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  1. Gazumped, thanks for the answer. I use MoonReader (Android) to listening ebooks by TTS. This is great feature to listening the text. This will be great that Evernote can use TTS. After some time, maybe? Now, every time I have to prepare separate text file with notes and import them to MoonReader. This spend a lot of time and isn't flexible. This is impossible to stop the car, export again new set of notes to separate text file and import them to MoonReader. This will be grate just to tap button "Read note".
  2. OK I know "Google Text-to-Speech" but how to use it with Evernote?
  3. I drive a lot. I want to listen notes. Android can do this to listen the text, PDF or epub files. How to do this on Evernote notes? Regards,
  4. This is still happens. Evernote still cuts indent spaces even in Code Block. This is BUG. Code Block is for code block not for normal note. It shout be working...
  5. Hi, I found small bug (this problem is also in the last stable version)
  6. Hi, How can I add the same creation date to 100 notes? I do now backup of old documents and would like to change the creation date of 100 notes simultaneously. Is it possible?
  7. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004857-How-to-merge-multiple-notes-into-a-single-note Or you can select in explorer set of scans and move it to notebook. Evernote make one note with all selected scans.
  8. Hi, I miss function to full search any attached files by name or file extension. How can I find file "this is my file.svg" if I remember word "my" from file name and this file is SVG? This syntax is working: *file.svg *my* *.svg But this syntax is not working: *my*.svg
  9. On windows I can see SVG but, how can I search it? resource:image/svg+xml don't work
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