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  1. ... not Evernote, but the OFFLINE NOTEBOOKS I'd like to use. I don't know the problem, because currently I installed DropSync, for example, and a notification popup said, that the user needs to give authority to write on the SD-Card; and as soon as you click to allow that, writing on SD-card is possible (Android 9). So IT IS possible in general - and I have NOT a rooted device, just saying ...
  2. 4 years later ... what are now the news about storing offline notebooks on SD card?
  3. With the newest update the search on Android works perfect now!
  4. okay, but on any internet linked desktop computer you cannot pay via Google Play; for this you need to be on an Android device. I contacted the support, but only get the message to push the upgrade button, that I do not have in my Evernote settings in my German Evernote on Android. Here even Premium is noted, although that expired on 27.9.2018. I logged out and logged back in, updated the app and synced it, just the same: http://imgbox.com/X33SSTsP
  5. Hi, I purchased Evernote Premium (Android) by paying it with Google Play. By accident I deleted this subscription and now it ends and needs to be renewed. Unfortunately I cannot find at my Android tablet and phone anything how to renew it. At Google Play -> subscription it is already deleted, so I cannot renew it there. Since Evernote Web does not support Android browsers at all (really a joke!!!), I cannot access there my online account of Evernote. Today I got an email: but there is no setting anywhere, where to do this. Can anyone help me please how to renew it? I already bought Google Play credits for this renewal :-/ Thanks.
  6. Evernote is in my autostart (WIN 10 x64), at my computer and at my notebook. On both systems I got the same error since the last Evernote update. Arthur's solutions does not fix it. Anyone else an idea please? Thanks.
  7. I agree ... I'm a premium user and THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to not have a perfect working restore function!!
  8. Yes, I can confirm, too, that the newest Windows client (271593) Prerelease synchronizes now without any problems the notes from public shared notebooks, that I'm a member of.
  9. UPDATE for your information: Installed today Evernote (271446) Prerelease: the bug with shared notebook not synchronizing on Evernote Windows Client (see my postings above) is still not solved.
  10. As mentioned above, I use the current BETA version 5.4.0 - the bug is not resolved. The support had closed my ticket, because there is "currently no solution for this SYNC error of shared notebooks on Windows clients" ... sad, but true. They only told me, that if this is a bug, they will try to solve this in future versions.
  11. I installed today the Beta ... this SYNC error is still not fixed :-( Shared notebooks are only shared at Android tablet and smartphone, but not on Windows client: there the notes are not updated/synchronized. Concerning all public shared notebooks: Missing share key or global id for notebook "Going Paperless" shared by jamietr Missing share key or global id for notebook "evernote-tips" shared by evernote-tips Missing share key or global id for notebook "Evernote SMLC" shared by cholton51 OS: Windows 7 prof. 64bit Has anyone found a solution?
  12. UPDATE: I installed today the 5.3.0 Public version of the Evernote Windows client. The support told me to unsubscribe to my shared notebooks (like the "going paperless" one for example), then log off of the Evernote client, log in again and sync. After this subscribe again to the shared notebooks and sync. But the error is still there: it works fine on my Android tablet and phone, but not on the Windows client of Evernote: the shared notebooks appear, yes, but without any notes and without a working Sync :-/ Has anyone already solved this perhaps?
  13. Obviously, it is not a matter of a special (shared) notebook, I use for example https://www.evernote.com/pub/jamietr/goingpaperless, and https://www.evernote.com/pub/cholton51/evernotesmlc, but have the same issue with other shared notebooks of other people, too: Missing share key or global id for notebook ... These shared notebook sync with my Android phone and Android tablet, but not with my Windows client (Windows 7 prof. 64bit). The support answered me today, that they are analyzing probably a bug of the Windows client concerning shared notebooks and that I should try the beta at http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/prerelease/Evernote_5.3.0.3252.exe I have installed that, but the error is still there.
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