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  1. Thanks - that does not work if you have multiple tags selected. The only way to make sure it works is to select the top level term on the CTRL-Shift-T page, after making sure that the subtag items have the top level tag added to them. AFAIK the only way to tag the subtag notes is to select the tag individually... Definitely something I should have done years ago before I had 17,341 notes!
  2. You understood me enough! Thank you, @gustavgi for this great work-around. Now that I have reduced the number of 'top level' tags, this will save me a lot of time. I will look at creating more master tags.
  3. If I click on a "group tag" in the left panel, I get 493 notes. When I then enter -tag:xxx in the search notes box, I get all 17,000+ notes showing. I want to be able to see all notes in the group, but not those that are tagged with xxx. Is this a bug, or am I not understanding the search strategy? I guess this is another plea for full boolean search abilities! Edit to add that it works fine when I select just the top level tag in the Ctrl-Shift-T page and then do the -tag:xxx. The answer in this case is 431 notes.
  4. The tag hierarchy in the left panel works OK - it is easy to collapse groups of tags into the main tag to make it easier to locate a particular tag - I usually use the keyboard arrows for that. However, when I click on Ctrl-Shift-T, every time the hierarchy is expanded, and there is no way that I have found to be able to collapse it without clicking on individual arrowheads to collapse the group. Why can the two systems of managing the hierarchy work the same?
  5. Best not to "expect" it. Sometimes there can be 1-2 months between updates, other times it can be 1-2 days. I have stopped noticing when they come in - I just install them and get on with my life.
  6. windows

    Not only do you have to spend $19 to fix line spacing, you also have to downgrade - the site says that it only works for 5.2. I now have 6.4. Is this just a lazy programmer who has not updated his sales page correctly, or is it really "at least 5.2"?
  7. How confusing the English language can be sometimes! That was exactly it (Options/Search/Search when note is updated). I had disabled that to see if it would stop the occasional hangs in the system, but the law of unintended consequences provided an outcome that was much less desirable. Thanks for the pointer!
  8. Thanks for the warning. I have never had a problem with transferring to a new version, but generally the upgrade runs smoothly. Because I take a copy of the exb file before I do the upgrade, I could always revert to the previous version if needed. Most of my notes are stored offline anyway.
  9. I have the latest version at the time of writing: Small number of notes in a temporary folder. I process them to the permanent folder, but although the folder name changes in the note view, and in the note list view, it does not refresh the screen - OK most of the time, but I am used to the note list review refreshing each time I move a note. Please can we have the "normal" behavior back?
  10. After losing some notes a LONG time ago, I still take a copy of the current exb file so that I can quickly get back to "normal" after a freaky install - better safe than sorry, IMHO. Sometimes the default directory is changed, so it might seem like you have "lost" your notes, but that is not really the case - if you have the backup.
  11. windows

    Sorry, have been very busy and only just got back to this topic. I have Windows 10 Professional Version 1607, build 14393.351 with all the latest updates running on a Lenovo B50-30 (64-bit) with 8.00 GB. It has a touch screen (although I rarely use that). Because I can see the superscripts (and probably the subscripts) in print preview mode, I suspect that it may be some setting with the touch screen or the drivers, although updating the drivers did not have an effect. Using the latest version of Evernote (
  12. windows

    Hi Jeff - don't know what I have got sent differently, but I still cannot see them in either the preview window or a full window.
  13. windows

    Nice that the ability to do superscript and subscripts is available. However, the only way I can see them on screen is to do a print preview. I need the on-screen view more than I need the toolbar menu as I tend to use the shortcuts more than the menus in Word, for example. But that's just the way I use the app, and your use may differ!
  14. Great feature! However, I found that when changing a block of text to the new code format, it undid all the indenting - please do something about that! Along with the syntax checking (if possible) and color coding.
  15. I upvoted this post because I would LOVE the ability to scroll within PDFs without having to actually open the file. Seems like it should be easy to do, but what do I know? LOL!