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  1. Paste and Match Style changed with EN v6.6 Some of the changes are obvious errors, but retaining header formatting seems to be by design per earlier comment in v6.6GA thread. No idea why EN thought this was a good idea, but hopefully they are getting the message loud and clear from the users.
  2. As others have explained, this isn't currently possible. Please upvote here if you would like to see full boolean search implemented:
  3. It's just one more option, so instead of having two paste options in the Edit menu, there would be three paste options, all of which have shortcuts. No need for a dialog box.
  4. The point of software is to meet consumer desires, not to satisfy some purist aesthetic. With that in mind, they could request user feedback on this - i.e., would users prefer Paste and Match Style work the way it used to or enhanced by retaining hyperlinks? My guess is the latter would win by a landslide. Or provide another option, i.e., Paste and Match Style (Retain Hyperlinks). That said, if the only options EN is willing to entertain are the old Paste and Match Style or this newfangled Paste and Match Style Except for Headers, then I'm in your camp. I'd rather manually insert hyp
  5. I'd like hyperlinks to be retained, but that's it. Hyperlinks are easier to remove than to add. All the formatting - font, font size, line spacing, indents, etc. should all be stripped out and match the style of the target EN note. Beats me why EN thought that users wanted Paste and Match Style to retain formatting if the source material is encoded as a header. All of the comments I've seen since this was introduced in v6.6 (per earlier comment in this thread, this seems to be intentional, as opposed to the Paste and Match Style bugs that v6.6 also introduced) have been opposed to th
  6. Is the current plan to change this to remove header formatting when using Paste and Match Style, or is EN still planning on retaining the header formatting for a function that would more appropriately be named Paste and Kinda Sorta Match Style?
  7. You might want to upgrade to v6.6 GA release or v6.7 beta and see if the issue remains.
  8. I'm on v6.7 beta, and CTRL+SHIFT+R works fine. Can't recall if I tried it in v6.6.
  9. From the many threads and posts complaining about the various notebook/nesting limits, it seems to me that most (with some rare exceptions) do not understand the full functionality potential of tags. And it's easy to see why that's the case because EN doesn't really delve deeply into this in their help materials. I only really started to appreciate tags as I learned about them from other users in this forum. And from then on, I only used notebooks to delineate notes based on access (synchronized, local, offline, shared), not based on content. So for those who have been pining for unlimite
  10. Please add your vote by clicking the up arrow next to the thread title at the top of this page.
  11. On Android, by default, all notes are locked, and requires pressing an onscreen button to enter edit mode. In my opinion, this is the perfect solution for mobile devices, where the vast majority of note access is for reading, not editing. Desktop is a different story, where editing may be very common. But as @JMichaelTX mentioned earlier, multiple concurrent windows and multiple monitors are common these days. I have multiple monitors and more windows than I can count open at any time, including multiple EN note windows. There have been many times where I start typing thinking the desired
  12. Great, thanks. I started the other thread so that this particular issue didn't get lost in general discussion of version releases, and also to raise awareness and solicit feedback from users who don't always keep EN updated to most recent beta or GA release, and would thus otherwise be unaware of the changes to this very basic feature.
  13. Yes, the size of the fixed margins is a bit absurd. It reduces visible content.
  14. OK, so paste and match style looks to have been "fixed". But as I describe in the below thread, paste and match style should do what it says, not retain font and spacing from the source text if the source text happens to be a title or subtitle. If a user wants to retain the formatting, we already have a feature for that - Paste (CTRL+V). Example: copying title, subtitle and author sections of following article and pasting via Paste and Match Style: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/9/16114530/net-neutrality-crusade-against-verizon-alex-nguyen-fcc Not only would I have to spend tim
  15. For those who aren't using EN v6.6 yet, you are in for a surprise if you use CTRL+SHIFT+V to Paste and Match Style. In v6.6, there are some bugs in Paste and Match Style, which EN is aware of and aiming to have fixed in v6.7. Here's the catch - in v6.7, they are going to have Paste and Match Style NOT match the style of the EN note when copying titles/headers ( @Jason Miller is an EN employee; this discussion is from the v6.6GA thread). Please let EN know if you are in favor of their plan or if you prefer Paste and Match Style do what the name implies and actually match t
  16. ^^^ This. When I choose Paste and Match Style, it's because I want to use the formatting I have in my note. If I wanted the source formatting, I would simply Paste. At least in my use, copying titles/headings is a very large % of the copying/pasting I do in EN because I want the title and link in an EN note that covers a particular topic for which that source article is reference material. I may have multiple such articles linked within one EN note. So with the proposed Paste and Match Style, I am left with two options: 1. text of differing random sizes and a resulting sloppy lo
  17. So how would Paste and Match Style work as intended for titles or other text tagged as Headers? Assume the font, size, color, etc. of the source text?
  18. It's such a basic and I would imagine often-used feature that having this error in a GA release makes me wonder if EN employees use Evernote betas for their own work. Seems they wait for GA releases like most users, because there's no way this bug could have survived beta testing if most EN employees used betas for their own work.
  19. Another way to view it is that software merely copied the physical file and folder structure along with its limitations, rather than use the power of digital to overcome the weaknesses of physical files and folders. Tags does that. I'm not 17, but I've been using tags in Gmail for years. In fact, once Gmail introduced tags, it was obvious to me that this was superior to folders. As for 17 yr olds, think about all those Gen Z kids on Gmail. Folders are going to seem archaic to them, and tags will feel natural. The benefits of tags have been explained many times, but one thing that
  20. Great! Were you guys able to reproduce the font size issue I described earlier in this thread?
  21. Here is another example of CTRL+SHIFT+V issues: Here's a note created prior to EN v6.6. Then I copy a bit of text from this page: https://ipsw.me/#!/download (have to select a device and software version to get the page showing the bit of text I'm copying): And here's the note after I hit enter to create a new line, then CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in the copied text: So line spacing, indent, font and bold are all not stripped out. The only thing that does get stripped out is font size and the pasted text is font size 9, which is a separate issue which I described
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