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  1. windows

    Hi Jeff - don't know what I have got sent differently, but I still cannot see them in either the preview window or a full window.
  2. windows

    Nice that the ability to do superscript and subscripts is available. However, the only way I can see them on screen is to do a print preview. I need the on-screen view more than I need the toolbar menu as I tend to use the shortcuts more than the menus in Word, for example. But that's just the way I use the app, and your use may differ!
  3. Great feature! However, I found that when changing a block of text to the new code format, it undid all the indenting - please do something about that! Along with the syntax checking (if possible) and color coding.
  4. I upvoted this post because I would LOVE the ability to scroll within PDFs without having to actually open the file. Seems like it should be easy to do, but what do I know? LOL!
  5. I seem to recall having this problem several years ago. I 'fixed' it by using the separate import folder, and making sure that the 'delete original file' is checked. Not had a problem recently.
  6. I don't see much difference between this and recent previous versions. However, I agree with @jefito that functionality outweighs form for me. The functionality is getting much better (fewer hangs), so I believe there must be some folks working on the product behind the scenes. I am not holding my breath for a major revision to the form anytime soon, because this seems to be the way of the world lately.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I will explore in more detail, but in a regular text file you would be looking for an end of line or end of paragraph character. I recognize that may not apply here - it may be that the underlying text is different... How much of the coding is unique to Endnote? For example, I discovered that it is not easy to make a heading bold italics...
  8. Thank you @qot. Very helpful, and interesting as I needed to learn some PERL stuff several years ago. Key things for me would be to look at making the font consistent throughout the note, and then to modify multi-line headings - selecting them at present only goes to the end of the first or last line (I am not sure which because I haven't tested it enough) and misses the other line(s). Ultimately, some of the web sites I extract notes from seem to have weird HTML codes that create extra space before headings and text paragraphs. If I could find a way of removing these at the same time I modify the headings I would be very happy.
  9. I find that it is best to add pdfs to a folder that is not immediately uploaded to EN - I get a "temporary" file uploaded before the full conversion is done if I don't do that. So, a separate folder, and then move a batch of pdfs.
  10. Took a bit longer than 3 minutes to do all of the sections, but done!
  11. OK - I got to test it a little - some 2009 and 2010 notes that had images in them all allowed resizing. Except if they were small - no blue button for resizing was visible.
  12. After rebuilding the database it seems to have fixed the problem - for now. I had to restart Evernote after completing the rebuild... but thanks for your offer. It's not reproducible at the moment, but I will follow-up if it is a problem again.
  13. Just curious, @ballyhoo - I can't test at the moment because Evernote is rebuilding my notes full text search index. I have had problems with images in notes that have not been synced not being resizable. I wonder if the old notes are local, would it help to move them to a non-local notebook, synchronize, and try again? No idea why it should work/not work, but worth a try.
  14. Weirdness: I am tagging some notes that are in an online notebook, with the intention of filing them in a local notebook, as is my standard practice. I am having a problem with pdf images of the previous note appearing at the top of every note in the database. Restarting Evernote clears it. If I right click on the image, show as an attachment has no effect. Opening the note in a separate window is fine, but closing it again means that the note panel shows the previously viewed pdf at the top. I will try repairing the database and report back what happens. Any other suggestions?
  15. If you are away from civilisation, how are you going to keep your batteries charged or the system fired up if you don't need batteries? As @gazumped noted, you would be better off buying a large supply of notebooks and pencils, and plan on getting an OCR scanner that recognizes your handwriting when you return. Or you could use Cortana/Siri to transcribe all the notes you make - if they are still around in 10 years. Good luck with finding a solution.