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  1. I edited the above post, but just so people know it... EDIT: BTW, the forum I'm working on is also open to EN staff. I realize it's a bit of a conflict of interest. But maybe it's also something you'd find interesting/helpful, too. You're not prohibited from joining. I just don't want to utilize EN's resources to discuss this topic. I promise I won't let anyone flame you.
  2. I am setting one up where alternatives can be discussed as well as tips & tricks for migrating to Onenote. I will share what I am learning. Anyone who is interested, please PM me. I will let you know when it's ready (won't be today - possibly tomorrow). To clarify, I am setting up an alternative site to discuss these issues freely, solely out of respect for the fact that this is the Evernote forum. I think it's in poor taste to discuss the finer details of leaving EN on their own message board. IMO, it's a bit like setting up a date with your new boyfriend while your old boyfriend is still in the room, packing up his stuff. EDIT: BTW, the forum I'm working on is also open to EN staff. I realize it's a bit of a conflict of interest. But maybe it's also something you'd find interesting/helpful, too. You're not prohibited from joining. I just don't want to utilize EN's resources to discuss this topic . I promise I won't let anyone flame you.
  3. No offense, but I find it sad that someone doesn't know how to use a dictionary and/or fully comprehend the meaning of a word. "Affiliated" is a useful word b/c one does not need to be EMPLOYED by a company in order to get some sort of benefit by promoting a company. I would suggest you make a note of that. It may come in handy someday. https://www.godaddy.com/affiliates/affiliate-program.aspx As to your other comments, it appears you are the one wanting a flame war. Please abide by the forum code of conduct & refrain from name calling/flaming. Thank you. https://discussion.evernote.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  4. I don't know why you'd say that. GM is correct in his replies. It is the former. My "duet" system was a workaround b/c Evernote does not scale well. My main account (over 62,000 notes & over 35 gigs) is absolutely unusable on the Windows and iOS clients. (Please search the board on 'duet' for more info, if you're interested.) I was having to use the web client on my PC & Clever on my iDevices with my big account & EN Windows client (PC) and iOS app for my daily/duey account. I could share notebooks from the big account to the daily account. But then sharing started being problematic. (Please search the board for my posts on "ghost notes" for more information, if you're interested.) And then the web client search is faulty - simply missing some notes that clearly (NPI) should have been in the results pane. As long as I thought these issues were being addressed, I was willing to put up with these workarounds & core-feature-big-time-bugs. But it's clear to me (IMO) that currently, Evernote has divorced itself from its userbase. Maybe they are going through growing pains & much of what is going on at the mother ship is like re-breaking a badly healing bone so it will heal correctly. I don't know. I do know that when I start having to use workarounds because a system doesn't work correctly and then they (EN) start breaking my workarounds so I need to use workarounds for my workarounds, that it's time for me to bail. I have lost all confidence & brand loyalty and need to cut my losses, move on & go to a system that I am more confident will be around & useful to me next year, the year after & the years after that. Evernote strove to be a 100 year company. From my seat in the stands, they will be lucky to make it to 10. And yes, my complaint about the lack of a reply to a support ticket was simply a test from a free account b/c as GM said, several months ago, we moderators noticed a larger than normal number of posts on the board of users complaining about not receiving a reply to their support ticket. We (moderators) had privately addressed this to EN staff & received no reply of any substance. So it was just a test. Both my main & daily/duet accounts are premium, so I can (supposedly) get timely replies to my support tickets. However, I have not submitted a support ticket, since the chaos began at Evernote. And unfortunately, all the tickets I have submitted in the past few years are things that are not able to be fixed by someone at a support desk. My tickets require a fix by the developers b/c they are things like scalability, "ghost notes" in shared notebooks, different search results between the various clients (web, Windows, iOS for me) and note count. I mean, if the SOP for fixing a problem is to rebuild your database from the servers, then for crimony sake, at least give me the ability to confirm all my notes in my Windows client match what the Evernote servers show, before I rebuild my Windows client database. These days, I don't post much b/c I feel there is not much more for me to contribute. I am using an older version of the Windows client b/c I don't trust the upgrades. So if someone complains that a new version does something or doesn't do something, I cannot comment except to say it used to behave a certain way in the past. As stated earlier in this thread, out of respect for EN, I won't discuss (on this board) details of my migration to Onenote. And when someone complains about the quality of customer service or that the Windows client is so darned sloooooow, etc, I have to agree. And finally, I'm having to devote a lot of time to learning/adapting to a new PIM & migrating my notes to it.
