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  1. Does anyone have this information in Billing History? "Your Evernote Premium subscription will expire on December 27, 2021 and will not renew. After that date, your account level will be downgraded to Evernote Basic." I have been a subscriber for three years and have not canceled my subscription. I bought Evernote on Google Play. I checked and the subscription is active on Google Play.
  2. Since yesterday, I have been wondering what this email was meant for. At the moment, there are no specific infos, apart from emphasizing that the old price can be kept (lower by implication). A few ideas have already fallen. This thought came to me after reading this https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/131224-to-all-disappointed-premium-users-lets-cancel-our-subscriptions/?tab=comments#comment-590743 Is this email from EN that only mentions prices not a threat? If users now cancel their subscription and want to renew it, they will pay the new higher price. I am beginning to wonder if this is blackmail and an attempt to stop mass cancellation of subscription, after all, you can always renew them before the end. And now many people are wondering, I will cancel the subscription now and I don't know how much I will raise, so maybe I'll wait. Fear management, effective but only in a dictatorship. If they gave details of their plans (EN roadmap), and not only information about the price, I would be far from making such guesses.
  3. I found such a link ( https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500006213161 ). No specific information. It looks as they does not know what they want to do and now check the reaction of users.
  4. This email only bothered me. If someone talks about changes and calls them good but does not give any details, it can only mean one thing. This person is not honest in what he says. Evernote has a very weak marketing department.
  5. Gazumped, thanks for the answer. I use MoonReader (Android) to listening ebooks by TTS. This is great feature to listening the text. This will be great that Evernote can use TTS. After some time, maybe? Now, every time I have to prepare separate text file with notes and import them to MoonReader. This spend a lot of time and isn't flexible. This is impossible to stop the car, export again new set of notes to separate text file and import them to MoonReader. This will be grate just to tap button "Read note".
  6. OK I know "Google Text-to-Speech" but how to use it with Evernote?
  7. I drive a lot. I want to listen notes. Android can do this to listen the text, PDF or epub files. How to do this on Evernote notes? Regards,
  8. This is still happens. Evernote still cuts indent spaces even in Code Block. This is BUG. Code Block is for code block not for normal note. It shout be working...
  9. On windows I can see SVG but, how can I search it? resource:image/svg+xml don't work
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