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  1. Oh NO!!! Then I guess it's really not true that the survival of the angry birds is at stake...??? ARGHHHHH!!!! I've been hoodwinked!
  2. Evernote is free. Period. There is a premium version that allows more functionality in monthly upload amount, note size, etc. But the software is the same for free & premium users. The free version will sync to all the computers/devices you have. The free version may prompt you to upgrade to premium. But, AFAIK, it will NOT request credit card information unless & until you go to upgrade. When buying from iTunes, you still need to have payment info on file, even for free apps. BTW, I would advise against buying premium from iTunes (not that you asked). That method seems to be fraught with problems & has been for several years. I don't know why it has been so problematic for so long.
  3. In addition to the points brought up by subsequent posts, I would add that probably a majority of Evernote users are not limiting their use to a single Windows computer and not interested in making distributables. (Duh). I'm sure there may be a few...but in general, not so much. Which was the initial allure of Evernote and now Onenote with Onecloud. And to reiterate, developers are welcomed warmly on the board...so long as they are clear about their involvement with the app. But those who pose as "satisfied customers"... Not so much. So if Regatzo is (the sole) employee/dev of the app he/she is promoting, he/she would be wise to own this.
  4. Evernote does not have nested notebooks. Stacks (the Evernote term) can *group* notebooks. But stacks cannot contain notes or other stacks.
  5. No one has said your request is "useless or senseless". The main point is that that the main determinant is with Evernote. It's a fact of life with any software. Those who are responsible for it must make a determination if they want to add it (or not). And if they want to add it, it must be put into a priority list.
  6. They could. They could do a lot of things. Whether they do or not is an entirely different matter. It may be they plan to do it but it's a low priority. Or they may decide they simply don't want to add it, for whatever reason.
  7. This is a PUBLIC message board. You asked a question & Stuhrer provided a valid reply. I see nothing wrong with Stuhrer's reply to you. If you want to discourse with only a specific individual and not be open to others, then you should PM the person. Actually, dude, since you did not quote the comment(s) you were replying to, NO, it was not clear who you were addressing. But that's irrelevant. Once again, this is a public message board & every member is free to participate, so long as the forum code of conduct is followed. And I would say your comment to Stuhrer ("I did not solicit an answer from someone who knows little about the app, or who is semi-literate & is unable to formulate a proper answer.") would qualify as going against the forum code of conduct. And, BTW, this has absolutely nothing to do with whether one is a moderator or not. BTW, feel free to block any members whose posts you do not want to see. I find it a very helpful tool.
  8. This is a PUBLIC message board. You asked a question & Stuhrer provided a valid reply. I see nothing wrong with Stuhrer's reply to you. If you want to discourse with only a specific individual and not be open to others, then you should PM the person.
  9. Note history is taken once about every eight hours. If your note was a new note, there may not be a previous version, yet.
  10. Offline refers to the details of the note not being synced down. It does not mean the header information will not be synced down. Header formation for all notes is always synced to mobile devices, regardless if the notebook is set for offline access or not. If the notebook is set for offline access, the body of the notes will also be synced down. If the notebook is not set for offline access, the body of the note is not synced down unless & until you try to call up the note on the mobile device. When you synced the iPad, only the header info/meta data for the note was synced to the iPad, not the full contents of the note. IOW, if you create a new note on Mac, sync Mac, sync iPad, but do not call up the note on the iPad...then exit the app in the iPad. Now put iPad in airplane mode, go into Evernote and try to call up the note, the contents should not be there. As Stuhrer said, mobile devices use a cache. So if you created the note on the iPad or had previously called up the note on the iPad, the note may still remain in the cache & be accessible when you do not have internet connectivity.
  11. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/12565-offline-notes-on-ipad/
  12. Out of respect to Evernote, a few months ago, I started a message board where alternatives to Evernote could be discussed and discussed NOT on Evernote's message board. I do not use Penultimate. But if Penultimate users would like a place to freely discuss options, I will set up a segment on my board for this. It's not a board to trash talk Evernote...just a board to discuss alternatives. PM me, if interested.
