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  3. Are you trying to store Subject Date using the Created Date field? As per @gazumped, I store Subject Date as a prefix to the note title I default Subject Date to current date; I estimate 10% require adjustment (I clear my inbox daily) >>Future appointments I use Reminder Date; also sync to calendar >>All done on Evernote Windows. No issue editing Created Date on Windows or Mac. Not possible on IOS
  4. I estimate that I change at least 75% of all created dates (to reflect the actual correct date). * Scanned receipts always get a revised created date * Future appointments * Past activities, including vacation summaries * Genealogy information * Medical notes * Even web-captures that involve past or future political events All done on Evernote Windows.
  5. Thanks @Shane D. for clarifying and merging the parallel threads. This makes sense now. In the meantime I will just bump the site to Chrome if I need to clip. I think we can all agree that we want a highly reliable (and fast) web clipper, not one that was rushed out just because Apple changed their policy a little earlier than expected. Seems we will need to move to Mac App Store versions of Evernote if we want to use Safari Web Clipper in future, am I right? This is a change for me but I can't think of any problems, other than we may have to wait a day or so longer for new releases to be available?
  6. Yeah, later on I gave it a shot, too. No dice for me, either. Oh well.
  7. I usually think of that sort of activity as a jobs program for QA types... Hope you're enjoying your new gig. Do they want dark mode too?
  8. Yesterday
  9. What @gazumped said or you could add the cards to EN and tag them with Business.Card or the like. I did this before the business card feature was added. Any cards I add today also have the Business.Card tag though I use the feature in EN. FWIW.
  10. Of course it is. I could even print out stamps of my choosing off the internet! Cut them out! And stick em to the page using glue! Frame it! Then scan that document! Haha I’m just trying to report a bug, not really asking for advice. Thanks though. Why is an Evernote employee not responding...?? They have 139 computer engineers working at Evernote.. what the heck are they doing is now my real question?
  11. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that thread. It is good to know I'm not alone in my frustration. Using a different browser would require me to abandon a workflow I have spent a lot of time forming. It simply isn't an adequate solution.
  12. CalS

    Beta testing

    Beta editor version should look something like this. I have the left panel compressed, the black ribbon on this screen shot. Notice the editor choice in the bottom right.
  13. There's a similar discussion here: Meanwhile, you might consider another browser:
  14. FYI, I created a set of tags for recurring reminders that aren't date sensitive per se. !!Daily, !!Weekly, !!Monthly, !!Quarterly. I tag any note I want to review on a cycle with the appropriate tag. I have one note for each cycle type and I put a reminder on that note. Process is The cycle type note appears in the list for Today's item, !1 Today search in my case. Click on the note Click on all notes. Click on the arrow beside the !!tag and the list becomes the cycle type. Adjust the date on the cycle type note,. Not particularly elegant but quick. I use this mostly for thought pieces or that isn't critical but I just want to remind myself from time to time. FWIW.
  15. Agreed there's a problem. If you can't find a way to work around it, then -obviously- you need to look around for alternatives. If you don't want to do that, then I can only counsel patience...
  16. Thanks. I tried EN with one of the early 13 betas and it was a dumpster fire. Went back as fast as I could to 12 whatever. Don’t want to be the pioneer on this one.
  17. And Brave is faster and does a good job of blocking ads. Can’t go wrong in my view.
  18. I appreciate your explanation and optimism, but it still won't fix the problem. I'm probably funneling my other complaints about where Evernote has been headed into this one issue.
  19. The guy who actually built the current release has explained that there's no way to use the current code base to invoke a 'dark' option in the current Windows code base. So Evernote would need to rewrite the application from the ground up to deliver a dark mode. That rewrite has actually been started (although I don't know whether a Dark Mode is one of the immediate priorities) It won;t happen overnight either way.
  20. Hmmn. Well, I've posted elsewhere that ETA's tend to be hard when a tech company needs to understand what a third party actually did to their previously stable working environment to comprehensively mess it up so badly - and finding out what was done is the main issue. Once you know why things broke you can fix them; but it can be kinda difficult to predict when that "why" discovery will be made. "Diligently working" seems to indicate that they have at least one person, maybe a team working hard on this. As soon as that team has a result I'm sure we'll hear something...
  21. @PinkElephant and @rubendny, I have to agree that Evernote really dropped the ball on this one. @Ian Small, I expected much more of you. How did you allow this to happen on your watch? IAC, guys, you might use this opportunity to consider another Browser: Brave Browser First, BB uses the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper, which works great! BB has all the benefits of a Chrome-based browser, but without the privacy and other issues that Google brings with it. BB can use all of the extensions in the Google Chrome store, which gives you access to many, many more extensions and features that Safari ever provided. BB is very scriptable, so there is much you can automate with it using AppleScript, JavaScript for Automation (JXA), and Keyboard Maestro. While you wait for Evernote to come out with a fix for the Safari Clipper, you might give BB a try.
  22. Again it is an unfortunate inconvenience but the short-term answer is to use another browser. I have switched to Chrome on the Mac, temporarily.
  23. OK - based on that general information; do you have access to a text expander like er, TextExpander? The content of your stamps might be available via another app?
  24. As @gazumped said; a pre-recorded saved search The ToC contents are refreshed automatically Filterize runs the search often (hourly?); my scripting runs each morning and on demand The ToC note can contain multiple searches. So different sections in the note; my task note has sections for Important&Urgent, Important, Urgent, Dated, Not-Dated
  25. Hi, yes I did see that post. That is what sparked my initial outrage. Catalina has had a Beta version for developers for quite some time. Evernote wasn't blindsided by this release. They should have been prepared. The web clipper is a major piece of the Evernote puzzle, and so is compatibility with versions of MacOS. As a long time customer I am very upset that they don't even have an ETA just a "we're diligently working on it." The whole company has gone down hill since Phil L. left. I feel trapped. I'd leave but I'm so invested in the ecosystem so I can't. Evernote knows this and is taking users for granted.
  26. It's a pre-recorded search. Instead of having to run the search on a daily basis, you simply open the ToC note and your results are there immediately. It's really lazy. I love it....
  27. Hi. Did you see this post?
  28. Hi. beyond showing the business card picture on a desktop and scanning it (again) with the phone, I have no ideas...
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