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  1. There is no true versioning on Evernòte. It has been posted often on this board that note history is only taken about once every eight hours. Since note history is done on the Evernote servers, if the changes you added a day or two ago were never synced to the servers, those changes will not be included in any note history. WRT number of posts, for users new to the board, there is a limit in the first 24 hours. After that, the limit is lifted. This is to prevent spammers from flooding the board with spam posts.
  2. That's fine & certainly your choice. But if you are unwilling to learn to backup important data, get used to being in the situation you're in now. Get used to losing data because data loss will be a constant companion. Good luck.
  3. Sorry, but if the data being sent to Evernote is not in a viable format (for whatever reason), it's still the third party developer's responsibility, not Evernote's. The third party dev needs to make sure the data they are sending to Evernote is in a viable format. IE, if the third party app is sending the date in an invalid format, Evernote may be using a default value of 1/1/70, when writing the record to the database. So the third party developer needs to correct the date they are sending. Also, Evernote does not provide support to free users either. This board is strictly a users board that EN employees only occasionally post on. So the chance of anyone here knowing how to fix the issue is possible, but slim.
  4. Possibly because those "new weird" features may be attracting new users b/c of the novelty. IMO, in recent years, Evernote (the company) seems to have focused more on attracting new users rather than keeping existing ones. Gone are the days of EN wanting to be a 100 year company that strove to be the repository of many years worth of our memories and notes. IDK if it's due to financial constraints or just because someone at the top got a burr up their a$$.
  5. Eventnoted appears to be a third party app. You should contact the developer through the contact link on their webpage.
  6. I don't understand what you mean by this. Important data should always be backed up, regardless if it's a bit inconvenient or not. Otherwise, you may find your self in...well...the position you are in...which sounds pretty inconvenient.
  7. You're welcome. I would also add that if the computer in question ever did have Evernote installed, before installing & syncing, confirm there is no your-user-name.exb file by searching all the hard drives for *.exb AND be sure you can see hidden files, since often, those files are hidden by default. (Google 'show hidden files' for your OS version.) IOW, even if you already have Evernote installed on your Windows computer and want the notes on your desktop to match what's exactly on the WEB client, no uninstall is required. All you'd do is fully exit Evernote on your desktop (make sure there are no elephants in the system tray), rename the exb file (you can delete it once you confirm the newly created, live exb file is good), then reinvoke Evernote. It will create a new exb file (since you renamed the old one) & download everything from the web client. There are other steps required if you had any unsync'd notes/changes on the desktop client or if you have any local (non-synced) notebooks, since by nature, they are not sync'd to the Evernote servers.
  8. Honey, you always are reinventing the wheel. Evernote does not need to get your permission to delete your posts. Nor are they required to inform you if they do. Having said that, this has been discussed with you here... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83222-where-are-my-old-topics/
  9. This makes no sense. Partially because you are using the term 'file' when it appears you are referring to Evernote NOTES, not FILES. And partially b/c OP is discussing wanting a new install on a computer to download all notes from the Evernote servers and is not discussing modifications (on a desktop app) to individual notes that may or may not have been synced to the Evernote servers. If a computer does not have the Evernote app installed and a new/clean install is done, then invoking the Evernote app and logging into an account will ALWAYS download what is on the Evernote servers for that account.
  10. If you do not have Evernote installed (and/or no your-user-name.exb file on your Windows computer), simply install Evernote, log into the account you've been using on the web and sync. After all, that's what Evernote is designed to do - be multi platform.
  11. Yes. If you upgrade to premium, you will have access to previous note history. Note history is only taken once about every eight hours. But if the good note had been on the EN servers at least that long before you sync'd the accidental change, there should be a good copy in the note history. And you will have access to that, after upgrading.
  12. I've never had a problem posting and clearly many others are posting feedback. So the forum is clearly not unusable.
  13. That's pretty much the same for most software support. Serious and/or more technical issues require escalation to the next tier. However, IMO, Evernote's support has pretty much hit the skids in that past couple of years. I don't know if it's due to financial or restructuring issues. But it's clear to long time users of this board that something has been going on for a while now at Evernote central.
  14. What client? Mac desktop or web client? If you're using the Mac desktop client, you should be able to drag n drop the file from your hard drive to a note (IE, adding the file to an existing note) or a notebook (to create a new note). At least that's how it works on the Windows desktop client. I don't remember if DnD works with the web client, but I think it does.
  15. The desktop versions are more robust. Plus, the only way to get a backup of your data is to use the desktop version & schedule (or manually do) regular backups of the local database with your chosen backup program.
  16. Actually, the threads that were not migrated from the old board are no longer available. That's why some of the links in older posts are broken. Minky, you can get email notifications if you follow the thread by clicking 'follow' in the upper right corner of the thread. If you want to auto follow all your posts, then you can click on your profile name (top right of forum page), click 'my settings' that is in the drop down list, go to notifications options.
  17. Given that this version was a beta release nearly four years ago, you will probably need to get this (now) very old version someplace like FileHippo.
  18. Actually, they had to use so many men so that men would not feel intimidated & to emphasize that Evernote is so simple that even men can use it!
  19. Oh good grief. Just when I think I've seen it all... (Surely, this is a troll...???)
  20. IIRC, you can only export from the desktop clients, not the web client. It would seem you are using the web client, if exporting is not an option.
  21. Oh good grief. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Why does something always have to be someone else's fault? Please note I said: But yes...if you haven't needed information for a year, there's a good chance you won't need it. OTOH, as I also said: Any data that is very important should not be stored in only one app. Backups of (very) important data should be kept for longer than a year, if it contains data you think you may not need two years from now. IE, medical information from 10 years ago, insurance policies, etc. There are documents that will probably never be deleted from my computer because I do want to retain them for a long time. I sure as heck don't put the only copies into a software app. JMO & YMMV. But as I also said... And finally... Then you should be able to recover your local notebooks from your backups. Good luck.
  22. Every Evernote account has a default notebook, which is where notes that do not have a designated notebook go (IE if you email something into your EN account). When you are using an EN client, you can select a notebook to work in. IE, if you're clipping a lot of notes about a particular topic, this way you don't have to specify a notebook each time. Just go to that notebook in the client & clip away. Most users (including me) would hate to have to specify a notebook for each clipping, which is why there are these options. Hardly absurd. Many people use their default notebook as an inbox & then clear their inbox at a later date.
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