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  1. Thanks. It is unchecked. In fact, most, if not all, of my pdf are displayed in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. Only those added directly by Mobile app. I have some new observations. If I do the Share/Add from the mobile app to Evernote, the pdf will not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. If I do a save as pdf from the mobile app, then use Evernote to add the pdf. It will display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. For now, I just have to do the additional step of saving as pdf onto my iPhone storage first, before manually use Evernote to add the saved pdf.
  2. When I add a pdf to Evernote, using the mobile (iOS) app share/add to Evernote, the pdf does not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer. It is shown as an attachment. It display well in pdf viewer/thumbnails in iOS Evernote and Android Evernote though. How can I get it displayed in pdf viewer in Windows Evernote?
  3. I have deleted all the cookies. It still open Evernote Web. Not Evernote Desktop.
  4. Unbelievable, this simple action did solve my problem! Thanks.
  5. Do you guys find that the display of Note (be it PDF, just table, etc) is much slower in 6.20 than previous version?
  6. So, it is not just me. Cannot believe such obvious bug was not tested. What quality control/test plan the development team has? Or am I expecting too much?
  7. I cannot view the PDF if I open it as an individual note in a separate window. Do you guys face this problem?
  8. I can select multiple notes in Evernote Android and change the Reminder date/time for all the selected notes. However, when I select multiple notes in Evernote Windows, it does not offer such an option to change Reminder. Did it miss it? Or is it hidden somewhere?
  9. I am also looking for it to be default. In addition, when I select Edit instead of View, the screen "grey" off.
  10. Thanks. I installed the Beta 11.0. I can see the clipped content now.
  11. I have a similar problem. I cannot view it in my Evernote Windows. But I can see the images on my web app, iOS and Android.
  12. I cannot view the clipped contents after updated to windows version I can view the contents in Browser Evernote.com. I can view it in Android Evernote, iOS Evernote. Just cannot view in Windows Evernote. I tried to view in notes history. I can see the contents. But I do an import of old vesion. The imported note still didn't display the content. Do you guys face this problem? How can I get it solved?
  13. I couldn't find a way to edit Business Card in v8.1. In the past (as in v7.x), after taking photo of the front of the Business Card. When you do a save for it to recognised all the info EN can get from the card, I can do an EDIT to add the back of the Business Card by taking another photo. But I cannot find any way to edit the Business Card anymore. Is this just me?
  14. Is there anyway to get back the version 7.x?
  15. I upgrade to Premium thinking that PDF search is better than Image search. However, after a few search, it seems that Image search is better. Or am I wrong? I upload the image and PDF of the same contents to Evernote. When I did a search, for image it will highlight the search text on the image. For PDF, it didn't. So, I need to eye scan the PDF to find where the search text is. That is worst if the PDF has multi pages. So, which is better? Should I keep it as Image or should I keep it as PDF. How do you guys use?
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