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  1. No worries, @ehrt74 will let the CEO of EN know that he cannot actually stop EN v6 from working even if the company wants to. 😉
  2. That may be a good guess. If it was easy to do, seems like a no-brainer to include that early on in v10, as nested tags could have been held up as evidence of the unified codebase reaping rewards. And it surely would have neutered at least some of the furor that accompanied v10 release. Instead, months after initial v10 release, we get a dashboard - a feature I don't recall seeing among the highly requested features such as nested tags, outline mode, etc.
  3. They also share a critical limitation of folders - a note can reside in only one folder. So yes, they are folders from the user perspective.
  4. Right, we have no idea. Though I'm guessing monthly or weekly active users is the denominator. Not much point for EN to include people who aren't at least somewhat active. As someone who has very few notebooks and relies more heavily on search and tagging, I'm disappointed that tag use hasn't really caught on with a larger segment of EN userbase. Most seem mired in the folder structure and the hierarchy it provides. I don't even rely on hierarchical tags that much. Don't have much interest in "browsing" my notes. I find what I need by search and related notes (e.g., notes related to a pro
  5. Ouch. Checkmate. 2% (or was it 5%) according to no less an authority than the CEO.
  6. I thought @catsknit's question about v6's life is relevant, and has been left unaddressed by Evernote, so it's only natural that people will want to discuss it. To paraphrase your words, If it bothers you that much, ignore it. I expect v6 will be around longer than v6 will be relevant, so I'm not personally concerned about whether EN could pull the plug on it or not, though I do find the discussion about that issue interesting. The v10 debacle spurred me to look around at some other note apps for the first time in several years (back then it was only EN and ON in terms of cross platform n
  7. We're talking about an app that has to phone home when you first install it. I'm pretty sure they can pull the plug on sync when they're ready to do so.
  8. As per @CalS' post, seems this has been done before. If it were EN's intention to allow v6 to sync for years to come, given all the complaints about v10 and all the user departures and many more threats of departures, wouldn't EN come out and say as much in order to calm the waters? I view their silence on v6 (other than to say it can be used for now) in the face of the user uproar as a signal that v6 will definitely be rendered inoperable at some point. My personal view is at least 6 months from v10 release, perhaps longer if approximate feature parity takes longer to achieve. And
  9. Thanks. Strange that "remove reminder" removes reminder tag from note attributes in Mac, but "clear reminder" does NOT remove reminder tag from note attributes in Windows. I may have to install v10 - perhaps the unified codebase changes things in this regard.
  10. How are you doing this in Mac? In Windows, if a note has reminder, the alarm clock icon is in blue (as opposed to greyed out if no reminder). Turning on the reminder assigns a value to 'reminder order' so now it will show in note attributes. When clicking this alarm clock icon when a reminder exists, options are to 'mark as done', 'clear reminder' or 'add date'. Even if I 'clear reminder', the reminder tags remain in note attributes. Strange that the behavior would be different in Mac. Unless you are removing the reminder in a different manner?
  11. My bad. I was thinking performing a search of notes by tag, not a search of tags themselves. Anyway, I discovered this morning that Joplin does have partial word search, partial tag search and partial notebook search. CTRL+P brings up this search - just starting typing and search runs as you type each letter. For tags, start with #, and for notebooks start with @. I think you'll find it works in the manner you're accustomed to from years of EN use. Easy to try out since when you install Joplin, it includes some introductory and explanatory notes, so you can run search on those, no ne
  12. @DTLow, let me pick your brain, since you're pretty good with this stuff. So even if I clear reminder order, reminder time and reminder done time in EN v6 Windows, those reminder tags remain in the <note attributes> section for that note in the enex file (with values as shown in prior post - there's a value, but it's no longer unique once the reminder fields have been cleared in the app). As a point of comparison, notes that never had reminders do not have reminder tags in the <note attributes> section in the enex. Having these reminder tags can present issues when importing i
  13. I guess turning reminder off in the app clears Reminder Order, but when I look at the enex for such a note, the Note Attributes contain Reminder Order, Reminder Time and Reminder Done Time tags all with same value (which I assume denotes cleared status), even though all 3 fields are cleared in the app. <reminder-order>00001231T000000Z</reminder-order><reminder-time>00001231T000000Z</reminder-time><reminder-done-time>00001231T000000Z</reminder-done-time> For a note that never had a reminder, the Note Attributes does not contain any of these reminder ta
  14. In side list view, I can access Reminder, Reminder Time, and Reminder Done. But not Reminder Order. What exactly does Reminder Order do? How can I access this? And how can I clear it? I'm on Windows Legacy, but can install v10 if that version makes accessing Reminder Order easier.
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