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  1. Heheh - well, I'm pleased for you that you almost never print anything... I too, don't print very often but, I am required to maintain a career 'ePortfolio' that (not without lashings of irony considering the 'e' in the name) will need to be printed to take to meetings/interviews. I can't currently present what I have without many hours of effort transferring it to another programme. The simplicity of input and tagging within Evernote is amazing but I can't believe this is a terribly difficult fix to change how underlines (and italics) work and you seemed to suggest you knew it was on the development timeline? Cheers Vicky
  2. Urgh - I'm having issues with this problem as well. And the printing from the web doesn't look very smart. I really would like it if they could sort this... or perhaps some sort of decent export tool.
  3. I've tried by Zendone and also GQueues (configured for GTD - no link to Evernote) but I think I'm going back to straight Evernote. The way I have is set up is to have the tags with sub-tags (only sub-tags in how they look on Windows Evernote) as follows: _Context @Computer @Home @Work @Outing @(Specific Places I go to regularly) @Phone _Projects .Project1 .Project2 .Etc Archived Projects _Time <10 --- I use this one to track tasks that are more than 2 minutes but that I can get done in less than 10 minutes - nice when I have a quick break to be able to find something appropriate. I could probably also create 'Tickler' timescales in here as well but I haven't found those to be useful yet. Then I have notebooks specifically for my tasks: Tasks (notebook stack) !Focus --- This is a bit of a work around - I like to have an idea of what my higher priority ones are and I think it's better to have a notebook as I don't want to have to add/remove a tag, I can just drop the note/task into this folder from wherever it is. !Next Actions Sometime/Maybe Renovations --- This is a specific one for me - we have a lot of house renovations to do but no money with which to do them - it's kind of a "Sometime/Maybe" but wanted them separate. They could also just be tagged with a '.Renovations' project but I found they tended to clutter up my other tasks and it may be several years before I can tackle them. I use my Google Calendar for tasks with a specific date in mind. I use Reminders on Tasks that are either linked to those events or are things I *might* go to but don't want to clutter my calendar with. I'm still playing and refining, these are the big positives and negatives I've found with 'vanilla' Evernote over other task lists or task lists that attempt to integrate with Evernote. Pros: - Only one set of tags to maintain. - Nice integration with all my gadgets (I have some clever shortcuts set up on my phone to keep everything very easy to review/add) - Confidence in my data sync/security - Good integration with things like Evernote Clipper Cons: - Still feel the 'focus' idea needs refining - I don't subscribe to reviewing my tasks every day/every month - I should only be looking at them twice (or possibly three times tops) - once to add them, possibly once to refine their categorisation/tags and once when I do the task and get rid of it. Having to move them between a 'Next Actions' pile and 'Focus' pile is an unnecessary step but I'm still working on how to do that better. - The data-hoarder in me feels a bit unhappy with deleting my tasks when I've done them but archiving them leaves them appearing in searches and if you have a reminder on them there's a two-step process to remove the reminder and then archive - not happy with that either. For the moment, I just don't empty my trash and if/when I do decide to empty it, I can always search using the @ symbol and then archive them then. Happy to talk through the things I've done on my Android phone to make access to my 'Tasks' very easy if someone is interested.. Cheers Vicky
  4. I would very much like to see this fixed. I can't believe that basic tags like < hr> and tables are that hard to implement properly on Android.
  5. Heya, I've been told (following a support chat) to post on here a request to get the Android application up to scratch regarding formatting support. At the moment, neither the < hr > nor tables are supported in Android... quite a big issue IMHO. Cheers Vicky
  6. Not really a solution to your direct problem but I have found that Papyrus is a nice piece of software to use on the Note 10.1 - it ignores your palm and stuff like that and you can either save to Evernote or set it to sync the Dropbox and then set up a IFTTT rule to copy to Evernote automatically. Cheers Vicky
  7. Hi all, I have a basic 'food diary' template with BOLD words and bullet-point lists in Evernote that I'd like to see created/duplicated every day. I can see that this isn't possible to do in Evernote itself so I thought that perhaps I could do it in IFTTT. However, I'm struggling to create a note that has the formatting in... this is perhaps more of an IFTTT question but I thought I'd ask on here as it is also related to the oddness of ENML. Anyone created Evernote notes in IFTTT with formatting? Cheers Vicky
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