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  1. I just started to test out Joplin. It has many similarities as Evernote. The most important thing is: it is open source. I can see the source code. I can contribute to the change to correct a bug or to add a feature. If it goes different direction (like Evernote) one day, I can continue to use it and change it to whatever way I like.
  2. Yes, Notion seems to have lots of functionality that Evernote does not have (some we have been asking for). Besides local notebooks (or encryption), the major feature I need is the global tagging. Although there is an alternate solution provided in Notion, but it is not truly global. The next one is Nimbus notes, with global tagging (yet to test out). But no local notebooks (or encryption). Joplin could be another choice, with end-to-end encryption. Open source.
  3. no local notebooks, but with offline access. for encryption, evernote also does not have encryption (or very bare selected text encryption)
  4. I toggle between this Top List and Side List very often. When I have the full screen, I will use Side List. But, if I have Evernote on one side and Browser on the other side, I will use Top List. Can we have this View Option back?
  5. It is not. It is in cache format. The files are in C:/users/youraccount/appdata/roaming/evernote/resource-cache/User1234567. I think each of us is assigned a 7-digit user id.
  6. I am also looking to migrate to Notion. For offline, this is what is available now. Hopefully, a better offline solution is provided soon. No OCR now, but it is on the roadmap. I can live with it. And probably explore other add-on option. What are important but lacking in Notion are: Tags and Web Clipper. The Tags are local to the Page or Database. There is a Global Tags Database workaround which I am still exploring and testing. The Web Clipper is really not as good as Evernote. Need to find a solution to this before I switch.
  7. Thanks. Got both of them installed. OMG, the version 10 looks exactly like the web version. If the functionalities are the same, why do I need the version 10. The Shortcut bar is gone. Need to go back to the Legacy version for now.
  8. How did you keep the older version of Evernote (6.25)? When I installed the version 10, 6.25 is removed.
  9. Thanks. That's what I did. Not a very good initiative from Evernote. Introduce new version but remove certain functionality resulted people going back to old version.
  10. Thanks. It is unchecked. In fact, most, if not all, of my pdf are displayed in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. Only those added directly by Mobile app. I have some new observations. If I do the Share/Add from the mobile app to Evernote, the pdf will not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. If I do a save as pdf from the mobile app, then use Evernote to add the pdf. It will display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. For now, I just have to do the additional step of saving as pdf onto my iPhone storage first, before manually use Evernote to add the saved pdf.
  11. When I add a pdf to Evernote, using the mobile (iOS) app share/add to Evernote, the pdf does not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. It is shown as an attachment. It display well in pdf viewer/thumbnails in iOS Evernote and Android Evernote though. How can I get it displayed in pdf viewer in Windows Evernote?
  12. I have deleted all the cookies. It still open Evernote Web. Not Evernote Desktop.
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