  5. There are some promising options. But as for me, I'm of tired of migrating over the years through various apps/PIM platforms. I was confident that my migration to Evernote (the first multi-platform, cloud PIM - because back then, EN WAS a PERSONAL information manager) would be the last. Since I was wrong on that count, I'm reluctant to go with anything new or relatively new. So I'm sticking with OneNote. Although I've used ON for many years, in the past, I only used it for brainstorming big/bigger projects. That's where I think ON shines. I preferred EN for my Rolodex, everything I would write on a PostIt or the back of an envelope or in my PIM. Notes that pretty much stand on their own merit. IE, at Michael's, the magnets are on the aisle with mirrors & Krafty Bloks. Or...I want to get this item, but I'm not going to get it today. So I'm snapping a photo of it so I can put it on my wish list and compare the price (in the photo) with other places. Evernote was PERFECT for these types of notes. That's why I never felt EN & ON were competitors. These days, I don't know what Evernote thinks it is. It's failing (for me) as a PIM.
  6. Interesting. Does that mean that you're accessing the local Evernote instance rather than going though the service in these cases? I didn't know that the service knew anything about local notebooks... IIRC, some clippers had the option to clip directly to the local database. And yes, supposedly, the EN cloud is not supposed to know about any local/non-sync'd notebooks.
  7. I think you should be able to email them to yourself.
  8. As you should know by now, that's very common on this board, since EN does not discuss their roadmap or ETAs. WRT the notebooks, two viable alternatives have already been discussed in other threads on this topic. Either tag the notes with the notebook name or make an enex file for each notebook.
  9. Sorry, but I have already commented on that in this thread (and a few others). I will not remove my comments, but I will also not contribute any more details because... I agree... I know there are some software message boards that will not allow posters to mention the name of competitive products & will edit your post, if you do. (Coffeecup software is one.) Evernote has never done this - they have always allowed other products to be mentioned. However, discussing the finer points of migrating away from the service is quite different from simply mentioning other products or discussing the reasons one is leaving Evernote. If anyone finds an existing or creates a board on transitioning from Evernote, I will be happy to contribute. But I will not mention any more details on this board, out of respect for Evernote. And I will not respond to PMs on the topic b/c I don't have the time or inclination to deal with the topic on an individual basis.
  10. Ideally, hundreds of us would show up, but I know that's not feasible. But honestly, I don't think it would matter, just like none of the discussions other moderators and I had a few months ago with EN staff and just like none of the chatter here on the board has made an impact. (Ok, maybe it's made an impact, but nothing that's visible to us...which would be important, since so many (including me) are either abandoning EN or reducing our reliance upon it.) But at least we'd be going down with a fight. IMO, Libin may still be the figurehead, but someone else is pulling the strings. But who knows...maybe a year or two from now, EN will have done something amazing & we will all be in love with that. In the mean time, it's simply not working very well for me now. And that's what I need...now.
  11. I agree... I know there are some software message boards that will not allow posters to mention the name of competitive products & will edit your post, if you do. (Coffeecup software is one.) Evernote has never done this - they have always allowed other products to be mentioned. However, discussing the finer points of migrating away from the service is quite different from simply mentioning other products or discussing the reasons one is leaving Evernote.
  12. WRT ON's screen cap...I've been using Evernote's screen cap. On the Windows client, invoke EN screen cap & do your drag...but before letting up on the mouse, hold CTRL & then release mouse button. This sends the clip to the clipboard where you can paste it into ON (or any other app you happen to be using). I have SnagIt. But since I normally have EN running, this is just easier. FWIW, although I've contributed to this thread, out of respect to Evernote, I think it's best to discuss some of the finer points of migrating away from EN NOT on their message board. I was hoping to look into someplace to do that but simply have not had the time. If anyone would care to research this & set something up & PM those who have publicly stated they are/may be interested in such a board, then that may be a more respectful way to share information. JMO.
