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  1. Do Evernote programmers know anything about legibility? Basically, the smaller the type, the harder it is to read, and the harder it is to read, the less useful the application. Additionally, a web design rule-of-thumb is that reverse (white type; black background) must be used sparingly (mainly for labels) because it is hard to read. If it is used, the type must be bigger to compensate for the decline of legibility when using reverse. With reverse, the contrast must be as great as possible, also to make up for the decline in legibility. Yet when I open the desktop, I find the type insanely and frustratingly small, with no -- as many others have complained -- ability to zoom or set a larger default. To make matters worse, the menu column on left is reverse, and, in a terrible example of WHAT-NOT-TO-DO, the type is grey on a black background, making in freaking impossible to read. Jakob Nielsen, who wrote the book on Web usability and design, makes this point well. Pick up almost any other web or graphic design book, and they'll make the same point. Programmers have to understand that functionality is useless without usability, and usability suffers when legibility is poor. If you want to easily and quickly and inexpensively improve your functionality, get Evernote out of the Design Hall of Shame and give us the ability to zoom and set various font and typesize defaults. If you want an example of a program that does it right, see Scrivenir. Nick (Arms folded, looking at his watch, toe-tapping impatiently and thinking more and more about OneNote)
  2. I want also to put one note into multiple notebooks. I have reviewed previous discussion on this, and the general advice is to use tags. Getting beyond the multiple issues associated with tags (taxonomy gets really complicated with multiple tags over a period of time), having one note in multiple notebooks simplifies sharing, such as a public notebook and a private one. Hope you can consider doing this, just as photo sharing sites allow one pix to be associated with multiple albums!! Nick
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