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  1. @pissedoffuser, also check out beta 3 to see if that meets your needs.
  2. Evernote for Windows 6.7 Beta 3 Released

    Distortion of images when resizing is still an issue. Still hope to see the ability to select email addresses from a list when sharing a note. Otherwise I have not experience any problems in a short time of using this new version.
  3. I don't have a RAM disk - had forgotten all about them until seeing this thread - however, I have noticed an improvement since I changed the synchronization preferences: now all I have checked on the options page is Synchronize changes on exit, Synchronize shortcuts, and purge rarely viewed note content after 30 days. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'll take any improvement in performance that I see. Maybe I'll check out a RAM disk, but it won't be for a couple of weeks.
  4. Web Clipper almost always wrong!

    I set the default notebook to be used, and it is right probably 90% of the time - I do a lot of clips of one type. Then it is easy to move to other notebooks if that is needed after 'cleaning up' the clipped notes.
  5. Evernote for Windows 6.7 Beta 1 Released

    That's not long in the Evernote waiting world! There are things that have been requested for several years that we are still waiting for... Another request, perhaps related to the sync issue - could an indication be provided on which notes have been purged so that if we are browsing by tag we can easily see what's what. I suggest the Sync field could be modified rather than redesign the database again...
  6. Unfortunately, you can't upvote in this forum. I suggest you do a search to find a post that discusses this where you can upvote it, and put a hyperlink in your post. It's been requested for years!
  7. I have seen enough of the web site code that is out there to know that it is a big problem to know exactly what the web designer intended - some have br tags, some have p tags, some use div tags (that I don't understand how to strip out!), and some use some other flavor of html that is not standard. So, yes, paragraph formatting is going to be a challenge until the world accepts a single html code. Please don't hold your breath for that to happen!
  8. Evernote for Windows 6.7 Beta 1 Released

    Had a problem with a website that had tables. The tables were not adjustable after they had been clipped to Evernote. Discovered that if you right click anywhere in the table (I had not selected any text). There is an option to "Upgrade Table." Selected that, and my table is now fully adjustable. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to say thank you again!!
  9. I like @jefito's comments, with perhaps the exception of most times wanting to keep hyperlinks in the text (when they are in a list of references the original site has inserted). The biggest problem for me is the web sites that I post on that have different formatting - larger fonts than are necessary, that carry over to double (or more) spacing of lines or paragraphs (sometimes both!). I know this is not supposed to be a word processor, but when Evernote uses the term "editor" it seems to me that there should be some basic editing functions - line and paragraph spacing included.
  10. Do a search on your hard drive for *.exb. Copy the file(s) that show up to somewhere that is not going to be affected by the reinstallation. Reinstall Windows 7 (although I don't understand why you don't go with Windows 10 now that most of the significant bugs have been squashed), reinstall Evernote. Change the location of the exb file to where you want it (NOT where you stored the copy) within the program. Shut down the program. Copy your safe version of the exb file to where you just said you wanted it to go, and overwrite the existing version. Start Evernote and let it sync with the servers (if you have a lot of online notes it may take a while... Your Evenote is now restored to where it was before. I have done this several times over the years, and it has always got me back to where I last used it.
  11. Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 3 Released

    More weirdness: go to https://organixx.com/ayurvedic-diet/ and clip the page to EN using simplified format. The image under subpoint 1 has the blue box around it, indicating that it can be resized. However, it can only be resized in 1 direction, which is useless.Nothing was saved to the log file. Same problem with some other images in the note but not all.
  12. I miss the back button

    In beta 2 (just backing up the database before I install beta 3), in the Tools/Customize Toolbar menu item, I have < >, which is the back and forward options, respectively. You need to have moved through the notes to be able to do the movement with the chevrons.
  13. Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    According to the time-stamp on the first post in this thread, the last update was June 1. If they don't release it soon, it will be 2 months. Don't know the full history of when updates become available, but 2 months does seem much longer than usual. But then, some users get upset that there are too many updates. Maybe Evernote is trying to please a different group of people than us?! Obviously, I am looking forward to the next update, but I am sure as heck am not holding my breath over it!
  14. Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    This note refers to the hijacking of Ctrl-Alt-T by some other program. I finally figured out what it was. It was not a new program that I installed, but an upgrade that included addition of shortcuts. I discovered it by doing another upgrade and going through the options list... Evernote is back to "normal" and I am now a happy camper again on this matter. Doesn't change the other modifications/improvements that I would like to see, of course!
  15. Windows Client Slow

    If you go to task manager and right click on Evernote.exe, you have the ability to elevate the priority to force Windows to improve the performance? Does anyone know what damage this could do to other apps that are running, and will it actually improve the performance of Evernote? I am testing with "above normal" but if anyone knows more than me I am happy to learn from their experience!