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  1. Also, history doesn't help when you share a note and it's altered and they dont know anything about history or have access to it.
  2. Maybe I'm late to the game, but has this been implemented on the Windows app? I seem to find notes with data missing in them that I know I was copying data from.
  3. I've had a subscription with Evernote since May 2008. Recently I've come across hard times and had to drop the subscriptions to both my work and home account. I love Evernote and won't stop using it. It has more features than any note taking application that I've come across and I've tried multiple programs including self hosted. Nothing even comes close. <rant> With that being said, when I moved to the basic version, I didn't expect to be bombarded with prompts to upgrade as much as I've been since dropping my subscription. Every time I open it, I'm getting some prompt to upgr
  4. Yes, you are right, it's a notebook. Going off what everyone was suggesting, I cleared my Trash and resynced. I ended up using under a megabyte: Still getting the same message when trying to delete the empty notebook. Thank you!
  5. I've recently dropped the premium version of Evernote after using it since 2008 so this is my first go around with the limitations. Forgive me if I sound ignorant but how does deleting an empty folder put me over the limit? I'm no where near my limit, as you can see: The folder is empty but I still required to upgrade to delete it. I'm sure I understand why that is the case. Thanks for the assistance!
  6. I have a handful of attachments that I need to add to a tag. I was wondering if there is a way to drag all of these attachments at one time to the tag and have it create a note for each attachment instead of all on one note. Is that possible? Thanks!
  7. Saying they will encrypt the data at rest ... but still have access to it? Still speculation and no clarification from Evernote. Anyhow, this is my last post. I've made my decision. Enjoy.
  8. Plainly this. If Evernote is listening, this is my primary concern. If you are going to give generalizations and not commit to encrypting my data, just tell me now and I'll be on my way.
  9. It's a good step forward but I see a lot of generalizations about our data. I'm not sure what this means, it's a little too generalized. Yay us? This is a good change! I hope they work well with the community. Pretty much, all I want to know is my data only accessible by me? Who can get in to it? Can someone at Evernote, reach my data? So yes, at some level, they can still get to my data without my intervention. Regardless of this ***** about the strict controls, my data is accessible by Evernote, at some level.
  10. I've started transitioning over to EssentialPIM. I've had a license for it for some time. I agree with you Jinqs, there seems to be a disconnect. I've not seen any real discussion about encrypting the data, only that they will not implement the change to their privacy policy and that they will adjust their current policy. So, from this, I wanted to say I could give a rats ass about this machine learning technology. I think at this point, it would be better if they just didn't mention this farce anymore, it ticks people off too much knowing that what they could do with it. Also, s
  11. I'd have to agree with OP. I've used Evernote since May 2008 and I thought it was encrypted on their end where no one could read my data. I thought the encryption was from client to server and back, only unencrypted at the end user. I do store personal information on Evernote because I thought I was on only person who could read it. Hell, how do I know some mischievous employee isn't browsing people's information? Maybe 'he' hasn't gotten to mine yet... The fact that they can is what bothers me. Now that I know this, I'm in the process of moving. No one at EN will read my data without my conse
  12. I visited this forum just for this! This is great news!
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