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  1. I tried 10.x. Tried it a bunch. But wow, it's just not feature-rich enough, nor performant enough, to be my go-to Evernote. Back to Legacy for me. I hope Evernote uses the time they've bought with Legacy to bring the 10.x version into competitive range of their own 6.x offering.
  2. Agreed. Version 10 is a large step in the wrong direction. Seems they've lost touch with their customers' usage and feature requirements. Now they're behind the 8 ball attempting to salvage their shrinking user base.
  3. That's a terrible idea. Sometimes I don't want my notes to automatically sync... I hope they bring it back...
  4. Where did the "Simplify Formatting" function go? Where is the "Sync" button? Where is the ability to determine when sync occurs? I want to be able to define when sync occurs (I do not like sync happening automatically when I launch Evernote). -drew www.drewvogel.com
  5. Or, @gazumped, a combination of note names being similar and note sizes being similar... That'd give results, too, I think.
  6. I've got ~4000 notes... If there was a way Evernote could help by finding suspects, it would speed things up!
  7. I've got Evernote on my PCs. I've noticed that there are several duplicate notes in my ENbase. The dupes seem to have been generated some time ago (I've been syncing and the dupes don't go away). Is there some way to have Evernote display for me "likely" duplicate notes?
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