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  1. That's pretty general. What exactly are you doing & what is happening?
  2. The notebooks are sorted alphabetically & in ascii, that's alphabetical. 11 falls between 1 & 2. I don't know what you're trying to do, but it sounds overly complex. And, Evernote limits you to 250 notebooks. I would suggest you post what you're trying to do here so someone can offer an alternate solution, like maybe prefix note titles with the date in YYYYMMDD format. Then you can sort the notes by title & they will automatically sort chronologically. That's what few of us do.
  3. Ok, please point out where EN has called Linux users children. If you're going to make the claim, you need to be able to support it. As far as EN making a Linux client, it's been repeatedly stated & AFAIK, nothing has changed.
  4. Please post your ticket # here so it can be flagged for EN staff. Thank you.
  5. You make generalizations like "the EN evangelists on the different threads who subtly, and not so subtly, berate the rest of us for not adopting the organizational structure that is given to us from above" I'm pretty sure no one has berated anyone. However, we do say if that's a deal breaker for you, then sure, you need to find another app. I don't know why anyone would take offense to that, since it's honest. I also don't get why "One poster even said that she learned by experimenting on the program daily and keeps learning something new and hinted the rest of us just need to buckle down and study more." is offensive to you. Pretty much every new app takes some learning in order to use it to it's fullest extent. And finally, as I said above, if sub notebooks are a deal breaker for you, then yes, you need to find another app that better suits your needs. Different strokes for different folks & that's why there's chocolate & vanilla. Good luck!
  6. This is a users board. EN staff post occasionally. And EN does not publish their roadmap or ETAs.
  7. Honestly not sure how you come to this conclusion simply b/c of a minor annoyance. But glad you've found an app that better suits your needs. Good luck.
  8. This is a user's board. Evangelists do not work for Evernote. Honestly, I don't give a rat's behind if they update weekly, twice weekly or once a month. I control when I update. If I don't feel like it (for whatever reason) and don't need anything that was fixed/added in the update, I skip it & go on my merry way. NBD. If this is so irritating to anyone, I dread to think how they'd react when something truly crucial happens. Another POV is when other users want a fix or feature they've been asking for ASAP. Who's to say they should wait for a couple/several months because someone else doesn't want to be bothered by update notifications...??? The takeway here is that you can't please everyone all the time. Someone is always going to be annoyed. And when you're the one who's annoyed, you should prioritize annoyances so you don't get up in arms over small things. Life is too short.
  9. Yup. Exists on the Windows client. I would not want a silent update. I want to know when something updates, not just Evernote. Sorry you think "Just saying it is easy and not a problem isn't really helping here. There are lots of people annoyed at this behavior." But as they say, you can't please all the people, all the time. That's life.
  10. Then you can use the alternate methods...clipping four times or making four copies. It's doubtful EN would ever allow the same note to reside in multiple notebooks & may even be impossible...just as you cannot store a file on your hard drive in multiple folders. You have to make copies.
  11. I'm sure they have backups for their own use in the event their servers go down. But AFAIK, the only "backups" available for customer/user use is the note history (premium feature) & they do not delve into their own backups in order to pluck a user's data from a particular time. IE, if your latest version of the note is not available in the trash or note history, a specific date/time would need to be pinpointed & their backup from that date/time retrieved & your specific account & note pulled from their backup . That can be pretty intense stuff & I'm guessing they are not really equipped to provide this as a service to their users. WRT not trusting a cloud provider, it is no reflection upon Evernote. It's simple, common sense. I do the same as Scott - maintain my own backups on not only my hard drives but also in my backup cloud of choice (Amazon S3 servers). Hackers & failed systems are a part of computer life. So it's best to be proactive & keep a backup that is under your control. Hopefully, you never need it. But it's better to have backups & not need them than needing a backup & not having one...as you are finding out. WRT support turnaround time, Evernote was hit with a DDoS attack this week. (It's discussed on the board.) They quickly got on it & it appears to be resolved. But I think it's safe to assume the support team was/is busier than normal b/c of this & turnaround time is longer than normal.