  13. Well, lo & behold, about Thursday morning, my Duet account (the account I had to create b/c Evernote could no longer handle my main account b/c Evernote really doesn't scale well. Search the board on 'duet' for more info) started not syncing notes/changes UP. It will sync things emailed or clipped to it DOWN from the EN servers. But nothing is going UP. Sync always ends with the red icon with the exclamation point over the sync button. This has been going on for several days now & persists even with rebooting my computer. I've dealt with EN long enough to know the SOP is to export the unsync'd notes to enex, rebuild my database from the EN servers & then import the enex file. (sigh) Just one more affirmation that I can no longer rely upon Evernote. Can't tell you how many times I've done this in the past with not only the duet account but also my main account. Seriously...you couldn't count the times on just two hands. It's tiresome.
  14. Please see post #10 and be sure you have the latest version of the app. Please read the thread through. The answer to your question is in post #10. And yes, if you have an older version (or an unauthorized one), then it may not be the same, in which case, you're on your own.
  15. the former is recommended by snowden. it has zero knowledge encryption and a "canary" system to inform users if the govt. does try and compel them to hand over data. i don't think it matters so much where they are located as long as they are zero knowledge. Additionally, I've heard it doesn't matter where the company is based, but where the servers are located. However, I have no idea if this is accurate or not.
  16. Onenote allows you to save a notebook on your computer only or to the cloud. The thing I've not figured out is how to make local backups of notebooks in the cloud. There is this thread, that I've not had time to study yet: http://windowsitpro.com/onenote/back-skydrive-hosted-onenote-notebooks# Onenote appears to use zero knowledge encryption b/c when I encrypted a notebook, it gives the message "If you lose or forget the password, Onenote cannot recover your data."
  17. Last I knew (a couple of months ago), note counts differed between clients if you have notebooks shared to you. Impossible to get matching note counts unless you unjoined all shared notebooks.
  18. To be clear (and correct), the Evernote web client IS the Evernote Service/cloud and is indeed the "official repository of all sync'd notes". It is NOT just "'one more EN client". That is why there no sync on the web client. The web client has no sync button b/c you're looking at the live EN database on the EN servers. If you've sync'd something from another computer/device, then you simply refresh the browser. I do this all the time. It works fine.
  19. Your opinion of what I am saying is wrong. Perhaps you can read simply read my post and not try to flavor it with any of your own Knee jerk reaction. Quite simply and with no hidden undercurrent...
  20. It's very simple. The EN servers (IE web client) are the "source of all truths." Any changes made on one device need to be sync'd up to the EN servers before those changes are accessible from the web client or any other device/computer. If you make any changes with the web client, you are changing the EN servers directly, so no sync (up) is involved. Any changes made to the EN servers need to be sync'd down to any other computer/device before they are accessible from that device/computer.If you create/modify a note on a desktop/laptop & then shut down w/o it getting sync'd to the EN servers, that note will not show up on the web client or be sync'd down to any other devices/computers UNTIL, you then start up the desktop/laptop & have EN running long enough to do an auto sync or you force a sync. The best way around this is to manually sync the laptop/desktop if you're going to be using another computer/device before the next auto sync or are shutting that computer down/hibernating/etc. I don't know about all mobile clients, but AFAIK, the iPhone client only syncs when you first start the program or make a change/add a note. (It tells you it's sync'ing.) So if you make a change on a desktop but it's not sync'd to the EN servers yet, then start the iPhone client, the desktop changes will not sync down to the iPhone. If you remain in the iPhone client while the desktop sync's the changes up, you would need to manually sync the iPhone client to get the changes down to the iPhone.
  21. It may be *irritating* to you, but making one click (two if you need to toggle between ascending/descending) after switching to a different notebook is still considered *easy*, IMO.
  22. That's a piss-poor reply. Even the CEO of Evernote acknowledged problems with Evernote earlier this year. My biggest gripe with Evernote was seeing a note disappear for a minute or longer whenever I opened it, presumably while it was checking the server for updates. Microsoft's OneNote seems bug free compared to my experience of Evernote. Simplenote seems a pleasure to use compared to the bug ridden Evernote and Simplenote wont even let me put images in the notes (while OneNote does). I've already mentioned how Evernote wrecks any apps they buy, like Skitch. Hopefully the people behind Everenote have taken ownership of these problems and see the need to fix Evernote. But after my bad experience with Everenote it would take an awful lot to trust it with my notes again. Then I don't know what the problem is. Sounds like OneNote is the app that better suits your needs. You can stop following the thread by clickng 'unfollow' at the top of the thread & to the right.
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