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  1. gustavgi

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    6.15 GA still has the annoying bug that you can't rename tags in the note window by right clicking, if the tag is hidden due to lack of screen estate (three down arrows).
  2. You can drag tags from a Ctrl+Q search into a new or existing note, as a workaround.
  3. gustavgi

    Delete extra tags, when they not use in notebook

    You kind of already have this feature, but not in the left panel. After you choose a notebook, press this icon:
  4. But with Evernote Business and Work chat they do a pretty good job at suggesting that Evernote is a tool for serious work (or at least aims to be)..
  5. gustavgi

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 GA bugs

    Well Evernote are pretty much forced themselves to act when they have identified serious security risks. So the problem isn't them forcing us to upgrade as that is the responsible thing to do. The problem is the current status of the current version, which unfortunately happens to coincide with them having to force us to upgrade. And the current status is mainly a problem because there is a clear lack of relationship between the feedback given by the users in the beta threads, and the decision to keep pushing out new GA versions to the public on a regular basis as if there were some absolute release calendar. A new version of Evernote used to be something to always looks forward to. The worst that could happen was pretty much some new UI changes that you didn't like. But since about a year back, upgrading has been a bit more like russian roulette. Even though I myself quite like the new PDF viewer and its ability to scroll (since I never had a workflow dependent on drag-and-drop etc.), I still sympathize with everyone who use Evernote as its GTD system etc., and who has been using that system for a long time and according to the numerous books and blog posts written based on how Evernote works. Due to the backlash I really though Evernote were gonna bring back the old PDF viewer or at least openly guarantee that drag-and-drop will be incorporated in the near future. Now the major Focus-bug seems to have been fixed in 6.14, so I hope that is a sign that 6.15 will bring even more major bug-fixing. (the new Notebook view can wait)
  6. 1. Can't rename or delete tags in a note when right-clicking on a tag attached to a note, if the tag is hidden due to lack of screen space in the note. 2. Double tapping on a word on a touch screen is now recognized as a right click instead of select, where the right click menu blocks the selection arrow behind it. 3. The option to uncheck "Show notification when context is available" is now ignored and the notification is still displayed. 4. Assign tags window (Ctrl+Alt+T) does no longer display the full tag names, as they are cut off if longer. 5. Copy+pasting text from a Word document now only preserves rich text formatting sometimes. 6. The new Notebooks view is still way to slow to be of any use. 7. The scroll bar in the side/top list still doesn't work.
  7. You have to uncheck "Clear context on search" in Options\Search. Evernote guessed that most people want a keyboard shortcut for a fresh search instead of filtering further, as filtering further is done by clicking and typing. But they gave everyone a choice which is great!
  8. gustavgi

    REQUEST: Check Box Option

    Doubt they will implement this as it would deviate from normal check box behaviours and Evernote is still behind on other common formatting choices. I suggest you look at other workarounds. One suggestion would be that you replace your "completed failed" check boxes with : x : (no space in between) as this automatically turns into ❌ just like it does when you write in this forum.
  9. We who do update will still complain
  10. gustavgi

    Show shortcuts list vertically

    You can place a vertical shortlist in the top of the left panel either by right clicking among the shortcuts, or in Options under Navigation.
  11. gustavgi

    How do you organize your stacks?

    I use stacks mainly as a recurring pre-filter for searches, so that I can just click on a stack and search right away inside all the notebooks in that stack. So even if I have two notebooks where the subjects are closely related, I may split them up in different stacks that are right next to each other if I usually don't want to search with both of them included.. This strategy also lets me have two different notebooks on the same subject, but where I put only the more important notes on that same subject in one of those notebooks. So if I want to search all my notes on that subject by including both notebooks in the search, I just click on the stack. I use tags for actual relationships and hierarchies.
  12. gustavgi

    Copy link to another Note, but with a route back

    You can also use the browsing navigational arrows, if you add it to the top toolbar by customizing it. (That won't help you if you don't start in the table of contents note though)
  13. gustavgi

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    😂 A bequest given by he who hath nothing but an empty title.
  14. gustavgi

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    Actually it now seems to be a Windows issue, as this problem only pops up on the 1 of 3 PCs where I am using a new Windows 10 Insider beta build (and where the looks of all Unicode symbols in Evernote has changed). It seems like Microsoft updated the appearance of all the Unicode characters to Unicode 11 in the latest build, and some got lost.. Hopefully this is fixed before the release in two months..
  15. gustavgi

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    This might have been reported earlier, but I just upgraded to 6.14 from 6.11 on my secondary PC and it seems like some Unicode characters are no longer displayed in my tag names. I have 1000+ tags with these characters.. So far i listed the following: ❢ ❞ ★ ⍮ ⎋ ⎆ http://graphemica.com/❢ http://graphemica.com/❞ http://graphemica.com/★ http://graphemica.com/⍮ http://graphemica.com/⎋ http://graphemica.com/⎆ Seems like this causes sync failure as well, as those tags can't sync with the placeholder character.