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  1. Please search the board on the topic. IIRC, Bitqwik no longer works & is no longer supported by the developer. How can I support my product if Evernote refuses to fix the problem with their Windows COM API that broke it in the first place? You make it sound like I abandoned the project when it was my product that was abandoned by Evernote after spending years developing it. I can't make BitQwik work if Evernote won't help me and they clearly indicated they won't. They are the gatekeepers and I was tossed out of the playground. In addition I've had the sorrow of answering numerous E-mails for over a year now that I still get from people asking why they have problems when running BitQwik. I have answered every single one of them and have had to relive with each E-mail reply the massive waste of time and effort I suffered creating an advanced natural language interface that many Evernote users loved and had features that still are nowhere to be found in Evernote. That hardly sounds like someone that walked away from a project willingly. -- roschler
  2. Evernote has added a blog post detailing the changes: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/01/11/evernote-for-windows-desktop-update-improvements-for-evernote-business-and-a-new-internet-explorer-web-clipper/ -- roschler
  3. Hello GrumpyMonkey, I think your mobile device is malfunctioning again. It's not auto-adding the proper message signature anymore, which I have included below: "-- This message sent from my Sandworm e-Reader from a local Spice planet belonging to House Atreides" -- roschler
  4. I thought the Business users out there would like to know that the latest version of Evernote has several business features. You may have already seen this if you have update checking enabled. If not, here's the new Business features as per the release notes: Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes Improvements: Ability to copy or move notes into Business notebooks. New Internet Explorer Clipper for IE 9 & above. Includes Evernote Business support, Article detection, selecting of notebooks & tags while clipping Import folder now works with Business Notebooks & Joined Notebooks -- roschler
  5. The Evernote video channel just posted a tutorial on Evernote Business: -- roschler
  6. I've just set up a shared notebook for articles/resources related to the use of consumer EEG headsets and improving learning and attention skills: https://www.evernote...chler/bcishared If you want to participate, please join the notebook. It only has one eight articles right now on using BCI (Brain Control Interfaces) to improve the attention skills of those with ADHD, but it will grow rapidly over time. -- roschler
  7. LOL. That's got to be a tech support first! The new AI assisted Evernote 2013. Automatically detects when you are getting sleepy and instructs you to go to bed. When you delete notes that you shouldn't have, it then sends you to your room. -- roschler
  8. @Davidlw, You have to create a Notebook Stack first and then move the desired Notebook(s) into the Stack. A Notebook Stack is a grouping entity that does not hold any notes of its own. It only exists to group Notebooks. You can't turn a Notebook into a stack. In the Windows client you right-click on a Notebook that you want to stack. From the pop-up menu you select an existing stack to add the Notebook to, or choose Add New Stack to create a new Notebook Stack. If you choose Add New Stack, you will see a new Notebook Stack created with the default name for a new stack, with the Notebook you right-clicked on as it's first member. Then you can rename the new stack to whatever you choose. -- roschler
  9. @C6REW, Pure speculation on my part, but doesn't it feel like the same syndrome of a hard disk retrying a long list of bad sectors incessantly, while copying a big file thus making the operation take an hour instead of a few minutes? I wonder if you deleted a bunch of items Evernote spent a huge amount of time retrying during a Sync and that's why it's sync'ing properly now. I'm sure they must have logs. It would be interesting to know if that's what was happening. Glad you're up and running again! You're a true Evernote Business pioneer. Also known as, the one who gets all the arrows in the back. -- roschler
  10. Sorry to hear that Soma. As I said I don't use it myself. Have you tried reporting the problem to them? That's about the only help I can offer. -- roschler
  11. Have you seen Sniptastic, for Evernote code snippets?: http://www.sniptastic.com/ They were one of the finalists in the first Evernote developer competition. I've never used it myself, but it seems to be what you are looking for. -- roschler
  12. Congrats on getting your data back Chris! That must be a gigantic relief. -- roschler
  13. And the beat goes on! Google lists top 10 Android apps of 2012: http://www.androidauthority.com/google-top-10-android-apps-2012-evernote-pinterest-snow-white-142743/ Evernote is #1. -- roschler
  14. Hello Jefito, Actually I never knew that. What kind of development do you do (application segment, etc.)? Right those too are easy for me to find. Some examples ("genetic programming", "BeginInvoke" (.NET CLR Runtime method name), etc.) For a great example of the more difficult search targets, how about code snippets or for example an article describing a particular technique for array manipulation? I have a vast number of such documents and like any document that describes a process or technique that doesn't have a popular and unique name (E.g. - Taguchi technique), you're snookered if you don't have set of lateral tags that occupy the periphery of the target document(s) conceptually when you go searching. -- roschler
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