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  1. They are functionally very different.
  2. Just change the created date to the date of the receipt.
  3. I have a love/hate relationship with NeatReceipts/NeatWorks/Neat/Whatever-their-name-is-today, which I've used for about eight years now. The love/hate relationship is b/c when it works, it's great. But when it doesn't, it's a major PITA to get working again. The problems are always with the software either installing an upgrade or (more recently) something was wonky with my database & even uninstalling, reverting to the previous version & restoring from a backup still didn't fix it. But I finally got it up & running on a different computer & now I'm a happy camper...until the next time. Anyway, I use it strictly for thermal receipts & like it b/c I don't have to tag anything, their OCR is pretty good & it's pretty easy to find a receipt by either vendor, date or amount. I used to put all receipts in there, but now only the thermal types. The larger receipts or ones a service tech gives you (IE A/C repair guy), stuff like that, I now put in Evernote. Plus, digital receipts always go in Evernote, simply b/c it's easier than printing the receipt to PDF & then importing into NeatReceipts. I'm not exactly sure why I segretate it this way. But certainly, I'm really not all that concerned with having all my Safeway, Walgreens, gasoline & Walmart receipts in Evernote b/c I rarely will need to pull them. OTOH, the invoice/receipt the A/C repair guy has me sign & then leaves a copy with me, well, I'm going to want to have that in Evernote in case I need to pull it later if/when we're having A/C problems again. BTW, I don't use the NeatReceipts cloud...just a local database that I backup often.
  4. On the the Windows desktop, conflicting notes are put into a local (non-sync'd) notebook. Macs may work similarly, but I don't know. If so, go,to your desktop, move the note to a sync'd notebook & sync. The note should now sync to the EN servers & subsequently to your other computers & devices.
  5. Then you may well have the wrong software. Evernote has never really been a good option for that. You can do it but it's not really what Evernote appears to be trying to be. As Gazumped noted above, they focus has been primarily on collection, storage and retrieval. There are lots of apps that will sync notes to Evernote. Depending on what platforms you use, one of them may well be a better choice. I'm hooked on my LiveScribe pen right now. I take the notes on paper and they get synced to Evernote (as handwritten notes). I can convert them to text if I need to. Best of both worlds for me. Honestly, if I can do such sophisticated things as "collection, storage and retrieval", what's the point of preventing me from taking simple notes in the same folders? That's cruel, isn't it? Well, Evernote doesn't have folders. Not sure what your point is here. You can take "simple notes". And they can be in the same notebook.
  6. Desktop client & one of the web clippers, depending upon which browser you use.
  7. I don't know. This is a users board. I don't work for EN.
  8. Have you tried ticking the "prevent this page..." box & then clicking "ok"?
  9. Well, not true. OP has indicated he installed the desktop client on his computer. I am pretty sure anyone in the IT dept can get to files on the OP's computer. This is the same scenario as if a computer is lost/stolen. Anyone who is savvy enough (and if they are in the company's IT dept, I would surmise they are) can either view the files or quickly figure out how to. This is why it's recommended to put your local database into an encrypted container. As Gaz said... Having said all this, I would also say that if you're using a computer that is company owned, it's best to not put personal stuff on there, if you are concerned. After all, it is their computer, ya know???
  10. I rarely empty trash, but when I do, I make a backup first.
  11. Yes...what Gaz said. More info here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20092-not-very-happy-right-now/?p=101095
  12. Sorry but I've got more productive things to do with my time than to keep answering the same question repeatedly.
  13. As has been mentioned in this thread, you can use the web client to delete notebooks. Your question of "why" has been answered. You may not like the answer. But is it "almost insulting to users' intelligence"? Absolutely not. I do think there is a viable workaround. It may be more convenient to use the app. But honestly, way too much drama for a an inconvenience/annoyance.
  14. I have merged your new thread with one of the many existing ones on this topic. Please do not start a new thread when there are already several on the same topic. Thank you.Please see post #3 in the thread. Excuse me... is #3 supposed to be answer to my question?"Since the desktop UI is larger, most users do their housekeeping task there. A phone screen doesn't provide the best experience for some of those tasks." Really? Excuse me but you asked why & that was indeed answered in post #3 by an EN employee. I don't know how to be more clear.
  15. Please see post #6. It appears the iPad version now works similarly to the screen cap of the iPhone in that post.
  16. I have merged your new thread with one of the many existing ones on this topic. Please do not start a new thread when there are already several on the same topic. Thank you. Please see post #3 in the thread.
  17. Please read post #20 (the one that is right before your post.)
  18. No problem. Employees' profile titles state "Evernote Employee". Everyone else (including all evangelists) is a user.
  19. Apparently it's a problem for you. But if this is the worst thing in your world, then consider yourself very lucky. I have offered you a viable workaround. If you choose to not use it, fine. If not, that's fine too.
  20. It truly *is* a minor annoyance. For the record, I am not an employee. I am a user just like you.
  21. Perhaps you shouldn't have to. But you can. It's a viable workaround & not the end of the world.
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