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  1. I would also like to be able to change the location of my Evernote database.
  2. I've got several recurring events in my Google calendar. Every time they fire, Evernote wants me to create a NEW note associated with that date's recurrence. I believe this should be configurable: For each recurring task (so they could be configured individually per task): * New note each time (as it currently is) * Append to existing note (just one note for the whole recurrence series) * No note I really like the Note-attached-to-calendar-event functionality and think it can be improved.
  3. That's a really cool approach to surfacing items. I hope Evernote support is able to get it working for you... I'm following along to learn as well!
  4. I FOUND IT! The 2.2.1 feature I was thinking about is: Automatic Keyword Categories that automatically adds notes containing keywords to Categories (Tags). Is that still in the 10.x versions?
  5. I found the Saved Search functionality... This leads me to my refined feature request: Can Saved Searches be displayed in the Tree structure on the left sidebar, along with Notebooks, Tags, and Shortcuts? That would make them more visible, and more usable.
  6. Thanks. That's good to know... I didn't realize it had been expanded. I shall have to explore further the feature I'm seeking; I know I'm not explaining it well.
  7. I think the features I was talking about are SmartSearch and Advanced Search Syntax... They were in 2.2x versions, and were REALLY great.
  8. I cannot remember the exact feature name, but I distinctly remember them... I think it was in the 2. 2.x versions, so quite a while ago. They're kind of like saved searches...
  9. In previous generations, EverNote had a wonderful 'Smart Tag' feature -- it was sort of like an automatic 'find & tag'. It would look for user-defined keywords in the note and then, if it found matches, automatically apply Tags. This was GREAT for organizing -- if you, say, were a recipe collector, you could configure a Tag to search for "recipe" and other keywords. When it found matches, it automatically tagged them with the user-specified tag. Users could manually add or remove tags as well. Adding this feature would be awesome in current-gen Evernote.
  10. I have a pretty good Tag ecosystem in my Evernote already. My usage pattern (since EverNote days) has been Notebook-centric, but it sounds like it's time to re-evaluate that. And, yes, with Backupery being so expensive and not working with Evernote 10, that's just not a good solution for me. I don't want to install TWO Evernote versions (Legacy and 10.x) to cobble together a useful solution. I feel that Evernote 10.x should support full exports of one's data, and they should make sure that when re-imported, it's EXACTLY as the backed-up data. ENEX is not just for leaving the platform, but for personal backups.
  11. I appreciate the workarounds and other steps taken... I didn't know about Backupery... That's a good suggestion! However, I feel the shortcoming is internal to Evernote and should be addressed therein... The suggestion of using fewer Notebooks and organizing by Tags is a good one... I will explore that.
  12. I remembered that I was dissatisfied with ENEX support in Evernote 10. I checked, and realized why... It's not that the feature ISN'T there (it is). It is that the feature is severely (in my opinion) limited. I am using 64-bit Windows 10, most-current version of 10.x Evernote. There is a limit of 50 notes when I select to export to ENEX. I'd like to be able to select ALL my notes (just shy of 6000 notes as of this writing) and export them ALL to ENEX format. I cannot currently do that in Evernote 10.x. The same 50-note limitation appears to be there when I export to PDF. As a side note, the PDF export is slow. Evernote needs to have a way to export/backup/restore/selectively restore EVERYTHING locally.
  13. I feel like the current 10.x versions (and beyond) should support ENEX... It seems to be an oversight that it doesn't. Is ENEX support on the road map?
  14. I completely agree with you and will undertake that conversion in the very near future. I offered this as (yet another) indication of the insecurity of passwords in Evernote. These types of issues make me wonder if Evernote is being tested at all.
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