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  1. Hi Grumpy, if you have time and could have a look ... it would be very much appreciated ... perhaps it 'is' possible but I do not see a url
  2. Hi Grumpy, thanks for the response, I do know that you can link to a PUBLICLY shared folder, but the question is ... can you also link via RSS to a PRIVATE folder. I assume not, but I understand from Lindsey that it is possible. Or I just misunderstand her.
  3. Hi Lindsey, I see a url for a 'public notebook' but not one that I share with somebody specific.
  4. @Lindsey, as far as I can tell this only works with PUBLIC notebooks and not with notebooks that I share with specific persons, or does it? I am playing with it a bit more ... but could it also be that this function is not in the Evernote for Mac version as I do not see the RSS option in Public either, or am I just missing something?
  5. I am sharing notebooks with colleagues of mine. Is there a way to be notified if somebody makes a change in one of the notes? For example we use notes to brainstorm about ideas ... I would like to know if somebody responded. As far as I can tell this is not possible to be notified, or is there a way? If not ... how do you guys use notebooks to share work? How do you know that your partner has made a comment? Thanks for your help
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