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  2. Ctrl+Z will undo as long as you haven't changed context.
  3. Hi. The post just before yours confirms that your issue is one that appears to affects certain customers only. It's difficult to 'fix' something without someone reporting this to Evernote Support and working with them to find out what causes the problem. Of course if you were a subscriber you'd have access... - And sorry but this is a mainly user-supported forum. Evernote staffers do read the content, but it's unknown when that information might get back to the company.
  4. Maybe a number of posts thing. I see what @gazumped sees.
  5. There's options for the note sequence All my note titles are prefixed with the subject date; for example 2020/05/21 Receipt [Groceries] They "remain in calendar sequence" when viewed in title sequence
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  7. I see. It doesn't work in the Expanded Card View, you have to be in the Card View. Thank you!
  8. Ok - I figured it out too: You must use the "notebook" view - you can't rearrange notebooks in the sidebar.
  9. And now I would, reluctantly, have to dispute @Nick L.'s explanation above. It happened to me again today, and it happened with the same note as the one I reported on May 16, 2020, above. So to me it seems to be related, not to a particular browser or problematic network connection, but to a particular note. And it gets worse: the Web beta created 10 copies of the note. I went to the Windows program, synced to get all 10 copies there, and then deleted all but one of them (i.e., moved them to Trash), and synced again. Back in the Web beta, annoyingly 3 copies were still showing in the All Notes list, not in Trash, though they seemed to function as a block and were labeled Trash. Stupidly assuming there was still one valid copy of the note in its notebook--but stupidly not checking--I stupidly emptied the Trash in the Web beta. Evernote dutifully synced this to all devices, and the note was gone forever. It was a note I used to keep track of something I want to keep track of, so months of data are lost. 😱😣😢 PS. The @#$# blank 3-note block is still present in All Notes and in the notebook, showing no data, unremovable, only there to mock me.
  10. Could you share what the solution is? I'm having the same problem!
  11. No, just pick the first note, then hold down <cmd> and select more. They will be visually grouped together like a stack of cards, and the options shown by DTLow will show below. The bottom option will add the same Tag to all notes. Operations on multiple notes like joining, tagging or TOC are available on Windows and Mac clients, not on the mobile ones.
  12. From what I read in the forum, a SSD is the only way to get good performance whenever there is a significant size of the EN data base. Since EN does not allow to pick the drive it is running from, this means replacing the system drive (C:) by a SSD. I can not confirm this, because I installed on my Win10-computer right away on my main SSD. But there are many reports here that problems went away after installing a SSD. Personally I think EN should be more flexible in choosing the drive, to allow to install it on a secondary or evening external drive. But as it is, this means replacing the HDD holding the C:-Directory by a SSD. Depending on the computer it may be possible to reuse the HDD as secondary drive. Hint 1: Using a SSD to hold Windows and the programs will speed up the computer significantly. So it is worth switching even beside the EN issue. Hint 2: Since SSD prices have fallen far, it is completely viable to install a nice internal SATA-SSD with 500GB for about 60-80 €/$. They come with programs that allow to move the content of the current drive to the SSD without a need to reinstall.
  13. Gah! The program is still freezing up when I start work. At least it syncs and is not corrupted. I am going to try reverting to slightly older program versions. I mean, the activity log did not state any errors with my database or sync. In fact, it doesn't seem to acknowledge that it even freezes during the log.
  14. I have been using Evernote for many years, but still have to use a desk diary as I can not find a way to ensure that entries remain in the heading order, like a diary. With a desk diary, if I tried something new 2 months ago & it did not work as I expected, I can go back and add notes on that day. Some days I forget to make entries, then go back & do them several days later. They should remain in calendar sequence like a desk diary. I want to increase the use I make of Evernote & do away with my desk diary, but don't see the point if notes wont stay where they should be.
