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  1. I used to use Ilium ListPro for all my lists. I moved across to Evernote for simplicity of having a single product, but there are some features of ListPro I miss. In particular the ability to use different symbols in checkboxes - for example to cancel something (perhaps a crossed box). Would have thought this would be a reasonably straightforward add. I also miss the ability to mark priority next to an item using a number or a 1/2/3 priority - this was possible with ListPro as it was column organised rather than free text, and I could work round it using tables - although then it becomes less straightforward to add a new item - or (as I currently do) by using colour, manually, to highlight/lowlight items.
  2. Syntactically, I would think that EN does support Boolean OR by providing the ANy operator. What seems to be more of the problem preventing it achieving what I want is that notebook is not subject to this and overrides it. So any: notebook:"Reading" tag:"To Read" should work (syntactically), but notebook: acts as a global search restriction rather than acting as part of the search logic. But thanks for the reply - 'not possible'.
  3. Is there a way to create a saved search that will return everything in a particular notebook OR anything tagged with a particular tag. It seems that although the 'any' operator will essentially provide an OR function, the notebook: specifier always locks on a specific notebook. What I was looking to achieve is something like any: notebook:"Reading" tag:"To Read" Goal is to give me a reading list - things that are in a notebook ready to read plus things elsewhere in Evernote that are also to be read. Obviously I could tag everything in the notebook "Reading" with the tag "To Read" and then just use that tag...but that wouldn't be as dynamic as I would like.
  4. I'm trying to create a smart search that will return any notes that match a particular tag OR are in a specific notebook Using any: notebook:"Read & Review" tag:Read - this seems to be the right syntax but when used as a search it gets changed into All notebooks matching Any of : contains words starting with notebook contains the words "Read & Review" tagged with Review Am I missing something or is this simply not possible using EN current syntax?
  5. Hmm. There is a lot to like about the new version - and some things that simply 'aren't so good'. Display efficiency seems to be worse, so I end up dragging scroll bars around - in particular, moving the shortcuts to the left means that there's less space for my list of Notebooks. There's more space at the top, of course - we have a menu bar that takes up half the screen, and the Evernote toolbar that could be the other half - or do what other apps (eg Firefox) have done and hide the menu. And card view? What was wrong with thumbnails - I got far more into that pane than I can now (three across) - if I drag it out I can get two across but nowhere near as fast to navigate. There's lots more space around words too - which makes it cleaner and airier, but means that there's less on screen - because we have a very monochromatic interface, there's no use of colour to differentiate stuff. Seems like it's been cleaned up, probably make it all more accessible to the newbie - but harder work for those of us who live our lives in it!
  6. Is it only me that finds it kinda funky and strange that I can do a Find and Replace if I have the main client open, but it's not an option on the window for a particular note? I can find, but not replace.Surely some sort of oversight?
  7. EN2KI was a great product to do exactly this - transfer Evernote documents to non-Fire Kindles and maintain magazine style reading. Unfortunately, EN changed their API and the product hasn't been updated since Feb 2012. I guess it's a temporary fix, as eventually the e-ink products will disappear and people will use tablets instead - may not be as great for reading, but simpler in terms of single device for all. I got round this in a less satisfactory way by exporting from Evernote as HTML and then using MobiPocket to build a prc file for Kindle. It ends up as one continuous stream (or you have to repeat the process to create multiple documents) but it does work.
