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  1. I am leaving EN (or sort of left). No longer spending time in EN. Hope @PinkElephant has answered your question.
  2. You can cloud sync which allow you to have external access on your mobile devices. In addition, you can have your own security key to encrypt/secure your data, something EN cannot provide. You definitely have more control in terms of security than EN.
  3. I care for my privacy. That's why I am moving out from EN and moving to DT.
  4. Yes, if you choose the "back to legacy" option, please have a Exit plan (or plan B).
  5. It is built on Electron. So, this memory problem won't go away. Downgrade to Evernote Legacy to solve this problem.
  6. It is unfortunate that Evernote has gone wrong path. "印象筆記" seems to be doing better.
  7. Today, when I adjust the Reminder in Evernote Legacy, it does not reflect in Google Calendar. I changed to Evernote Web to adjust the Reminder, it still does not reflect in Google Calendar. Is Cronofy with Evernote down/broken?
  8. You might have not looked at DT for a while. 1. valid. Apply only. 2. you can make all in iCloud. 3. The moment I run it. I feel so at ease. Not really difficult to use. Of course, I haven’t explore all features. Take a look at the new iOS client. It does more than a viewer. 4. Of course there is trial. 1 month or 15 hours, whichever is later. I always believe paying the developer for good product. Not looking for free plan.
  9. Thanks for the good writeup. It certainly has made me more confident to spend time and effort to move to DevonThink. I have spend too much time on Evernote v10 and spend too much evaluating other app that couldn't make it a good replacement. I have some use cases as you. So, I am hopeful that I can make the switch soon.
  10. Same problem that I reported there. Submit a ticket to them. they just want me to send Activity Log. I gave up.
  11. Yes, I always use By Due Date view to look what task I need to work on today/tomorrow. then I open the note, which provides more info about the task. but I cannot open the note from there! Gave up on Task. Just not matured and ready to be used. Back to my tags way of GTD.
  12. I don't think going back the Legacy way will ever happen. v10 is here to stay. I don't like v10 UI/UX and all the inconsistency. If there is a good alternatives (have not found one yet), I will move. But until then, I will just live with v10 and Legacy. When the Legacy stops, that will trigger the move or a good alternative comes up, whichever is earlier.
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