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  1. I simply haven't paid attention to the task bar icon; I haven't said anything about like or not like .... I just couldn't do anything with the "menu shells" settings, that's all. 😁
  2. today I had the opportunity to check it at my Windows Computer again, and you are right: "Menüschalen-Assistent" in German is the little icon in the task bar. But not just an icon: if you click on it, you can create a quick note in Evernote ... not so bad ... except for the translation of this setting 😅
  3. ich habe es auch mal mit einem Screenshot an den Support geschickt. Ich kann mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen, was eine "Menüschale" sein soll. I also sent it to support with a screenshot. I can't imagine for the life of me what a "Menüschale" is supposed to be.
  4. Hi, the translation into German is partly really weird in Evernote for Windows 10. Can anyone please tell me, what this settings should be? The word "Menüschalen-Assistent" is simply not existent in German and I have no idea, what this term should be. Could you please explain with an image, what this setting should be? Thank you. Version that I am using: 10.91.3-win-ddl-public (20240606121101) Editor: V 178.11.1 Service: V 1.109.4
  5. what is "working"? The auto-rotation although (!) the auto-rotation is locked (!) in portrait (!) format?
  6. I can't believe it ... this issue is from Dec. 2022 and they haven't got this solved? What a shame! I have the same problem of Auto-Rotation although my devices are locked for automatic rotation! Happens on the phone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus And: I got the same words as you from support!🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏻
  7. Thanks, that was exactly the words I received yesterday from support 🙄 1 year is your support request now old and they have done NOTHING since 1 year?? What a shame!
  8. Does anyone has this issue too? I have locked my phone (Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Android 14 and ONE UI 6.0) into portrait mode, so that even when I turn my phone accidentally in horizontal, every app shouldn't turn but remain in portrait mode. So far so good, works fine with every app on my phone ... except of Evernote (version 10.81.0 from update today): Although my phone is locked in portrait mode and I turn my phone accidentally horizontal, then the Evernote app turns it's view, too! But I haven't set at my phone this automatic turn of view! Do you have this phenomenon (Android)?
  9. No, I read somewhere from EN themselves that they have introduced that images can be aligned next to text - that is what I mean. Just haven't found their post concerning that, probably on X.
  10. Image Alignment does not work at all - see screenshots attached. No matter what kind of alignment I choose. The image moves to the right, for example, when I choose that icon, okay, but the text stays always below the image. No, there is no extra line / linebreak after the image. Windows 10 prof. x64 Desktop Evernote: 10.78.2-win-ddl-public (20240227143346) Editor: V 177.5.0 Service: V 1.94.2
  11. In the legacy version you could specify how the notes are sorted within a notebook. This is also possible in the new version, but it is global for ALL notebooks. Please reintroduce the ability to set a notebook sorting view INDIVIDUALLY. Example: some notebooks should ALWAYS be sorted by name, other notebooks ALWAYS sorted by modified date.
  12. Again: this is not the problem!!! The problem is, that clicking on "add more" and choosing an EXISTING template, NO MATTER WHAT TEMPLATE, then it does NOTHING! Nothing is inserted in the note! It's a technical bug, it has nothing to do WHAT template I choose 🙄
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