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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for beta testers for the new version of our Bubble Browser app. What is Bubble Browser? Bubble Browser is an innovative, visual way to explore your Evernote notes. Tags, notebooks and creation dates are presented as colorful bubbles to show what's the most important in a given context. You can use bubbles to navigate through your notes, or to discover their context. This brand new version is equipped with a full blown typeahead search suggesting better search terms based on your notes. Initial version of the Bubble Browser (currently available for free in the Mac App Store) was created for Evernote Devcup 2012 competition. OK, enough words, time for some pictures: Want to participate? Great! If you’re interested in participating in beta testing, please feel free to fill out the form or email me at daniel@macoscope.net. All we ask for is your honest, unbiased feedback. Cheers!
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