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  1. Evernote is becoming an application that is not for everyone. Evernote is crashing on my notebook (20gb of RAM and i7 8th generation). Look: Notion: 467,3mb👍 Evernote: 2gb 🤦‍♂️ #Update post# ################################# Thank you, God Evernote. 🐘💚 Now, its ok (version 10.4.4):
  2. A heavy Evernote is not what we want. Version 6.25 was much lighter. How many computers and users can be lost by using this heavy version of Evernote 10? Doesn't that worry you? And even comparing the processing levels (with Notion), we see a slow Evernote (in comparison with Notion). I hope that in the future updates will take up less processing. We are entering a digital vulnerability. And the new versions of Evernote seem to accentuate that.
  3. Please insert subpages and troggle list in evernote as we see in notion
  4. Please increase the field of view of the tags panel. This way we can find the desired tags more easily. It is not productive to hover to see tags
  5. Hello Please come back with this possibility in version 10 Evernote-Windows. This was possible until version 6.25.2. It helped me so much in the office and it certainly helped a lot of people.
  6. A hint. Stop creating something new every time and try to create stable versions. I write about Evernote here in Brazil and my readers complain about customer instability at all times. I may be wrong or right. But I still hope to see a stable customer. Let us turn our eyes to what is already good and work to resolve the errors before climbing a step. I do not speak with anger, I speak with heart. <3 Evernote.
  7. Hi, friends. What is the best version of Evernote-Windows? Because every update comes bug. I'm tired of bugs and a final version of Evernote. Thanks.
  8. How can be part of the tests? Do you know? Is public? Thanks the information
  9. When we will have autotext in the Evernote text editor to facilitate the typing of notes? In macOS we have this natively by the operating system. But Windows does not have native autotext in the operating system. So Evernote could think of something.
  10. Yes, but this is horrible and counterproductive. Android now is better?
  11. How its good? Look: http://www.evernote.com/l/Ai7TQIpe_JtH5YErB_CNqSzSSAbszos-KPo/
  12. How its good? Look: http://www.evernote.com/l/Ai7TQIpe_JtH5YErB_CNqSzSSAbszos-KPo/
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