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  1. I agree - setting customer expectations is huge. Looking at the announcement again, it all sounds marvellous: Find it faster Get the information you need, quicker than ever with our new, smarter search. Your words, your way Give shape to your ideas with more control over formatting and appearance. Distraction-free note-taking Keep the focus on your ideas thanks to a cleaner, more intuitive interface. New, stronger foundation Enjoy peace of mind with background sync and automated app updates. The reality: Find it faster But it seems that they have drastically reduced the speed of search - it may be more intuitive, but it's slower. (Although at least when you search you are able to search the entire system not just the current notebook so that's a win). Your words, your way I have far less control over formatting and appearance than I did before - there are some nice little extras in there, but the control I had has gone in order to make notes consistent (if I want that, then I will choose how *I* format them, not be forced into a limited subset of options by a developer). Distraction-free note-taking Well perhaps, but they've still sacrificed precious screen real estate with a list of recent notes and shortcuts that makes it harder to find what I really want. I think the previous interface was pretty distraction free. Like the dark theme though. New, stronger foundation I think they've done that, for sure, but at what cost? Background sync? We had that. What they MEAN is that they've removed any option to 'Sync Now'. Automated app updates? Previously, I got a message, I decided whether to update or skip that update. Peace of mind? Well, think that disappeared....along, of course, with my backup process that relied on ENscript.
  2. OP echoed. One of the problems with cross platform functionality is that the user ends up with a minimal set of functionality bringing none of the strengths of an individual platform. For those of us who primarily operate in one platform, we expect (and can deal with) a different behaviour on a second platform - I don't expect my notes created for a big screen device to be the same on an Android phone. We will see how this develops...
  3. I've been a loyal user of Evernote for many years now, eschewing the Microsoft behemoth for some more open source alternates. Evernote was a bit of a compromise, but at least it wasn't MS. So I await new developments with interest. This last one seems to be a disaster. So far I have found the following issues with Evernote 10 that render it unsuitable for my use. I use Evernote as my journal/to do lists/note taking application to pretty much manage my life, and as such ease of use is important, as is customisation and personalisation. It is the application in which I spend most of my time. And it has been brilliant. So far, after an upgrade to version 10, I find the product sorely lacking for this and am seriously considering alternatives (for Windows and Android). Even to the point of test driving OneNote, Joplin, Notion and a couple of others. Key for me is the ability to use my own fonts within the app - while I know these will not convert on Android, I deal with that. Most of my time is spent in Windows. Right now I can't even change the default font from the half dozen that are available. So, in no particular order : 1) while you have moved the ability to delete/rename/edit the notebook to the second column, why not retain it on the first column anyway? I'll live with it, but even so... 2) there are no preferences available. So I can't change my data location (might be important), defaul font, or, indeed, anything. Evernote is no longer flexible or customisable. Critical. 3) You've limited the fonts available. I use my notebooks to reflect me (as notebooks) not just to record data or clippings. So the ability to personalise fonts is hugely important for me. Critical. 4) You've introduced 'Recent Notes' on the left but with no ability to hide it - so a bit of screen real estate that limits the number of notebooks I can see at once has gone. Same for shortcuts - why can't this go back where it could be - at the top. Highly desirable. 5) You've removed right click from the LH column, but kept the drag and drop behaviour that often resulted in a notebook being moved to a stack where I didn't want it. Missing a trick there - a confirmation would be helpful! I'll live with it 6) We've lost 'Print Preview' so now the only way to preview a note is to save as a PDF via PDF writer. Critical. 7) What's more we now have a fixed format of printed note.. what if I don't WANT the header on the note ( I rarely do, and I had this turned off in preferences)? Critical. 😎 You've added an extra click to the process of viewing an encrypted note. Since the most likely reason for viewing an encrypted note was simply to view it, not remove the encryption, this should have been dealt with a different way.Highly desirable 9) Once decrypted we can't just edit the note. We have to decrypt the lot, then reencrypt it. Really hecking irritating. This is beyond disastrous. This whole release has just messed up a good product without actually adding anything of value beyond the ability to choose highlighter colour (we can do this but not choose our font?). You've stripped out some of the ease of use features and the things I actually liked. The more I use it, the more I find things that are either missing or have been made worse. So. I've reverted to 'Legacy' (a tacit acknowledgement that some users are going to be less than happy). I'm currently investigating alternatives to EverNote and will be leaving the paid programme if I don't get some assurances that these things will be fixed. Knowing that this is as good as my primary day to day application is ever going to get is a real downer. [Apologies if this is in the wrong place but you've got a very dissatisfied paying customer here, and I am not alone]
  4. I used to use Ilium ListPro for all my lists. I moved across to Evernote for simplicity of having a single product, but there are some features of ListPro I miss. In particular the ability to use different symbols in checkboxes - for example to cancel something (perhaps a crossed box). Would have thought this would be a reasonably straightforward add. I also miss the ability to mark priority next to an item using a number or a 1/2/3 priority - this was possible with ListPro as it was column organised rather than free text, and I could work round it using tables - although then it becomes less straightforward to add a new item - or (as I currently do) by using colour, manually, to highlight/lowlight items.
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