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  1. Can EverNote have the key command CTRL+E go to the Search bar in any Notes view? In Note Editing, it can stay as it is (Paragraph Align Center), but it would be useful to have that key combination in Notes view. Please let me know of any questions. Thanks.
  2. Please implement an option to RESIZE images when right-clicking on an image in Evernote. Once clicked, show handles at the image's corners, allowing the user to click, drag, and resize. Save the resized image back to the note.
  3. Thank you for the reply, Scott, and for the very useful tool. Your ENRegEd certainly fixed the immediate issue; thank you. I do think that the confirmation should be editable via the Evernote UI and hope it will be made to do so. Thank you for your message and for such a useful utility!
  4. I am trying to get the "Exiting Evernote will disable all clipping functionality. Do you want to continue?" dialog to display again when I exit Evernote. I accidentally clicked the "Do not show this message again" check box in the dialog, and now want to revert that change. I am using Evernote (269436), Windows 7, 64-bit. Re-installing, per the tech chat, did nothing. There isn't an option in the interface to restore the quit confirmation... I need to get that re-enabled. Can anyone help?
  5. Any reply, Evernote? This would be a really nice feature to have -- as evidenced by the fact that you had it implemented in 2.2.x.
  6. I installed EN5b for Windows. I noticed that the Tag field no longer auto-predicts as I am typing Tag names. Because I like to keep my Tags tidy, I had to uninstall the beta and revert back to the previous 4.x release. I spoke with Customer Service who told me that is a known issue and is being worked on. Once I hear it's fixed, I'll continue testing the betas.
  7. I don't love the new "flat" look of EN5 beta on Windows, either.
  8. Introducing the unofficial eGullet.org Culinary Institute (eGCI) Evernote Notebook! As a culinary professional, Drew Vogel (www.drewvogel.com) was very interested in working through the articles and discussions in eGullet's Culinary Institute (http://forums.egullet.org/forum/108-the-egullet-culinary-institute-egci/), and was interested in using Evernote for offline access to that material. And so, the unofficial eGCI Evernote Notebook was born! This notebook features all of the world-class articles (90 articles!) and discussions from the eGullet.ORG series, a Table of Contents, and instructions for use all in one convenient Evernote Notebook. https://www.evernote.com/pub/vogelap/egci Check it out and let me know what you think. (I do not own the information contained in the notebook. All credit goes to eGCI.)
  9. Another year, another Evernote Anniversary. By now, my ENbase has 3970 notes. This is a reduction from my last reported number because I went through and did some de-duping and consolidation. I still use Evernote every. single. day on multiple platforms.
  10. Wow, Evernote... C'mon! Reply! Acknowledge! Implement!!!
  11. Thanks for your comments, Jeff... To me, it is a crazy-useful feature because it "educates" Evernote on what-to-put-where... Just that much more helpful. The rules-based categorization is helpful, and something I hope Evernote will implement (again). I was disheartened that I received no reply to my ticket, and that it was automatically closed because of no activity.
  12. Maybe Evernote is really beavering away at this feature and don't want to tip their hands just yet. I agree that it is a missed opportunity for Evernote, and a significant hole in their feature set. I hope they'll correct it soon -- even if the web application lags behind.
  13. Update: Evernote closed my ticket. They didn't comment here, nor to me privately.
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