  8. I love Evernote - I looked round for a different solution when I moved away from OneNote, and this is a fabulous solution for organisation and memory. I also folded everything I was doing for list management with ListPro into Evernote too. Unlike many people, I don't use it so much for remembering where I've been and what I've explored - but it stores all my notes and to do lists. Many people seem to dump stuff in there and then use search to sort it all out. I prefer to have some organisation in my notebook. I synch to Evernote and then to my Android phone. There were one or two things I wanted to improve: so I did. Using a combination of logical thought and AutoHotKey, I created a working environment that responded to what I needed 1. Make Evernote more accessible. Solution - pin Evernote to the Windows task bar (obviously) 2. Make Evernote even more accessible. Solution - use AutoHotKey to create hot keys for my most frequently used notes. I have a hot key for each of my To Do lists, as well as a scratch pad for notes that occur to me as I write, as well as a log for how I am spending my time. Another hotkey brings up my most frequently used EN Notebooks, while another one brings up my current working set of documents. (I found the easiest way to do this was to ascribe a unique tag to each of my notes that i wanted to attach to a hotkey. Then I use quite a convoluted way of launching EN to get to the tag search consistently). 3. Creating To Do lists - Evernote doesn't allow multiple checkboxes to be created out of a selection. Solution: use AHK to create a checkbox and then drop to the next line, making it much easier to create a series of to do items 4. Highlighting To Do items - there are some cases where I would like to highlight an item, or to delete it while keeping a record of it (eg where I abandoned this task). Solution: create hot keys that select an entire line and bold/strikethrough/italic/colour the whole line. I've also created hot keys to select and copy/cut/delete the whole line. Useful for word processors too. It might be nice to have multistate check boxes (See ListPro) for this. 5. Clip parts of a document to a single EN document. While you can clip to multiple documents and then merge them, that leaves headers for each note. Solution: I have a hot key that copies to the Windows clipboard, saves the current window, opens a specific 'clipper' note, pastes it in and then restores the current window. 6. Provide subsets of documents for review. Solution: tag documents for review and create a custom search if needed. Save that search to the quick access bar. 7. Only search current notes / create the concept of an archive for notes that are no longer in use. Solution: a bit clunky, but tag old notes with 'Archive' then create a view called 'Working' and do all searches from there. 8. Sometimes notes get edited and I need an old version back - but I only keep one on line copy of everything. Solution: regularly backup all my notes historically using ENscript export (and notify using a popup window) 9. Be able to read Evernote on a larger mobile device Solution: could buy an ipad, but I use EN2KI to export to Kindle format. 10. Have an Evernote note open as a working space while doing something else, keeping it on top of the rest of the windows that are open. Solution: use AHK to create a hotkey to lock a window on top. Works great for other stuff too Some things outstanding/ideas for the future if the developers are listening.... It would be useful to be able to lock a series of notes to the taskbar (a sort of non-dynamic 'jump list') to get access to frequently used notes. Getting EN to launch successfully and provide a place where EN hot keys work consistently was a problem. I end up launching (using enscript) and then using Ctrl F6 & Ctrl F7 to ensure that I am in the note window (ie change from thumbnail to snippet to thumbnail to get a consistent space to launch the tag search. Otherwise it does something different depending on which window you are in! Android fidelity is still a bit weak - depending on what's been stored in a note the Android editor can be very very different - even if it's only simple text, the history is still there in some way so the editor is limited and behaves differently. As far as I can see it's not possible to edit a checkbox into the Android client either. It would also be nice to be able to create more visual cues for the notepads. Colouring the little green icons would help, but being able to create/select graphic icons for each would be even better. Although I do import output (eg images) from applications into EN (so I can use away from my laptop) that means that they are not connected. Being able to embed the application using OLE would help massively here, although I recognise that it's a 'one platform' solution. I am thinking in particular of mindmaps - I'd love to be able to keep the map image and then click through to launch the MM application when working on a client that supports it. I know it isn't some people's way of working, but for me, being able to use one view for work and one for home would help manage my life better. We'd need a way to decide whether a notebook was home/work or both (and of course it should be more flexible than this). Having a way of viewing documents that are 'active' as opposed to documents that are part of my information store/memory would also be useful to minimise data overwhelm. And finally - of course, I don't use EN exclusively, and some of my content is stored in Open Office documents etc... being able to integrate EN into Windows search would help massively in trying to organise my heterogenous information store. Awesome job, guys - long may it continue!
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