with reminder dates, but most of these aren't calendar events and I'd like to keep that clutter off the main calendar, which I'd like to use only for events. Is there a way to get EN reminders into the Reminders calendar of GC instead of the main calendar? @adambird
  10. I suspect you would pick up AHK quite quickly. In case you change your mind, here's a good beginner tutorial series: And you could start with the scripts I've posted in this thread. Tweaking them to your ends will give you a sense of how AHK's scripting language works - it's designed to be pretty user friendly.
  11. Interesting decision to use text string activator. I wrote it so that Evernote had to be the active application (so you can't accidentally change a note's reminder using the hotkey while working in another app). You should come to the dark side of AutoHotKey. Way more powerful and more robust - e.g., searching for the reminder image vs relying on static location and mouse coordinates. With your PhaseExpress solution, if the note taskbar is changed resulting in the remindor icon moving, the script has to be changed. With AHK's imagesearch function, as long as the reminder icon is somewhere in the EN window, it will be found. As creative as you are with shortcut hacks, moving from PhraseExpress to AHK will be like trading in a 10/22 for a Ma Deuce.
  12. While not a pure mindmapper, is CardDesk still in development?
  13. An additional use would be re-usable checklists, such as grocery shopping list, packing list, etc.
  14. While I'm waiting for EN to provide keystroke access to Reminders, I grabbed a Snickers bar and wrote a hotkey script to do it in case anyone stumbles onto this thread with the same request (please upvote the request at the top of this thread - native functionality is preferable to an external script).
  15. Hotkey to access the Reminders function. This is a bit tricky because EN's Windows app doesn't provide keystroke access to the Reminders. Even after clicking the Reminder icon, you still don't have keystroke access to navigate the menu to add, change, clear or mark as done. So all of this has to be done using mouse navigation, so the pixel counts used for said navigation will differ for different resolution monitors. My monitors are 1920x1080 resolution, so that's what the script is written for, but it's easy to substitute your monitor's resolution. The thing you'll need to figure out is how far to adjust the Y coordinate to get the mouse pointer to be on the various Reminder menu choices. If you have a 1920x1080 monitor, nothing to change. If a different resolution, try adjusting the Y coordinate (where I have Y+80, Y+150, Y+110) by +/- 10 and see where that puts the mouse pointer - you can see the mouse pointer by, instead of using MouseClick, use MouseMove, e.g., MouseMove, left, X, Y+150 (this will move the mouse, then stop, so you can see where the pointer ends up and adjust accordingly). Once you have it set up, the thing to note is if instead of typing in a date, you navigate to the calendar with the keyboard, that doesn't register until you hit the spacebar. (It seems the entire Reminders function was written solely for mouse operation.) Once you hit the spacebar, you'll see the date change. The hotkey I have set as Win + F2 will add a reminder date to a note that doesn't have a reminder date. If the note already has a reminder date, the same hotkey will mark the reminder as done. ; Reminder hotkeys. Note that navigating to a particular date on calendar doesn't change the reminder date until you press spacebar, then you'll see the date changed. #F2:: ; Add a reminder date. Mark existing reminder as done. ImageSearch, X, Y, 0, 0, %screenWidth%, %screenHeight%, *100, %evernoteReminderPath% MouseClick, left, X, Y MouseClick, left, X, Y+80 return #F3:: ; Change reminder date. ImageSearch, X, Y, 0, 0, %screenWidth%, %screenHeight%, *100, %evernoteReminderPath% MouseClick, left, X, Y MouseClick, left, X, Y+150 return #F4:: ; Clear reminder. ImageSearch, X, Y, 0, 0, %screenWidth%, %screenHeight%, *100, %evernoteReminderPath% MouseClick, left, X, Y MouseClick, left, X, Y+110 return The phrases in %% are variables. Instead of the variable, you can directly enter a fixed value. E.g., instead of %screenWidth%, you can write, e.g., 1920 And instead of %evernoteReminderPath%, you can enter the complete path to the image for imagesearch. That said, using variables is cleaner and makes it easier to make changes, so just put this in the ahk script. evernoteReminderPath = [full_path_to]\evernote reminders.png screenWidth = 1920 screenHeight = 1080 Attached is the "evernote reminders" pic I used for imagesearch. You can use the same one.