  12. Since this thread has been revived, here's my experience... I ended up getting a BB Sync & have only played with it for a awhile. I have to say, the reviews about it being difficult to read are accurate, IME. Definitely not as useful as the non sync models. But the notes synced to the BB app & ultimately to EN are very clear. IIRC, there were some suggestions about how to make the device more legible but I've not had the time to cull them & try them.
  13. The customer is not always king. When two customers each want a feature that is mutually exclusive, who wins? Or a feature would negatively impact something about the product. Or there are higher priorities. Or the devs have simply decided to not incorporate a particular feature, for whatever reason. After all, they owe it to existing customers AND employees to make good business decisions so the company can (hopefully) remain profitable. Simply being a paying customer and expecting something you want changed to be changed is unreasonable.
  14. If you didn't receive a ticket number, your ticket was not submitted successfully & no one from support will be contacting you. It's kind of like walking out to the street & expecting a cab to appear & then complaining when one doesn't. (Ok, I guess if you live in NYC, this is a bad example.) I suggest you resubmit a ticket & make sure you get a ticket number.
  15. You would think, but I'm not sure & I need to get to work on something else (sorry!) so don't have time to play with it here. But I'm not sure that the general EN search (across all the notes) functions the same as the "in note" search.
  16. If none of the false positives are 100% absolute straight text, then it could be the underlying code. However, I don't know why you seem to be getting so many false positives & it may be best to submit a support ticket with a specific search & a link to a specific false positive.
  17. To clarify, when EN OCRs my image & thinks it may contain the word 'house' and/or the word 'horse', those terms are put into the underlying code of the note. But when I see the note on the screen, I do not see those words added to the note as it's displayed on the screen. That's where the export may shed some light on the false positives. (Hope this makes sense.)
  18. This is correct. I suspect there is something funky going on b/c it's clear this works for pretty much everyone else. But from your descriptions (thank you!), I'm not zeroing in on what it could be. Sometimes, you just have to see something in order to figure out what's going wrong. IE, the image thing, while a stretch, could be a factor. IE, if I have an image with the word "house" in it, the EN OCR (that makes a tree of possibilities) may think that word may be 'horse', even though the word 'horse' does not appear in the image. So when I search on 'horse', that image may show up as a false positive. That kind of false positive should be able to be discovered by exporting to enex b/c IIRC, it includes the OCR'd results that are in the underlying code of the note & not necessarily the note as displayed on your screen.. Jefito is more knowledgeable on this topic, so hopefully, he can chime in here. Plus, EN support may have a better answer than what I'm providing, if they can see the specific case.
  19. The "all" search works as expected for me & has in all the six years I've been using EN on various platforms. You could try going to a desktop client & exporting one of the notes that is showing up on iOS incorrectly to HTML and/or ENEX & search for all three words in those files to make sure there are no underlying words that cause the note to be a match. IE, when images are OCR'd, they can be a false positive, if EN thinks a particular word may exist in that image. Beyond that, you would need to submit a support ticket & specify what search terms you're using & at least one note that is a false positive. Good luck.
  20. Evernote is not Springpad. Given that Springpad has died & EN has over 100 million users, it seems EN has gotten some things right. Evernote's philosophy is a note lives in just one notebook. It's doubtful this philosophy will change any time soon, if ever. As has been stated many times, tags are the way to be able to retrieve/organize notes. You can look at it this way, tags can replicate notebooks & by using tags, a note can appear to be in "Notebook A" (a tag) as well as "Notebook B" (a tag).
  21. The FAQ quote you posted is for the "any" search option, which matches the results you're getting...notes containing ANY of those words, so it's working as expected. If you want the notes that only contain all three words, you need to use the "all" option, which IME is the default on the clients I use (web, Windows, iOS). Are you specifying the "any" option in your searches? EDIT: I think the FAQ may have the incorrect syntax. I think it should read: (ie: any: New York will pull notes that include either word IOW, if you're searching on any: astra mot 2012 then the results you are getting are accurate. If you want only those notes containing all three words, search on astra mot 2012 which uses the default option of "all".
  22. Yep. Evernote is one of those nasty, awful, contemptuous clouds that seem so prevalent today. It's pretty easy to figure this out (for one, the fact that there is a web client) & I doubt you're the first person to inspect a product only to quickly find it's not for you. It's called due diligence & it's good you did this & figured this out before getting very far into Evernote. Good luck.
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