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  1. In Evernote Legacy, tags were not truncated when searched: ...but in Evernote 10, the list is truncated: This makes it very difficult to identify or differentiate long tags.
  2. What I try to do is this: 1. Ctr + q, to search for a certain tag. 2. [short-cut needed] to put cursor in search the "Search notes" field, so that I can search notes having the tag found in step 1. "Shift + Windows + f" or F6 does not work because they clear the context. I know that I can change the behavior of "Shift + Windows + f" and F6 to not clear the context, but this will not work for me because I still need "Shift + Windows + f" and F6 to clear the context sometimes. To put in another way: I am looking for a way to have: A short-cut which searches notes within the context AND A short-cut which searches notes globally (which clears the context) I am using Evernote desktop client for Windows 10.
  3. This bug began maybe 2 months ago. I am on Evernote: (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) What happens: I annotate a picture and exit (the annotations are often saved, but sometimes not) I right-click that picture again, but the wrong menu appears. I expect a menu which include the option "Annotate this image", but a smaller menu appears. I close the note Reopen the note The picture is gone. To get the picture again I either: Go to note history and restore the note (If I'm lucky the it has saved a sufficiently new version) BUT (and this is the strange thing), I can also click "File" -> "Save attachments", and the picture is then among the saved attachments. It surely is strange that a picture which is not in the note (because it went missing) appears when the attachments are saved. If anyone has this experience or any ideas to solve it, please chime in
  4. Thanks for the responses. However, it seems they miss the point. So I will try to express myself more clearly. There are 2 ways to search in Evernote: 1. Search all notes (no problem here) As is evident from the picture above, I do not have problems finding text in images in this type of search. This is type of search is what CalS is referring to doing in his response. 2. Search the current note (here I have problems) This search is obtained by ctrl + f, when the cursor is active inside the note. This is what Jefito is reffering to, but it is unclear whether he is able to search for text inside pictures, using this type of search. Anyways, for me this does NOT work: I search for "adjacent" but no matches are found. I hope the problem is more clearly described now. So my question is: Is it possible to search for text in pictures inside a specific note AND jump through the matches?
  5. Thanks for the answer. However it does not seem to work on my machine. I am talking about text in images, not just normal text in notes (which works fine). I can find the text-in-images from the general search. Below I use the general search to find notes with the word "adjacent" which is found inside pictures in the note "Trig Cheat Sheet.pdf" But when I search inside the same note, the text-in-pictures is not found: Notice that no match is found when I search text-in-images inside the note, although the same text-in-images was actually found when doing the general search (previous picture). Is is possible to find text-in-images from searching inside notes? Does this work for anyone?
  6. I can find notes which contain text inside pictures using Shift + Windows + f. When I open a note with picture-text matching my search string, the search string is highlighted where it appears in the pitures (and text). But I would like to be able to jump (aka. browse) through the matching strings within a note, just like pressing enter jumps to the next match inside a note after a search using ctrl + f. Is this possible? This would be beneficial when searching for strings in pictures in notes with many pictures, because it takes a long time to look through note (with your eyes) to find match inside a long note, even if the match is highlighted. I would think there is a way for evernote to do this, because it has already found all the matches, I just can't seem to find a way to automatically browse through them.
  7. Exactly. I can't see how this is not a bug.
  8. It works to some extent but: does not work for pictures. it scrolls at the same time as it is zooming in and out, which is somewhat confusing. This feature needs more work.
  9. I want to find all notes which have a MS Word document attached to them. I have tried to search for: "resource:application/msword". But it only finds 3 notes, although I have hundreds of notes containing MS Word attachments. I am searching in all notebooks, so the problem is not that I am accidentally searching inside a notebook without MS Word documents attached. Strangely, I have no problems finding notes with pdf attached using: resource:application/pdf. When I search for "resource:*" it does find many notes with word attachments but also a lot of notes with no MS Word attached to them (as expected). Any ideas to what I might be missing? Using Evernote: on Windows 10.
  10. I've tried restarting the PC, tried other files and filetypes in other folders, but still nothing. I will take your advice and go to support Thanks
  11. Google docs link are not working. Example: I have inserted a google doc link into an evernote-note, using the "Attach file from google drive" shortcut found in the "Editing toolbar" of the note. However, when I click on the attached file, nothing happens. It is not because the link is dead, or the attached file has been deleted, because I can still copy the link from the attachment, and insert it into the browser, which opens the google doc. It worked last week and I cannot remember that I have changed anything... Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the help it works now! It might be a bug because the sequence of (1) changing view settings, (2) exit by first clicking file, and then "exit" in the file menu, did not work (so a proper exit, not just clicking x in the top right of the window). What did work for me was to: go to the tag view click on any tag from the tag view change the view settings and check "Always use for Tag "[tag name]". Love evernote
  13. Now it starts automatically. But my view settings are not remembered. Installing as administrator did not change anything
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