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  1. Evernote does not data mine. If your data is encrypted on the EN servers, it cannot be indexed, which is a big part of Evernote's appeal. If you say to use your logon password as part of the encryption password, then that's not much more secure than no encryption. You may find this old thread informative.
  2. AFAIK, there is no way to avoid this, I merge notes all the time & find while it's a bit annoying, it's not all that difficult or time consuming to remove any offending headers/lines/spacing.
  3. Well, as this is your first post, maybe you are in the wrong class. Or maybe you need to learn more about the apps & what they can or cannot do before condemning them. There are plenty of uses for Evernote that do not include arranging notes manually. However, I'm easily able to copy/paste screen shots into my notebooks. Or arrange the photos within the notes. There is plenty of information here on the board about how to use EN, if you're interested. Good luck.
  4. It's really tiring when someone attributes inaccurate info to other users. I'm pretty certain no evangelist ever said a diff is not required. Please link to any post you've found that does make such a claim. Unless & until you do, it appears you are twisting words to suit your own agenda & is just a cheap pot shot and, well, laughable. (To use your own word). Thank you.
  5. Well...maybe because I am not an Evernote employee and cannot testify as to what will or will not be included in newer versions of the software... As a user, just like yourself, I have no more (or less) influence on what EN will do. So yes, as far as how the software works, it is what it is. We can either learn to adapt to things we think are idiosyncrasies (like not being able to delete dozens of notebooks in one fell swoop) or find an app that better suits our needs.
  6. JMichael, I don't know why, but you often (always) feel compelled to continuously object to & nitpick posts by the evangelists. I find this very sad b/c the evangelists are the ones who tirelessly help others, unlike those who find pleasure/satisfaction from belittling them. Perhaps there's a bit of evangelist envy going on there. I don't know. But it's really very sad. I'm sure this will come as a surprise to you, but I fully understand the feature request. If you were to read my post, you will see I was addressing the fact that another user considers this feature 'basic'...because yo
  7. Yes, well nice try at diverting attention from the issues at hand by using broad (and inaccurate I would add) generalizations. But no cigar.
  8. Things that are "basic" differ for each user. I've been using EN for six years, have over 63,000 notes in my main account (I have a few other EN accounts), use EN every single day, pretty much every single hour I'm on the computer & then some) and have yet to find the lack of being able to sort text in a note a detriment. I can't even say I would have ever even used this feature, if it existed. Maybe if you need a motorcycle, you should get a motorcycle instead of a car.
  9. First, AFAIK, no one even knows if this is on their to do list. Second, I'm pretty sure there is no way to force them to do anything. If it makes you feel better, you could boycott them & use another app. Good luck.
  10. Log into the web client & check your usage there. Since the EN servers are where the upload is controlled, you must sync your desktop client so it knows there has been a refresh. It may be that you added/modified enough notes that you already maxxed out your new monthly upload limit. (Which is why you need to check via the web client.)
  11. If a note is deleted but the trash has not been emptied, the note can be restored from the trash. Once the note is restored, any note history is available as well. (Note history is a premium feature. If you are not premium & need/want access to note history, you can pay $5 for one month of premium & then be able to access the note history.) If a note is not deleted but rather modified, note history may be the answer. Note history is only taken once about every eight hours, so any recent changes may not be included. Notes do not randomly disappear into thin air, so either the note
  12. You do not drag a note onto another note to create a stack & I doubt there are any Youtube videos showing this. What you do is drag a NOTEBOOK onto another NOTEBOOK to create a stack.
  13. I've merged the two threads you started. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Thank you.
  14. You will need to submit a support ticket. See my signature.
  15. First, the more devices you use it on, the more updates you're going to have since it would be foolish for Android or iOS to hold off on an update until all the other clients are ready for an update. Second... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28057-way-too-many-updates-released/
  16. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22658-request-evernote-for-linux/
  17. The search box on the (Windows) desktop continues to work perfectly fine for me.
  18. You would need a good copy of the your-user-name.exb file. All notebooks are stored in that file. I suggest you do regular backups in the future. Please search the board on the topic, since it's been discussed a lot.
  19. Yes, this is the iOS section...please do not post Android information in the iOS section. Thank you.
  20. Yes, note history is taken for all accounts. But only premium users have access to it. If you upgrade, you will be able to pull the note history. Good luck!
  21. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20092-not-very-happy-right-now/?p=101095 If you have a premium account, you can pull note history, which is taken once about every eight hours. If you are not premium, you can get a month of premium for $5 USD.
  22. Please point out where *anyone* has said "no, you cannot have music album covers - there is no need for it, you can search for your music just by typing in the search field." I"m pretty sure no one has said that. I suggest you re-read the posts. The fact that some people could not care less about them is as legitimate as others asking for them. Additionally, it doesn't matter what anyone says unless it's an Evernote employee, since everyone else is a user & has no more or less input on the direction of the product than any other user.
  23. There's a reg hack for that, in the WIndows client at least (understanding that this is a Mac-tagged topic): http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41705-everreghack-colors-for-notebooks-names-in-evernote-5-for-windows/Wow...I totally missed that!!! Thank you!
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