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  1. Which EN app are you using? In the Windows app, it's File > New Local Notebook.
  2. Autohotkey scripts for Evernote

    I've never looked into it, but I'd guess that AHK can be used to detect monitor resolution and choose the offset you've coded for that particular resolution. AHK forum is a very helpful resource.
  3. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    Interesting. Is anyone else seeing this font size issue?
  4. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    @Jay-Bob I take it that you are able to reproduce the behavior demonstrated in my screencast?
  5. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    The font size issues I've been pointing out since 6.6GA and the subsequent betas are still in effect in 6.7GA.
  6. Why do thieves break into houses more often than they break into banks? After all, there's a lot more money in the bank. Because the security is weaker. And there is no shortage of blogs, videos, forum posts where people talk about how much of their info is stored in Evernote, with very few of those testimonies stressing the importance of local notebooks for data you really wouldn't want hacked (or, as you suggest, keeping such data out of EN altogether). So would-be thieves know there is a treasure trove of information that likely has lesser security than much larger corporations.
  7. Yet another major corporation was hacked, this time Equifax, that may have affected data of 143 million customers (if you're in the US reading this, it's safe to assume you are one of them!). We've seen other large scale hacks, such as Target. If these companies, who spend many multiples of what Evernote can afford to spend on cybersecurity, can be hacked, one would be very naive to believe that Evernote will not be hacked (if it hasn't already). This is just another reminder of the value of local (unsynchronized) notebooks. If data is in the cloud, it will eventually be hacked. That is a fact of life in the cloud computing age.
  8. Same here. There was another thread on this.
  9. Evernote for Windows 6.7 Beta 3 Released

    Thanks. I've been using ScreencastOMatic, and the free version is good enough to record bugs, and it doesn't require installing the app. Snagit looks pretty cool, nice to be able to record and save as animated gif in one app.
  10. Evernote for Windows 6.7 Beta 3 Released

    What app(s) are you using to capture the screen and convert it to an animated gif?
  11. At first I was very excited about EN's new tables. And they are pretty useful . . . for small tables. I've got a large table (note size is 556 kb) and it is very slow to respond when opening the note, changing column widths, selecting text to copy, etc. Sometimes it is so unresponsive that I get the "not responding" error message. This spreadsheet size is trivially small for a spreadsheet app, but apparently too much for EN. Until things improve, I'll have to take this data back to spreadsheet. Bummer that I spent a fair bit of time copying the data from spreadsheet into text editor into EN.
  12. Text size changes on selection

    I've seen this too. I was busy the two times I experienced this (both times I was highlighting text using CTRL+SHIFT+arrow key), so I couldn't stop what I was doing, and when I went back to reproduce it, I could not. If you can reliably reproduce it, please explain the steps in detail so the moderators can reproduce it and then create a bug ticket (devs can't fix an error they cannot reproduce and thus identify the root cause). Better yet, take a screencast demonstrating the bug in action.
  13. I understand how people can use Keep or OneNote in roughly similar ways to Evernote. But I don't understand how this is done in Google Docs or MS Office. Using MS Office, do you put each note into its own Word doc? Can you get a listing of all your Word and Excel docs in a left pane and the contents in editable form in the right pane? Can you attach tags and reminders to each doc or spreadsheet? Does Office have a robust webclipper? Can you create saved searches (e.g., a saved search for a particular combination of tags and reminder dates)?
  14. Can you sketch in the Evernote PC App

    Never noticed this capability until this thread. When I create an ink note, it seems there is no ability to add (typed) text. So I created a regular note, then merged it with the ink note. The result is a regular note with an attachment, "attachment.bin". The attachment cannot be opened with Paint or Notepad. Sketches would be much more useful if they could be tied to text, which I suppose they can via linked notes, but would be nice to incorporate sketch + text in the same note.
  15. Ideally, the reminders could be accessed by keyboard shortcut. Failing that, access via right-click menu is certainly better than the current situation. At least right click access would make the reminder shortcuts some of us created using third party scripting software more robust (for example, I used AutoHotKey to create keyboard shortcuts to create, clear and change reminders; @csihilling has done the same using PhraseExpress). I made a request/suggestion thread on this topic here: