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  1. Please search the board on the topic. IIRC, Bitqwik no longer works & is no longer supported by the developer. How can I support my product if Evernote refuses to fix the problem with their Windows COM API that broke it in the first place? You make it sound like I abandoned the project when it was my product that was abandoned by Evernote after spending years developing it. I can't make BitQwik work if Evernote won't help me and they clearly indicated they won't. They are the gatekeepers and I was tossed out of the playground. In addition I've had the sorrow of answering numerous E-mails for over a year now that I still get from people asking why they have problems when running BitQwik. I have answered every single one of them and have had to relive with each E-mail reply the massive waste of time and effort I suffered creating an advanced natural language interface that many Evernote users loved and had features that still are nowhere to be found in Evernote. That hardly sounds like someone that walked away from a project willingly. -- roschler
  2. Hello Tony, The last version of Evernote that BitQwik is compatible with is or earlier. All versions of that are not compatible because Evernote changed the COM API that BitQwik is dependent on, and they have indicated that they don't intent to help me fix it. You can read a few of the posts immediately above yours to see the back story. -- roschler
  3. Hello Seth, Thank you for your replying. I do remember being told that the COM API was used internally by Evernote and that it was not widely publicized. Obviously that carries the implication that there is some risk in using it However, I do not remember being explicitly warned that it was likely to be invalidated completely at some time in the future. In fact I felt, perhaps incorrectly, that since it was used internally by your Windows developer staff for your own products its longevity was assured. To create an application that I wanted many users to become attached to, in the context of an interface that was not likely to continue, would be irresponsible and I care about my users as much as you do yours. I know this because I am one of them. >> because we never intended to keep that interface stable over time. In either case it never entered my mind that your developers would go against the primary guideline Microsoft dictates about COM interfaces: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms692709(v=vs.85).aspx From that web page: "Interface Design Rules By definition, an object is not a COM object unless it implements either the IUnknown interface or an interface that is derived from IUnknown. In addition, the following rules apply to all interfaces implemented on a COM object: They must have a unique interface identifier (IID).They must be immutable. Once they are created and published, no part of their definition may change."This is why I did not have any concerns about my application breaking due to changes in your COM API. Apparently I was wrong because the changes you make periodically to your COM API alter the declared interfaces and therefore render BitQwik inoperable until I rewrite my code, except this time a rewrite wasn't enough and I need your help. It's been months now so I felt it was only fair to my users to tell them that what the true nature of the problem is/was. I understand that you see it differently. That, since the COM API is primarily intended for internal use you feel free to change it at any time, as is your prerogative. But as I just said, I never thought you'd go against common knowledge for what constitutes the design of a proper COM interface. ** To my users. I am sorry for the current state affairs. Hopefully you can see from what I have said above that I believed I was on safe ground when I created BitQwik. Any hope for a new BitQwik rests in Evernote hands and is out of my control. Sincerely, Robert
  4. Evernote broke BitQwik with their last release and every time I contact them for help they tell me they are too busy to look into it. This has been going for months so I am out of options and obviously truly saddened by this. Feel free to E-mail their tech support department and express your opinion. There's nothing I can do to work around it since it's a fundamental problem with the user authorization mechanism. For the programmers out there the root cause of this is Evernote is going against Microsoft guidelines for their Windows COM API, the API BitQwik uses to integrate with Evernote. COM doctrines mandate that you do not change old interface contracts when creating new versions. That way old apps can still work with your API even if you add new calls or enhance existing calls like Evernote does with major new releases. Evernote chooses to ignore this mandate and alter their original interface with every new version. So every time they make a release I have to scramble for about 2 days to rewrite my side of the COM interface to be compatible, something I should not have to do in the first place. However this time there is another problem that only they can fix. My apologies but as I said, I need there help and I have been unable to get it despite repeated E-mails to them. -- roschler
  5. Hello everyone, As some of you now know Evernote released version recently. When a new version is released I have to update BitQwik to support it. Normally this happens within 3 days of the new Evernote version release but I am buried with work at the moment and won't have time until May 21 to do this. Until then, you have these options: Upgrade to the new Evernote version but don't use BitQwik until it is updatedDon't upgrade to the new Evernote until I notify you that BitQwik has been updatedRevert to the previous Evernote version as detailed in @RichMintz's post above and wait for the updateThanks, Robert
  6. Hello Everyone, Some of you have had problems with dates being off by one day and a few of you have reported problems with BitQwik reporting an error concerning the date 2/29/2013. Please download BitQwik since it solves these problems You can download it here: http://bitqwik.com/ -- roschler
  7. Hello Wux, You are correct. There is nothing wrong with BitQwik. Norton A/V is simply saying that BitQwik has not been downloaded yet by a lot of other Norton A/V users. For a small developer (and even medium size developers releasing patch updates), this is a guaranteed occurrence. It's strictly a case of "guilty until proven innocent". Norton is taking a heavy handed approach that protects its users the same way you can protect yourself by living in a large crash resistant bubble-ball or by not ever going outside at all. They do have a cumbersome process with a 2 to 3 month delay to have an app certified as "safe", but it has to be redone for every new update. For a company that releases updates for features and bug fixes rapidly, the kind of company that a user wants, this makes that certification system useless. Worse, it means that any user held hostage to the certification system would have to wait 2 to 3 months before utilizing a critical bug fix, unquestionably an untenable situation. -- roschler
  8. A big group thank you to all of you for your kind comments both here on this thread and on The Elephant Channel post. It means a lot to me! -- roschler
  9. Hello everyone, BitQwik is now officially in the Evernote Trunk, in the Productivity section: http://trunk.evernote.com/app/bitqwik/windows I am very happy about this and wish to offer a personal thanks to Gervis, the Evermpte Trunk Manager, for the helpful suggestions he gave me that led to critical improvements to the product. -- roschler
  10. @MediaFred, I think the easiest line that can be drawn is between retrieving and cataloging or said differently, being a hoarder or a librarian. If you just want to use Evernote as a giant info repository and your retrieval operations are strictly the "just find it" kind, you can easily get by with little or no tags at all thanks to Evernote's comprehensive search. If however you want to be able to filter your searches easily by a particular trait or topic, or if you have a need for maintaining your information in a manner akin to a catalog, then tags become an invaluable tool. After a month or two of usage you'll find out pretty quickly whether or not you need them. However, if you are sure up front that you are a librarian and not just a hoarder and you create notes frequently (something that happens blindingly fast if you use the web clipper a lot), you'll save yourself a massive, tedious headache later on by tagging now rather than going back and tagging a slew of previously untagged notes. Another sure sign that you need to get tagging is if you find yourself creating too many notebooks and notebook stacks or constantly shifting them around. Remember, notebooks can only be "one level deep" as part of a stack and you cannot brachiate your notebook hierarchy further. Tags do not have that limitation, lending themselves to deeply nested trees that can become an ontology onto themselves. -- roschler
  11. I just tried with and I'm not seeing this behavior. I tried viewing several notes and the Updated date did not change. I then edited one of the notes and the Updated date changed to today. Maybe everyone can post their version numbers? -- roschler
  12. Hello everyone, The Elephant Channel is a terrific web site that posts interesting Evernote related stories and news including entertaining interviews with staff members like the illustrious Phil Libin, Evernote's CEO. Pierre Journel, the podcast author, recently made a post about BitQwik: http://elephantchannel.net/2013/01/tec-035-bitqwik-presented-by-robert-its-developer/ Please share the link via your social media channels too. -- roschler
  13. I think another way to do the mental metrics is this. Is it worth $5 to support the company that?: Does not sell your account usage patterns (mine them for contextual ads) Does not even let their own staff look at your notes unless you give them express permission to do so during a tech support incident Physically destroys the hard disks that contain your data when they go bad and need replacement, for extra security Has publicly stated their intent to be a 100-year company so your grandchildren (and you will have them) can see your musty, old, yet still intact notes And (insert every other major Evernote feature here)... -- roschler
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