  15. Even for non-authors, Evernote is a useful tool for storing reference data plus all my notes/documents - I'm currently over 15k notes >>If you're using a Mac for example, you can merge notes together Merge is a Windows/Mac feature An issue with Macs is the merge sequence is not based on the selected sequence >>A major downfall of Evernote is it it's not a consistent across platforms True, although I don't think "downfall" is the correct word I've always considered in my Evernote use; Mac is primary, iPad is supplemental I'd like to see more features for the iPad >>Evernote is not a replacement for xxxxxx" Definetly not a replacement for Ulysses and Scrivener >> Manual Sorting There's a request posted a https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119032-manual-sort/ To indicate your support, Use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion >>contacting Ian Small direct Ian's a busy guy Posting here is fine
  16. Why is the reason that appears this message? I have the internet service open and good. Even check with wifi or hotspot
  17. Hello there, I’m using Evernote 8.24.5 on an iPad Pro (2020), running iPadOS 13.5, connected to a Magic Keyboard. When working on a particular notebook, if I want to go back to the Notebook List by clicking the upper left arrow with the cursor using the keyboard’s trackpad, nothing happens, the cursor simply jumps to the corner of the menu area. Only clicking via finger tap works.
  18. Yeah, it does seem there has been some pretty big delays. My hope is that we see some change soon, I’m trying to get into the iOS beta to see how it is, will wait and see if that happens. I’m learning a system of notes and tags that is really working for me so I do hope that they get things going soon as I don’t know any other notes app that has a similar system and I mess about with them all lol.
  19. I have looked at various ways of contacting Ian Small direct and cannot figure out how to do it....if someone has the kings ear maybe he/she/they could share this? "Good afternoon I am as a long-term Evernote user 10 years I offer some suggestions for you to look at closely. This has been mentioned on the Evernote forum many many times again go back 10 years but nobody seem to take any notice and every time this is mentioned now it's dismissed and people are told to accept Evernote for the way it is. I think that the company is missing a major sales point which would enable Evernote to replace several commonly use applications which again on the subscription basis for example Ulysses, if I may explain. If you are writing anything a book a blog post anything at all that requires research then many of us utilise Evernote obviously when we wondering round the Internet finding information that may be used in the article and save it to evernote. It would be a huge benefit if you could manually sort notes within a folder as opposed to alphabetical order created etc because ,then, if you sort them manually and then merge them together there is your article or even a book created. It's not possible at the moment and nobody will listen and even consider implementing it. This leads me onto a second point If you're using a Mac for example, you can merge notes together, this does not appear to be possible on iOS device to say iPad or iPhone and there used to be third-party applications are allowed you to do it which are no longer available A major downfall of Evernote is it it's not a consistent across platforms. Considering the marketing drive by apple to get people to move towards iPads in place of laptops ( not something I agree with)the lack of a merge facility prevents many doing so. I believe you can't even merged using the web application which would be a fix which most people could live with " So two things Manual sorting The ability to merge notes on any device using that would enable you to replace the likes of Ulysses and Scrivener.' Post on the Evernote forum relating to above suggestions are met with responses such as "if you don't like what Evernote does move on...Evernote is not a replacement for xxxxxx" BUT they are missing the point...if EN wish to survive and generate more income why not strive to take over the market share of other programs? If the self appointed "Forum Police" want to tell me not to ask for developments that others have been asking for for years and been ignored...save your energy and don't bother 😉 The elephant in the corner of the room is being ignored.....
  20. Got it. Well now I know to not tinker too much with Evernote. The only saving grace I had was that database file backup. None of the other solutions helped, Optimize Drive hurt. I guess the software can be fragile at times. I had several fatal crashes come out of nowhere with my messed up database file.
  21. HDD. Yeah I guess the regular uninstall doesn't get rid of everthging. I did do a fresh install. The activity log said it finished sync! With only downloading 1% of my notes. Crazy.
  22. Definitely your superpower (because evidently my knowledge does know some bounds). Here's what I get:
  23. I hope you are right.. but almost exactly one year ago I grabbed a similar deal, with exactly the same expectation. A year later, still no new version and still the same bugs in the existing apps.
  24. @elevennails, thanks, that's clear. It's just not a feature I use, but I can certainly see how it would be necessary for that sort of work.
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