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  1. I meant to post it in the Android section, so I moved it. Could be more of a general question as well though. I agree that Evernote is going "light" in a sense with V10, but it's not intentional though as they are phasing out the legacy versions and are now adding new features to V10 without fixing its issues with speed and reliability first. A real "light" version would be V10 without any speed and reliability issues and therefore a few less features, placed alongside a main app developed with the senior Evernote power users in mind instead. To me, it sounds like you are not happy with the "light" version being the main app and that your "no" answer should be one of the other two options.
  2. Could it be that the idea of power user functionality, that has made Evernote what it is, clashes with the idea of streamlining the development across all platforms and making the product more inviting to newbies so the number of subscribers can grow? But couldn't these two both be cared for by releasing a secondary, more simple, "light" version, that would require little to no continuous development costs and that would always be reliable in terms of speed and functionality? I am using the legacy versions for power user functionality today. I would gladly use a new "Light" version on the side, with less functionality at times, and it would probably suit the newbies a lot more than the version out today. The main problem is that the new versions are more "light" but neither reliable nor speedy, and that the development of the more powerful (and still more reliable) legacy versions has stopped. This is quite clearly reflected in the constant line of one star reviews for the app in the Google Play store. Initially I bought the statement that the new app platform would allow for a much quicker way of implementing new features. However, the much requested return of the Ctrl+Q(Win) and Cmd+J(Mac) feature has been listed in the release notes as coming "soon" for at least 6 months, which makes me doubt that the new platform is all that easy to work with.
  3. I am using a floating keyboard and can't get the editor toolbar to show. I have to switch back to the docked toolbar to get it to display above the keyboard. There has to be someway to make it show at the bottom of the screen when the keyboard is floating. Also, does anyone know a way to highlight words without having to click the highlighter and then proceed to choose a color every single time?
  4. Search results text is truncated and display a limited number of results, left panel text is truncated, note list note titles are truncated, tag names are truncated etc.. Please make the UI customizable/adaptive to the lenght of the names of the meta data. This especially concerns the left panel and the pop-out Tags window which should both be manually expandable to cover the whole screen.
  5. Alot of v10 is a mess right now but please at least re-implement the optional navigation feature "Scroll left panel item into view when the item is selected". While it may not be a deal breaker to most (Phil Libin's 5% "problem" maybe), I personally consider it the most important power feature in all of Evernote and it is crucial for my workflow.. 😢
  6. Yeah the window definitely needs to automatically adjust to fit the text being displayed. This is just not working...
  7. Yeah, I've already tried that and I don't have any offline notebooks. And if I disconnect from both Wifi and 4G, I can still access the tag section and expand the sections with the crazy delay, which means that all tags are cached offline regardless of whether you have offline notebooks. And as the search suggestions are instant and as navigation among tags can be carried out without any significant delay on all other versions of Evernote, it seems more like this version hasn't been optimized for larger amounts of data.
  8. I have the 2019 iPad Pro 256GB+4G version. The behavior happens every time for every section. I have no offline notebooks downloading and all notes have been synched. I am however a power user, with 40.000 notes, 1.000 notebooks and 50.000 tags. I would guess that it has something to do with that, but that number is however not even close to the maximum numbers of notes or tags.
  9. Yeah, that tag section is broken for me. I have a lot of data (40.000 notes, 1.000 notebooks and 50.000 tags) and I don't think they developed the new version(s) with their max limitations (100.000 notes, 1.000 notebooks, 100.000 tags) in mind.. Regardless, I prefer if the search function shows everything and not a couple of suggestions of what it thinks I am looking for as that is almost always going to be wrong as I have too much data for it to be able to guess that accurately.
  10. Search suggestions are limited to just 2 notes and 5 tags. Is this by design? I would definitely prefer if the tag search suggestions are unlimited as they have always been... Now when also the tag page isalso broken for me, so that I can't search for tags in there, I have no way to find my tags..
  11. Yes, @Ian Small please don't move forward with the new Android and Windows version before this is fixed... If this is the performance on an iPad Pro i don't know what to expect on other devices.
  12. I am already getting super nervous about that several of these behind the scenes videos show truncated text in different places.. For example in this video @0.55 you can see that the text maxes out at about 30 letters. With all that screen estate, why would you have that limit? I am relying heavily on that Ctrl+Q search on Windows can display up to 100 letters. I therefore sure hope that this isn't going to replace Ctrl+Q search.. Except for that, it looks great!
  13. It does, you just hold down the Shift key when you expand/collapse the level. The workaround above is just needed for "Tags view" and when you want to collapse or expand all levels.
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