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  1. I can also confirm that in 6.11.2, there is FINALLY a fix for resizing images inline. I used to use it a lot, but several versions ago it went crazy, so I stopped trying to resize images. I needed to resize one tonight, and it changed both top and side proportionally (or should that be bottom and side? I don't care, whatever works for you!). Nice to see that some things eventually get fixed. Now if we could just get those pdfs back to being able to drag them to the desktop or another program (especially email), Evernote would be back to being cool for me.
  2. For pdfs, if you show all pdfs as attachments (in the option dialog) and then show them inline, you can see that pdf. However, as soon as you go away from that note and come back to the one that was OK, the attachment is just a gray line that you can't click on to change anything. Just upgrading to 6.11.2 to see if that changes anything. OK, the pdfs are now visible inline, but I still can't drag and drop them to my desktop, so still frustrating that I can't work the way I used to be able to work, and now want to work.
  3. I also agree with the previous comments. One of the reasons I liked Evernote was it's ability to make reviewing pdfs relatively painless. I did have a brief exploration of OneNote recently, but that is disastrous for handling pdfs. You can add the file, and/or 'print' the file as a png - no ability to scroll through the pages easily. Yes, I have pdf solutions on my desktop that allow me to do everything I need, but the pdf viewer in the Windows version sucks now - but not enough to drive me to trying another note-keeping program (yet!).
  4. Or get Windows 10 Pro, install and configure Bitlocker, then shut down your machine when you leave it... Is it a PITA? Yes. Is it secure? If you believe Microsoft yes - truth is, I don't know for sure. I have it installed on my work laptop, so some corporate IT departments must believe it is secure!
  5. Sorry, but when you have been using Evernote for as long as I have, you learn that they do not release plans for doing anything with the app - whether it be fixing things or breaking things. Even things that they broke don't seem to have any plans to fix - it just gets put in the too hard basket for _years_. Some things are best done by other apps, sadly. Even the basics of storing everything where it is accessible everywhere are sometimes done better by those other apps.
  6. Thanks, @ruudhein, but I think I will stay with the way I have been using to capture notes from the Internet - simplified paste and then do a few tweaks on the imported note. Clip to Evernote does not work with offline files, so it makes it very hard to work with. I am reluctant to spend my time going through 6000+ lines of code to get to the start of the piece I need! And that was with a simpler page than some I work with!
  7. I have looked at the "HTML" format on some of the pages that I like to store as notes - much of the problem for Evernote maybe that there are different 'flavors' of HTML, and different sites use different implementations - <div>, <br>, <p>, <span>, etc, etc. Makes it hard to write rules that will apply to everyone. I know this because at one stage in my career I wrote PERL scripts to strip out all the HTML so that I could then reapply the flavor I needed for the website I was working on. PERL is great for doing that kind of search and replace, but learning it is not for everyone. OTOH, many scripts are available in the PERL libraries and/or somewhere out there in Internet-land! I am thinking that it might come in useful for many editing tasks - I just have to figure out if there is any way to access the database directly, or if I have to export, manipulate, and reimport all the notes that need manipulation.
  8. I must be getting old - in the early DOS days writing periods in file names other than before extensions was a no-no. So, old habits die hard! I use a hyphen "-", although some people prefer to use the underscore "_". I prefer the hyphen because it allows you to sort versions of files - like Evernote database back-up versions - and edit parts of the filename easily. The underscore means you have to move the mouse to locate the correct place (or repeated key presses on the right or left arrow). The other thing about DOS naming was limited-length file names - I have gotten out of that habit! I still like to have 'spaces' to break up words, which the Mac OS has always allowed. Again, the handy-dandy hyphen comes in useful. Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Have you tried to open images (png, or jpg)? That also seems to be messed up. I couldn't find a way to change the image to view as an attachment (this is in the beta). I suspect that there are a lot of users who are feeling your pain but are fed up with a seeming lack of response from Evernote in the form of a version that actually works as designed.
  10. I haven't done much mind-mapping recently, but this clearly demonstrates how it should work - you could also do links to notes that are tables of contents notes within Evernote. This does rely on having a firm structure for where you put your notes, of course. IMHO, Evernote is good at managing the notes, and mind-mapping can get so complex it would confuse a lot of people and maybe even the developers. Let's focus on each app doing what it is good at doing, rather than having one app that does everything we could possibly want it to do - note management, full-blown editor for text and spreadsheets, image editor, mind-mapping, etc. To name just a few. Heck, I could probably add dishwashing, vacuum cleaning, and grass cutting to the list, too - LOL! Maybe lists of the apps that do each of the things that we "might" want to do in combination with EN would be something we could do...
  11. You understood me enough! Thank you, @gustavgi for this great work-around. Now that I have reduced the number of 'top level' tags, this will save me a lot of time. I will look at creating more master tags.
  12. The tag hierarchy in the left panel works OK - it is easy to collapse groups of tags into the main tag to make it easier to locate a particular tag - I usually use the keyboard arrows for that. However, when I click on Ctrl-Shift-T, every time the hierarchy is expanded, and there is no way that I have found to be able to collapse it without clicking on individual arrowheads to collapse the group. Why can the two systems of managing the hierarchy work the same?
  13. @Glyph, no it is definitely not just you. The problem is that it is inconsistent between builds so that what works now may not work next week. Also, last night I discovered that there is no point in trying to make the note look good on screen because if I print it the original formatting looks fine - just awful on the desktop screen. Whatever is going on, they need to fix it or I will be moving to OneNote!
  14. Seems to me there are a couple of things being talked about here - one is splitting a pdf within a note, and the other is splitting a text note? To split a pdf, you need Acrobat (I don't use it, so I don't know if Reader will allow splitting of pages), which can extract pages. I use Nitro PDF Pro, which I think has the same functionality. Might be difficult to do that within Evernote ... The splitting a text note should be relatively easy - select the text you want to move to a new note, cut (or copy) and then have an Edit/Paste as new note option in the menus. I can see how that would be useful, and shouldn't be too difficult for the Evernote devs to do.
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