  13. IMO, it's very risky to store anything important on only a mobile device. It's risky enough to have something stored only in one place anyway (IE on your desktop computer with no backups) b/c devices fail. You'd better have a backup somewhere of the important stuff. And of course, small, mobile devices are even riskier since they are more easily lost, stolen or broken. If the info isn't important and/or sensitive, then the only reason I could think of why someone wouldn't want to sync is data charges. In that case, simply use a notes app that is restricted to your device.
  14. Local (non-sync'd) notebooks only exist on Mac & Windows desktop clients.
  15. Highly doubtful. Personally, I wouldn't waste my 45 cents. (Or whatever it is these days.)
  16. Exactly! Some people new to Evernote seem to think the more information you have, the more you need sub notebooks. In fact, it's the opposite. The more information you have, the more limiting the sub notebook design becomes. I admit it might take some adjusting for some users. But usually, after they get it, it's very freeing to be able to rely upon stacks/notebooks/tags/descriptive titles & keywords rather than trying to remember where you filed that round, red, rubber ball. So much so that over 75% of my searches in Evernote are across ALL my notes, rather than restricted to a particular notebook or stack. And yet I still quickly find what I'm looking for.
  17. I have a Pulse & Echo. The LS site allowed you to share notes/audio via pencasts. Is that no longer supported? IMO, that would be the fastest, easiest way to share. If you are wanting to EDIT the notes and/or audio, I don't know if LS software supports that. IME, you'd need third party software to do that. Maybe the newer software allows that. Evernote software will not allow you to edit the audio & the only editing you could do to the notes is annotations. For archival purposes, you should be able to use the LS software to pull the audio from a pencast & burn it to CD. The burning may require third party software, rather than simply using the LS software, I don't know.
  18. No one is impugned for asking for features already requested. However, while it's valid for posters to repeatedly request a feature, it's equally valid for users to point out that Evernote does indeed understand sub-notebooks but has simply chosen not to implement them. (For whatever reason) Not a darned thing wrong with that. Even though you may not like it. And all posters should be treated respectfully. Even the ones you don't like.
  19. WRT prefacing the note titles with numbers... The following is discussing notebook names but applies to titles, tags, stacks, etc. You can have 250 notebooks. And if you used numbers incremented by 1, that would be 001-250. Using 001 - 999 would be 999 notebooks.A better alternative, if you were to use this method, would be to use say, 00100, 00200, 00300, 00400, etc. as the prefix. That way, you can add notebooks in between 00100 & 00200 by using 00120 or 00150 without having to renumber all the subsequent notebooks. I use this method often, for one particular hobbyist project I have., where I want to force the files to sort in the order I want them.
  20. Geez, lykoz, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were sweet on me! All those lengthy posts directed at little ol' me!!! I hope you feel better now. But guess what? Evernote still doesn't have sub notebooks. Good luck!
  21. Nothing new here. But to correct you, there is no "fuss" between coders and non-coders. This has nothing to do with ones coding skills. The only fuss seems to be by those who seem to think Evenote does not understand sub-folders and that posting their use case will sway Evernote into adding sub folders. To reiterate the oft' repeated phrase, if sub folders are a deal breaker for you, then Evernote is not the app for you. Good luck finding an app that better suits your needs.
  22. I'm sure some folks here have used Google docs. Not sure what your point is, though. Just b/c one app does something one way doesn't mean all other similar type apps need to do the same thing. Google docs does what you need/want & Evernote does not. Sounds like you should stick with Google docs. As Jefito has said, "That's why there's chocolate & vanilla."
  23. Yup. It's my understanding EN is rolling out "note locking". This would not allow "multiple people to be working on the same note" simultaneously. And as Gaz said, I'm not sure this avoids the conflicting note problem if you're all logging into the same account. It may require the note to be shared & users accessing that note from multiple accounts. This may SEEM like a "simple idea". But I doubt the implementation is not.
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