  16. Another hat tip to @csihilling for a way to simulate internal note links described here: I replicated this in AutoHotKey with CTRL + left mouse click to select the word, copy it and paste it into the find field. Then CTRL + right mouse click to find next instance of the word. And you can go back with WIN + right mouse click to find previous instance of the word. ^LButton:: ; simulated internal note links, part 1 Send, {Click 2}^c^f^v return ^RButton:: ; simulated internal note links, part 2; find next Send, !efn return #RButton:: ; simulated internal note links, part 3; find previous Send, !efp return
  17. Love it. Going to implement this in AutoHotKey.
  18. Right, that's a simpler route if you have no desire to keep a history/journal of your daily recurring tasks note. I'm in the process of tweaking my daily routine, so keeping a history is useful for now.
  19. I use the !!Daily tag for notes containing everyday small tasks. Every morning, I'll duplicate the prior day's note, and remove the !!Daily tag from the prior day's note and move it from my Todo NB to my main filing NB - by keeping historic daily tasks notes, I can track how successful I am at accomplishing these small daily tasks, which gives me information I can use in tweaking those tasks. I actually don't use that shortcut because I just created a shortcut that: duplicates yesterday's daily tasks note removes the daily tag from yesterday's note deletes "copy" from new note's title overwrites timestamp w/ current timestamp unchecks checkboxes So now in the morning, I just run this new shortcut and my prior daily tasks note is sent to the filing NB and a new daily tasks note is created and prepped and ready to go. I can post the script if anyone is interested.
  20. Good call. I assumed > was searchable, but I see now that it is not. I updated the code to use _ instead of > Yeah, I know you do, I got the idea from you - that's why I gave you a hat tip in the code. FYI, I created shortcuts to add reminder, mark reminder as done, change reminder date, and clear reminder. Will post in this thread once I've had a chance to clean up the code a little.
  21. Created a few hotkeys using AutoHotKey and figured I'd share. Feel free to share your AHK scripts. Each hotkey is prefaced by a description of what the hotkey does. For those not familiar with scripting, you can change the hotkey assignments and inputs like notebook name or tag name to suit your setup. If you have questions, just ask. I think there are a number of users on here who are familiar with AutoHotKey. ^e = CTRL + e #n = WIN + n As mentioned, those can be changed to whatever you want. ALT is ! and Shift is + ;make Evernote active ^e:: IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame WinActivate return ;Evernote - local hotkeys (Evernote must be the active window) #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ;Create new note in default notebook without inheriting any tags (from whatever filter may be in effect). I used WIN+n as the hotkey, so it's CTRL+n when I want a new note to inherit tags and be added to whatever notebook I'm in; and WIN+n for a new note w/o any inheritance. #n:: Send, {F6} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{n}{LControl Up} return ;Insert timestamp preceded by "_Completed: " which makes it easy to search for 'completed' notes. Hat tip @csihilling #c:: Send, _Completed:{Space} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{;}{LControl Up} return ;Move to Main notebook #m:: Send, {LShift Down}{LAlt Down}{m}{LShift Up}{LAlt Up} Sleep, 100 Send, main Sleep, 100 Send, {LAlt Down}{o}{LAlt Up} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return ;Toggle !!Daily tag #d:: Send, {LAlt Down}{n}{LAlt Up}{t}{!!daily}{Space}{Enter} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return #IfWinActive More hotkey scripts in this thread: Simulated internal note links Hotkey to access Reminders function (I got sick of using the mouse for this as EN does not provide keystroke access to this function)
  22. Seconded. Internal note links is a longstanding request.
  23. I assume your script is using keystrokes in the Mac EN app and not using some kind of mouse macro (which adds a lot of complexity). In the Windows app, I don't think there is any way to access Reminders using the keyboard.
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