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  1. Thank you Naomi.This is exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Password protect please. My cat is constantly looking over my shoulder.
  3. Holy ***** Batman!!! This Forum eats people alive.Way to keep your kewl Vance. I knew exactly what you were asking and so do many more people Wow... what a head trip! I quote ... d-metcalfe and Pruzo. I was looking for the exact same thing. Simple isn't it. Thanx for telling us about CloudHQ. Cheers.
  4. I'll trade you book covers (which I never look at) for your interface, sort options, and view options! I won't trade my Mac, though OK. Where do you live? I'll catch the next bus outta town.
  5. I am a paying customer. All I would like to know is why do Mac Users get Fancy Covers for their Notebooks and Windows Users get Generic White Boxes ? We pay the same as Mac Users. I think regardless of what setup one has, it should be the same for everyone. I am really disheartened. When i went Premium, that is what I was expecting. Evernote, what is up with that? Does this mean, if I want to see those Book Covers, I have to go buy a Mac? OR... design my own covers and sell them to EN.
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