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  1. I agree - setting customer expectations is huge. Looking at the announcement again, it all sounds marvellous: Find it faster Get the information you need, quicker than ever with our new, smarter search. Your words, your way Give shape to your ideas with more control over formatting and appearance. Distraction-free note-taking Keep the focus on your ideas thanks to a cleaner, more intuitive interface. New, stronger foundation Enjoy peace of mind with background sync and automated ap
  2. OP echoed. One of the problems with cross platform functionality is that the user ends up with a minimal set of functionality bringing none of the strengths of an individual platform. For those of us who primarily operate in one platform, we expect (and can deal with) a different behaviour on a second platform - I don't expect my notes created for a big screen device to be the same on an Android phone. We will see how this develops...
  3. I've been a loyal user of Evernote for many years now, eschewing the Microsoft behemoth for some more open source alternates. Evernote was a bit of a compromise, but at least it wasn't MS. So I await new developments with interest. This last one seems to be a disaster. So far I have found the following issues with Evernote 10 that render it unsuitable for my use. I use Evernote as my journal/to do lists/note taking application to pretty much manage my life, and as such ease of use is important, as is customisation and personalisation. It is the application in which I spend most of my time.
  4. I used to use Ilium ListPro for all my lists. I moved across to Evernote for simplicity of having a single product, but there are some features of ListPro I miss. In particular the ability to use different symbols in checkboxes - for example to cancel something (perhaps a crossed box). Would have thought this would be a reasonably straightforward add. I also miss the ability to mark priority next to an item using a number or a 1/2/3 priority - this was possible with ListPro as it was column organised rather than free text, and I could work round it using tables - although then it becomes less
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