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  1. thanks i will try to test all your comments, and let you know how it is going... i appreciate your help thanks mikel
  2. For me it would be enough to know: - the best app in android to scan documents. could it be camscanner for android? i can not just take photos with my mobile as light, camera quality etc are an isuue. I do not which resolution i should use to later use notes, jpgs, in evernote. i have a htc mobile with android. - sheets of paper, templates, suitable to later scan them. moleskine or similar, easy paper to write on. Which notebook should i use it, the easiest one to scan? - how to upload the photo of the note to evernote, any workflow? i have mainly daily notes to have to upload to evernote thanks for your help
  3. i will follow your commments, anyway i just find that evernote do not scan my last pictures (photos taken by android htc camera) maybe because of it´s size, i put the maximum resolution so maybe evernotes does not scan it... could you tell me a basic workflow: in order to take notes, which template paper shoul i use? small? grid? camera is htc mobile android, which scan app should i use? and the resolution of the camera? small? thanks for your help, any commments will be appreciated
  4. hi i will have a look at this pen, but basically i need, note taking (handwritting) (with templates, if it possible??), photo or scan via htc mobile with android, send it evernote, and later work with these scan with evernote... is there any articles of info about how to do it as a workflow not to waste time? thanks for your help
  5. hi iam a teacher who recently have discovered evernote... i am always taking notes in meetings, and would like to have all notes in my tablet or mobile, via evernote i have several folders in evernote to organize things, use web clipper, pending tasks, etc... but i do not know how to scan my sheets with notes, i have a htc mobile, and send them to evernote... i can not find any app that scans note sheets properly, and even my main worry is how to do a workflow and do it asap not to lose much time could you help me the goals are quite simple, write notes in a paper, (could i use moleskine templates to make it easier???), scan them with high quality, send them to evernote to later read them thanks for your help, any info is welcome
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