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  1. Not sure I can justify a cosmetic addition when they take out so many important features that existed previously.
  2. I ended up going back to the previous version. The new version just wasn't usable to me. If they make it where I cannot use a previous version, I'll reevaluate then I suppose. What I do not understand, why release a new product that has less features than the previous version? I haven't seen anything this new version will do that the old version would not.
  3. So far, I cannot say I like this version over the older versions, I hope some answers will change my mind. I'm running in to a few issues that I cannot figure out, if someone doesn't mind helping me? 1. How do you drag and drop on a tag now? I have quite a few documents that I just drag on to the tag and it would add it to Evernote. Any suggestions? 2. Where do I create a watched folder? In previous versions, I set that up in the settings on the menu bar. I cannot find that option now. 3. When I select a tag, click create new note, it resets my view back to the notebook. That's a pain since I have to click on the tag again to add another note, it just doesn't stay on the tag I've been working on. I find that it switches every time I create a new note. 4. Is there a way to have it focus on the title on a new note? 5. Again, in the previous version I could set the pdfs not to display in the note, now it's displaying all 20 pdfs in it's glorious number of 14000 pages. Can this be set to default to not display pdfs inline? Thanks all for the assist!
  4. A ***** ton, which is why I want to start over but be able to access the previous information. I suppose I'll start a new account or try some other alternative. Hate to move when I've been using this account since 2008. The import should have kept the hierarchy. I mean, it's their down dang export. Thanks for everyone's help.
  5. Thank you for the info. My biggest issue is the tags. I have hundreds of them now on the root from where they were imported. I don't see how stacks will help in that regards, or am I missing something?
  6. I have two Evernote accounts. One for business and one for personal use. I wanted to combine them in to one account but just keep them in separate notebooks. Little did I know, when you import from another account, it doesn't keep the tag hierarchy. Now, I have hundreds of tags thrown everywhere in my personal account and a complete mess. It kind of upset me so I stopped using Evernote for a while, really only for reference. I'm looking to start over. I want to be able to reference the previous data but I want to be able to start over with no data and bring in what I need. I am a premium member so I don't want to maintain a 3rd account for this. I've been using Evernote since 2008 and I have a lot of notes. I'm on Windows 10, if that helps any. Any suggestions? Thank you for listening! Also, I wanted to note that I'm not a fan of these new forums. They are confusing and frustrating.
  7. Also, history doesn't help when you share a note and it's altered and they dont know anything about history or have access to it.
  8. Maybe I'm late to the game, but has this been implemented on the Windows app? I seem to find notes with data missing in them that I know I was copying data from.
  9. I've had a subscription with Evernote since May 2008. Recently I've come across hard times and had to drop the subscriptions to both my work and home account. I love Evernote and won't stop using it. It has more features than any note taking application that I've come across and I've tried multiple programs including self hosted. Nothing even comes close. <rant> With that being said, when I moved to the basic version, I didn't expect to be bombarded with prompts to upgrade as much as I've been since dropping my subscription. Every time I open it, I'm getting some prompt to upgrade my account. I've told the application multiple times that I'm using the basic version but I keep getting prompts to upgrade. I understand this company needs to have revenue in order to keep up the great work they do but I'd appreciate it if you'd calm down on the reminders to upgrade. They are excessive and annoying. I plan to upgrade but to keep reminding me to do so every time I open do anything in the application is a bit much. If you are going to offer the app with a free version, then you shouldn't be harrassed as much as it is doing now. </rant> short version: Love Evernote but the excessive upgrade reminders are beyond annoying. Thanks for listening!
  10. Yes, you are right, it's a notebook. Going off what everyone was suggesting, I cleared my Trash and resynced. I ended up using under a megabyte: Still getting the same message when trying to delete the empty notebook. Thank you!
  11. I've recently dropped the premium version of Evernote after using it since 2008 so this is my first go around with the limitations. Forgive me if I sound ignorant but how does deleting an empty folder put me over the limit? I'm no where near my limit, as you can see: The folder is empty but I still required to upgrade to delete it. I'm sure I understand why that is the case. Thanks for the assistance!
  12. I have a handful of attachments that I need to add to a tag. I was wondering if there is a way to drag all of these attachments at one time to the tag and have it create a note for each attachment instead of all on one note. Is that possible? Thanks!
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