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  1. I am already getting super nervous about that several of these behind the scenes videos show truncated text in different places.. For example in this video @0.55 you can see that the text maxes out at about 30 letters. With all that screen estate, why would you have that limit? I am relying heavily on that Ctrl+Q search on Windows can display up to 100 letters. I therefore sure hope that this isn't going to replace Ctrl+Q search.. Except for that, it looks great!
  2. It does, you just hold down the Shift key when you expand/collapse the level. The workaround above is just needed for "Tags view" and when you want to collapse or expand all levels.
  3. That is mostly correct. If you don't use the Tag Picker, but use Ctrl+Q instead, you also get to see all the notes as a "tool tip" if you hoover over each tag.
  4. Would that limit apply to the "Tag Kingdom" as well? While I am most likely a unique user case (I use the tag hierarchy as a combined tag + mind mapping-system, with 45000+ tags with long names and 30+ levels) and I respect that the product development can't take such rare user cases into consideration, I still want to voice my concerns when a new version messes with my current work flow like the changes to the Android version might.
  5. This sounds like a great step in the right direction for iOS and I am greatful for the focus put on improving the tag experience. I am however a bit concerned for Android. As already mentioned above, you do get a hierarchy on Android when browsing the tags. One of the good things with how the hierarchy has been implemented today is that when you navigate to the child tags of a parent tag, all the screen estate is given to browsing the child tags. My concern with the implementation in the video is that it is unclear whether you can scroll horizontally in the hamburger menu/left panel, or what would happen when you have nested tags with longer names nested in several levels. My other general concern is the "Unassign tag from all notes", which I pray for has a confirm box as I will most likely end up hitting that by mistake several times on a touch screen. I still wish for that confirm box to be implemented on Windows, as I even with a mouse have been through times where I have unassigned tags through a click misfire..
  6. As long as this basic way of implementing nested tags isn't carried over onto other versions I am grateful for a welcomed improvement. So, while it's a good way to test new ideas and such on the web, the web is still going to be a bottle neck for power use and desktop versions of Evernote from 10 years ago are still going to be more powerful. The only worrisome part of the video is 0.51 where the list of notebooks to choose from hasn't (yet) been adapted to the lenght of the names of the notebooks. This has always been the worst part of how tags have been displayed/handled on iOS. It gives you like 15 letters max..
  7. I strongly agree with this as well. The current tag system and the Windows left panel tag list, together with the option of also using the Tag view in the right window and dragging and dropping in between the two is the most productive and resource effective way of working with tags. I also rely heavily on the "scroll left panel item into view when the item is selected"-feature in options. I pray before every major update that no one messes with this on Windows. But if the idea is to bring the best of this also into other client and implementing them in a way that would be the best fit for that system, I am of course all for that! And, like @PinkElephant mentioned, it would also be great if some additional visual tag/note functions based on the idea of Mohio map or Bubble browser etc. were implemented. I also think the potential of the current Context feature is criminally underused when it is now limited to only a couple of notes. It would also be great if it suggested related tags and gave some type of explanation why the notes are suggested.
  8. In the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote) there is a key called ShowLeftPane. You could try setting that to 1 when you have completely exited Evernote (check that the Clipper and Tray application are closed as well in the Task manager.
  9. Personally I think the Android version is far superior to the iOS version..
  10. I don't think we should expect any major changes until v.7 is released. My guess is that won't be released until closer to the summer at the earliest..
  11. Samsung Notes replaced Samsung's S Note, which was on the previous Note phones. S Note has more features than Samsung Notes and also has an automatic sync with Evernote feature which is greatly integrated (if you open a synced S Note note in Evernote, it will automatically open in S Note and any changes to the note will be reflected in the updated Evernote note). I therefore suggest you download S Note from the Galaxy store on your phone and try it out. Only downside is that the notes you make when you pull out the pen when the phone is off will still end up in Samsung Notes.
  12. While I think we all would like a better note editor, the early point of Evernote was to quickly capture and retrieve "notes" as the word is described in the dictionary. This has come to influence Evernote to this day. Your definiton of a note is not a note, but a document. A document can be put in a folder and folders can be put in other folders and so on. However, notes are taken in notebooks and you can't put books in other books, you can only stack books on top of each other. And you can't put stacks in other stacks without having one large stack. This is also reflected in Evernote Those apps you are mentioning are more like simple word processing apps. But since Evernote is such a great retrieval app, I do wish they would implement a word processing mindset. The lack of good stylus support is probably caused by old code not playing well with such an implementation, Apple and Steve Jobs being very anti-stylus for a long time and the fact that it's still a small number that uses a stylus. I've had a good stylus since Surface 2, now on Surface 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so I've wished for a long time for better pen support on all OS.
  13. It seems like further development of Spaces has been dropped, and the person in charge of Spaces issues here on the forum has also left Evernote..
  14. Only thing that has worked for me and my 30.000+ notes, when Evernote has started lagging in the past, is using Optimize Database under the Help menu if you press Help while holding the Ctrl-key.
  15. The star is displayed in the note list on my 6.17 installation. Have you recently updated to the Windows 10 October update? I had to revert back to the earlier version just because it messed up the display of heavy Unicode characters, such as the heavy black star (they have now fixed it in their insider program for later versions). You can double check if that's the problem by pasting the star into Windows Notepad, which also had the same Unicode problem as Evernote.
  16. I use Ctrl+Q instead of Alt+F2. That works in single window note view as well
  17. Just out of curiosity, why would you need to clear context in the search bar sometimes when you have Ctrl+Q in those times which will restart the search?
  18. What I have done is create a "saved search" called "All notes" by saving a search containing only a special character (such as #, since Evernote search doesn't recognize special characters and instead returns all notes in the search results). That saved search can be pinned to Shortcuts, and is also displayed at the bottom if you use Ctrl+Q Such a saved search will also let you use the "Always use for..." function in the view-settings, which gives you the option for the All notes-button and "All notes"-saved search to have different default sorting orders.
  19. The two issues brought up in this thread has been addressed though. Note touch scroll was implemented in version 6 and a pop-up keyboard setting even when you are not in Tablet mode is now found in Windows 10 settings under input. Evernote v.6 is still not that touch optimized though (such as the left panel not being touch scrollable).
  20. It's just as annoying every time, but I find the quickest workaround to be adding a second tag and then removing them both.
  21. Please fix this.. It's been reported too many times for too long of a time now after its random appearance months ago..
  22. This has been an issue for me for newly created notes if switched or closed prior to a point where the note receives an automatic title. Has this happened for you with changes to existing notes as well?
  23. All color styles were preserved for me, but I have my shortcuts in the toolbar and there they are b/w either way. I tried moving it to the left panel and the colors are still there. Did it only affect the styles in your shortcuts or everything?
  24. Well the "Always use" feature was implemented not that long ago, but the way stacks function has been around since the early days. So my guess would be that it's a limitation of the system. But since a stack works pretty much as "saved" search in itself (it has its own name and everything), I don't see why it couldn't be treated as a container that could have its saved view.
  25. Wasn't a stack always handled as a search in this way? I have 6.14 on a second machine and it's a search there as well and I think it always has.. You have to save the search and then navigate to the saved search (and not the stack) to be able to save the view for that saved search (the stack). It's "Always use" under "Sort options" and "View options". A "view"(is a container: notebook, tag or saved search) can have it's view customized and saved, a search cannot have it's view customized and saved unless the search is first contained in a saved search(a "view").
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