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  1. About when? Do you have the project plan to public? When will the Chinese Edition publish? I care about the efficiency of the program to work with Chinese chars and the search of Chinese chars, and not care about the language of program interface.
  2. Wish you become more stronger and Evernote become everyone's best tools~
  3. Thought I used Windows mostly, but I also care about the problem of Linux users.
  4. Evernote还有如此多的细节问题需要改善,但我可以想象到他们解决这些必须解决的问题之后将会如此强大。 那时我肯定会去升级为Vip用户,会完全离不开它。
  5. I have also submitted the report to UCWeb. Hope the problem will be fixed quickly.
  6. Unexpected error Our server has experienced unexpected difficulties processing your request.(/m/)We apologize for any incovenience this may cause.
  7. Non-common mobile browser cannot view http://www.evernote.com/m/ I used the browser UCweb (It makes well in China).
  8. when will the new version with such other languages come out?
  9. I don't think so. For English Words, it's good enough, but for Chinese words it does a bad job.
  10. I'm sorry my english is not good enough to describe these sayings! (Chinese) 1, 没有中文版本 * 2, 基于服务器端渲染的手机浏览器无法登录Evernote Mobile * 3, 缺少Symbian版本的手机应用程序(应该正在研发中吧) 4, 中文内部搜索不是十分完善 * 5, 运行速度不够快(尤其是中文输入内容时反应迟钝) 6, 假如作为一个GTD软件来讲,该方面功能不够强大(Google Calendar does well ) 7, 缺少相应快捷的书签功能(I think delicious is the most easy way, becase fast is the best. Firefox Plugin now is so bad.) * 8, 希望可以增加导入导出XML的功能,能很好地利用Rss服务 ( * is the most important option ) BTW: I like evernote very much!
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