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  1. Simply do the intitle:David search & sort the results by title. Every note that has a title beginning with David: will be together.
  2. EN searches only on words. An Evernote word consists of consecutive letters, numbers & the underscore. Everything else is a delimiter. Some people have luck with enclosing special characters in quotes a la "David:". IME, that is not reliable. You may want to use a tag or notebook for the notes pertaining only to your husband.
  3. No, it's not simple. Clearly you overlooked this post (by a Evernote employee) in the thread....
  4. It's redundant b/c if you don't know what notebook you put something into, how will you know what tag you used? OTOH, if you want to use a multitude of tags, why bother putting it into a specific notebook? I do not have "hundreds & hundreds" of notes. I have thousands & thousands of them. And yet...pretty much each & every search I use starts with "all notes". That's b/c I tend to rely more upon descriptive titles & keywords & less upon notebooks for finding my notes. Yes, I know. My point exactly. </eyeroll> </sarcasm>
  5. I trust you've read through the thread, since you're the one who started it. I think Wordsgood & my posts are pretty clear. They may be considered a bit of hijacking...but really not so much, since Wordsgood is interested in the same topic & I simply informed him/her how to follow the thread w/o having to post a non-contributing post. I think it's safe to assume if either of us had an answer to your question, we would have posted it.
  6. You can follow of thread w/o replying by selecting "follow" in the very top right hand section of the screen. You must be at the top of the thread.
  7. I can't see that option at all (latest EN, Is it supposed to magically appear while the pointer is over an image, or be an option in the context menu? I think the version where annotation is added is still a beta version. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/52687-evernote-for-windows-520-beta-1/
  8. If you're not receiving the email, then it's most likely going to an address you are not checking, for whatever reason. Could be b/c it's incorrect or one you no longer use. You should submit a support ticket. (See my signature).
  9. Selecting the note from the results pane & right clicking to print hardly seems horrendous.
  10. It's fine that you think Evernote should let the user decide. But the only opinion that really counts is Evernote's. I'd say since they have 60+ million users & no sub-folders, they might be on to something. Speaking from my own personal experience, the more notes you have, the more limiting sub-notebooks/sub-folders become & more difficult to find what you need. Using Evernote's powerful search engine along with notebooks, stacks, tags, descriptive titles & keywords allows me to find one single note (out of over 62,000) in a couple of seconds. Far more quickly than digging around
  11. No. Forgetting to sync is NOT user error. Requiring the user to remember to press the sync button, is bad user interface design. You are right that similar challenges apply for many cloud-based solutions, but many of them have found good solutions, which DON'T involve overwriting newer versions with older edited files. There are a number of solutions that can be used: Disable editing until the file has been (automatically!) synced.Warn the user when uploading an older edited version. (You can know this if previous upload date of current file is before last modification date of file on server
  12. If you've noticed, we're just reporting what Evernote have said publicly about their position on a Linux client. That's really all we know, and it appears not to have changed in some time. You can draw your own conclusions. Beyond that, we're allowed to have opinions, just like you.Yep. @biocyberman - I'm simply relaying what EN has said publicly. I find it odd that you object to that.
  13. Evernote does indeed listen to their users. That's pretty clear from many of the feature requests they've added over the years. Listening doesn't mean they will implement a particular request soon, if ever, though.
  14. Are you syncing? Are you moving between computers/devices?
  15. I also keep track of DVDs. I would suggest you make a note for each DVD. That's what I do. Then I make any notes about the DVD in the note & then can search & quickly find a DVD that contains either a scene I like (along with the starting point) or actors or commercials (since I have some that originated from Betamax from the 70's). I actually assign numbers to each DVD, label the DVD with the number & the number is also in the title line in my Evernote.
  16. Ok - I've been patient and understanding of other posts, but this is total *****. Why do you keep saying "feature suggestions?" No one is talking about new features. We're talking about EN fixing a bug in a basic feature that's been there forever now and is supposed to work but is broken. Your post writing about "pet features" is misleading and offensive and makes us paid customers who have been asking EN to FIX A BUG look like whining little children. Are you just trolling or have you completely misunderstood all the posts in this thread? In any case, you owe the other users here an a
  17. Ticket number refers to a support ticket. Oddly enough, it's found from the main web page by clicking "support home" at the bottom. Or there's a link in my signature.
  18. First, this is in the iOS section. Second, wrt the web client, see post #2 in this thread. Note history (a premium account feature) is available via the web client.
  19. Additionally, there is a lot of helpful information right here on this board. That's how/why I started spending so much time here is b/c every day, I'd learn something new about EN and how to use it.
  20. I have to admit that it took a bit of adjusting on my part when I first started using EN. But once you "get it", you realize how powerful & flexible it is to not be restricted to hierarchical folders.
  21. There is a lot of discussion on the board already on the topic. Please search the board for these threads which may be very helpful. In a nutshell, EN's system is MUCH more flexible than a nested folder system, especially the more notes you have. An example jefito has used a lot is how to file a red, rubber ball. Does it go under red? Round? Rubber? Toy? Ball? With tags (and/or keywords) you can use all of them & not have to delve into the bowels of your hard drive looking for the image of the red, rubber ball. I think EN was very wise in choosing this methodology.
  22. Hmmm.... I don't recall Evernote stating they were going to do this. You seem to think lines in Evernote notes are supposed to behave like a dictionary or thesaurus. You would be wrong. Evernote has stated in the past that they elect to NOT modify your notes. So...as has been stated before, it's doubtful this is something Evernote will ever implement. If you want/need lists in alpha order, then you should stick with a true (translate: more robust) list manager. (Emphasis mine):
  23. Here's why Evernote exports to html... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s137/sh/e10c37c9-be36-40f4-b7b4-3501c4bcbc61/e1f2636a2d024c13de29b10c8544b65b
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