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  1. Based upon my own personal experience (documented more than a few times on this board), when you get closer to 100,000 notes, you will regret it. Evernote does not scale well at all. It becomes totally unusable (no exaggeration) at least on the Windows and iOS clients.
  2. There's not a darned thing wrong or misleading in your posts Gaz. I don't know why JMiU must regularly argue with the other users he doesn't like. But it's distracting (NOISE) and takes the thread totally off topic. You do a darned good job of making yourself look like the bad guy. Let's see...this week alone, you've nitpicked with csihilling:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/page-2#entry345419 Jefito & GM:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41178-evernote-annoyance-creating-sub-folders/page-3 And Gaz. (And I've not even linked to the various threads - this week alone). Maybe you should step away from the keyboard & take a lot of deep breaths, since you seem to be a huge contributor of (to use your term), noise. And the madness continues...JMiU please stop arguing about and nitpicking EVERY SINGLE THING THAT someone you don't like says. MOVE ON.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/?p=346772
  3. Also, the default notebook must not be a local (non-synced) notebook.
  4. For Kindle Fires, download the EN app from the App Store. For dedicated Kindle ereaders, email the desired note(s) to your Amazon Kindle account. (Google this, if you need instructions). IIRC, you may need to print the notes to PDF before emailing to your Kindle...I don't remember. It's doubtful there will ever be an Evernote app for dedicated Kindle ereaders.
  5. Notes don't have a specific place in a notebook. It depends upon how you're sorting the results. If you give each note an accurate note title and then sort by title, they will be in alphabetical order. I'd also suggest you remove your email address from your post.
  6. It's always helpful to mention what client(s) you're using, when asking for help. Export is only available on the Mac and Windows desktop clients. See above post for more info WRT Windows client.
  7. I have been using Amazon S3 servers via Jungledisk UI for many years now (at least 7). IDK offhand how much space I use, but I think it's safe to say I use more than most of the average Joes b/c I tend to be a "virtual hoarder" and have documents, files, photos and even home movies I've been collecting for about 25 years now. What used to cost me ~$90/month is now down to $40.
  8. FWIW, you *can* put an encrypted container in Dropbox & open it as a virtual drive. I've done this in the past with a Truecrypted container.
  9. Yes, chat is accessed from the Evernote website, not the web client. Two entirely different things.
  10. Evernote is free for everyone. OTOH, Evernote premium is not free for anyone, AFAIK. The exception of course, is if you get a voucher when you've purchased another product or something like that. You can still access your account & notes, but it would have reverted to a free account.
  11. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83144-evernote-splash-page-5-guys-and-one-woman/
  12. Well your statement below suggests otherwise... Good luck.
  13. Evernote is not a backup program. Evernote is an app to collect, organize & retrieve your notes. It syncs to a cloud so you can access those notes from a variety of computers and/or platforms. And yes, users should backup their Evernote databases, if the information is valuable to them.
  14. I switched from Evernote to Onenote last year. I got Office 365 (annual subscription) which includes free updates of the Office suite software and one terabyte of cloud storage. Onenote doesn't work as well for me as Evernote USED to. But Evernote does not scale well. They are aware of this and have continued to not address the problem. It got to the point where EN simply would not work on my PC, iPhone or iPad due to the large number of notes I had (66,000+) I had. So for me, the $100/year for the version of Office 365 I signed up for was worth it, since I had two EN premium accounts. But as you say, that's a different discussion.
  15. Evernote's support used to be stellar, even for free users. They have discontinued support for free users, telling them to come to this users message board for help. And even one of the newer EN staff who occasionally posts here, posts replies that indicate either the EN staff did not really read the question and/or did not provide an accurate answer. Even support for premium users appears to have degenerated as well. You should be able to use the chat feature, if you are premium. But IIRC, chat is only available during certain hours. I used to be an avid EN user and advocate. I had over 66,000 notes. But the flavor of the company has changed over the past couple of years. Since Evernote has continued to not address the issue of scalability (which caused the EN app to become unusable on my Windows PC, my iPad & iPhone), I migrated to Onenote last year. Unfortunately, Onenote does not work as well for me as Evernote did (when I only had a few thousand notes). But at least it works. Good luck.
  16. Did you even read this thread? Free accounts never did have offline notes. Please read the posts above. Sure, Until now I have my notes in a cache in my mobile when I was offline..Then it's unclear why you are saying offline access for iOS (which is what this thread is discussing) has been lost (?) for free accounts with the new plans. As discussed above, it never was part of the free plan.
  17. Yes. But this thread is discussing offline access with iOS.
  18. Did you even read this thread? Free accounts never did have offline notes. Please read the posts above.
  19. Yes, deleting a notebook will delete all the notes in the notebook. This is typical & expected behaviour. IE, if you delete a folder from your hard drive, all the files & folders in that folder are deleted. Move the notes from the notebook you want to delete to a notebook you want to keep. I don't understand what you're asking.
  20. Yes. Use Revo Uninstaller Pro. The freeware version is usually sufficient, IME. Save the trial version of Pro in case you ever need it later. http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html
  21. That link discusses two scenarios. When you delete an entire note, it goes into the trash where it can be easily retrieved. If you accidentally delete part of a note, you can "undo". If you accidentally deleted part of a note & don't realize it until later, premium users can access note history, which is taken only once about every eight hours. If you are not premium & know your missing data was in the note for at least eight hours (on the EN servers, where note history is taken), then you can pay $5 for a single month of premium.
  22. Reverting from premium to free only does just that. It does not deactivate your account. You would have had to have done that yourself. If there are no options to activate the account, you will need to submit a support ticket.
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