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  1. Any EN employee here who can tell us when or if this feature will ever be included in the native client? We really need this and I'm afraid it is another example of the OS X client lagging behind (or never reaching) what the Windows client can do. I know about the Apple scripts and I have used them but not everyone is comfortable with using these tools and I don't think they should have to. As a work around I'm using Folder Import on my work Windows machine, and then syncing my EN DB back to my Mac. Not ideal and not an option open to those 'lucky' enough to use both Windows and Apple. Please Evernote, add this feature.
  2. Are EN planning to bring the Mac client functionality up to that on Windows? In the Windows client when I select a saved search there is a REALLY useful box at the head of the notes list that shows the make-up of the save search and allows it to be edited. In the Mac version (including the current RC) this does not exist. It mean that if I have a complex saved search that I need to edit I have to start from scratch and trust my memory! I still think EN is awesome though - I just have to edit my search on my work Windows PC. Thanks.
  3. A minor bug when editing notes with tick boxes. Sometimes when switching from one not to another the tick boxes do not re-draw so that in the space where a tick box should be I can still see parts of the text or image from the previous note. Thanks.
  4. This is a good upgrade for me. One of my pet peeves has gone - the one where I move a note from Inbox to another notebook and EN takes me straight to the second notebook. Then I have to go back to Inbox each time to continue processing it to zero Thanks.
  5. I need this feature also - It is still in the Windows beta so I don't understand why it has been removed from the Mac beta
  6. The current behaviour when I edit which notebook a note belongs to (say from 'Inbox' to 'Archive') is that EN then selects the 'new' notebook, 'Archive' for example. This is real problem for me. It breaks my workflow - I like to crank through my 'Inbox' notebook, adding tags, editing notes etc and then dropping them into the correct notebook. But under the current behaviour I then get dumped into the 'new' notebook I have just assigned a note to. I then have to reselect 'Inbox' to continue processing. Is it possible to allow a preference setting to toggle this default? Thanks
  7. Hi Evernote Devs. Any news to share around Beta 4 and compatibility with OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion? I hope so. Thanks.
  8. @anjoschu The @calls context is one of mindset, not locality. I use it a lot - maybe because I hate using the phone and have to force myself to do so. The idea is to block off time to attend to calls in batches. This allows uninterrupted work periods where I do not use the phone at all and then concentrated times where I shift in to 'calls' mode and attend to 4 or 5 all together and then return to my @office or @home physical context. It's all there in the GTD book: Of course if you have no need for it or a different workflow then that is fine.
  9. jm, I too really miss the portable version of Evernote. With 16gb thumb drives costing just a few ££ it is feasible to carry around a huge evernote bundle. As someone forced to use Windows in full lockdown the option to be able to run a non-install version of EN would be great.
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